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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

What made ‘angry foes’ who raged at my singing have to stop their cruel cyberbullying and concede to me a singing genius?

 Here’s the answer:





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’





With the above 7 commandments of God, people who hate you most also cannot harm your real worthiness and if you have great courage, they can see your Genius!


In this situation, adversity (the bad incident) will be a ‘lever’ which can lead you to great success!

It absolutely depends on youself.


The above seven important things are the miracle of human talent for all of us.

How and Why?





Without the beauty commandments (especially the 6th and 7th ones), human is absolutely incapable of getting truly talented on the outside and inside. They are commandments of God because only God’s Things do abolish worst prejudices of talent (evil things).


Without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, people never feel beautiful and talented in the happy way.

Even though you’re an atheist who have no God to rely on, if applying those beauty commandments in your life, you will be able to deal with grudge successfully as JeLong did.


“The Highest Peak of Human Talent -  

Talent on the outside doesn’t depend on the outside. You look at yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices. It even becomes a Holy Talent.”

~ JeLong (Khuong Dat Long) ~



If you “Do Use GOD'S TALENT TRUTH To Live", you can reach The Highest Peak of Human Talent and become a strong Genius.



What is God’s Talent Truth?


The 7th  beauty commandment says that:


"God is Almighty.

You're God's Child,

You're Talented!"


Only with three short sentences above, JeLong dispersed people who raged at his singing voice, stopped them from posting harsh comments and humiliating him, and eventually, they conceded to him a genius.




You cannot reach the highest peak of human talent and you aren’t a real Genius if you don’t destroy “eyes of prejudices”, definitely!



Why Can’t You But Get Talented Happily With God’s Talent Truth?



Music Technology and Sound Effects can create good music. However they are not a Miracle to singers’ talents. How can they be really talented if their singing voices become beautiful and accurate relied on Tech and Effects?

Specially, singers and people are incapable of changing their natural voices.

If one day for some reasons (such as puberty, sickness) their singing voices become darker, deeper, lower and the voice quality changes forever, how can Technology and effects save their talent?


Talent is from God's Truth:

"God is Almighty.

You're God's Child.

You're Talented!"


This is the simplest Truth of God!

If you have the above Truth and you exert your mind and energy, you will always become talented and people will see that!


You still haven’t understood, have you?

Now, let's try to object to that and you'll understand why that Talent Truth has an ultimate power inside it:

· With eyes of prejudices, bad people think or call you "Untalented or Useless", even treat you badly (Unfortunately, there are a lot of people over the world who also think or call themselves "Talentless")

· That also means "Your God is Useless" (I absolutely don't want to write it down, but to make you understand it, I have to). You're a child of your God. Calling or thinking of you like that means they (or yourself) are thinking and calling your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…) the same word.


So, if the bad or yourself thinks or calls you (and others) "useless/talentless", this means they or yourself are objecting to God! It’s simple to understand that.

Just try thinking about this: if you’re a father or a mother and you love your child deeply, you see bad people call your child ‘stupid/useless/untalented/etc…’ and treat him/her badly, you will feel hurt and deeply feel they are objecting to you, won’t you?


The same as the Beauty problem, when I said “…if the bad or yourself thinks or calls you (and others) ‘useless/talentless’, this means they or yourself are objecting to God”, who is much more important: “they” or “yourself”? Of course, it’s you.

Maybe you'll feel confused or you can't understand it well. Again, people may ask “But God and I are not the same! God is God. How can you (Khuong Dat Long) say that ‘You’re talented’ because of ‘Your God is almighty’?”


One more time:

Do think about it by yourself.




“Why do you accept being untalented or useless, while your God is Almighty?”

Remember: You’re the child of your God!


Think much more about it by yourself. Time will help you "talk with" your God and understand this wonderfully.



After understanding God’s Talent Truth, you only need to remember those 3 miraculous sentences most shortly as the following guide:


"God is Almighty.

You're God's Child.

You're Talented!"



God's Talent Truth






You only need to remember the phrase "God's Talent Truth" or the special word “God**” in order to remember the important meaning of three miraculous sentences immediately.


You cannot reach the highest peak of human talent without exerting your mind and energy.

However, you can reach the level of a Real Genius (not a Fake one) only when you have God’s sacred  things, “Humane Eyes” and you successfully destroy “eyes of prejudices”, regardless of your religion!




No one is a real Genius without “Humane eyes” and if they do depend on the outer things.

If a man or woman has an exceptional skill, but he or she cannot win himself or herself; if a prodigiously talented person just depends on his/her innate ability, but he or she cannot destroy and triumph over evil prejudices, his or her fake genius and Fate will be killed by people’s and his/her prejudices


Back to Music, (not to mention a genius), divas or divos who gained or built their fame based on beautiful and high singing voices will be ‘killed’ by their prejudices eventually.

For example, a diva or divo who always thinks singing with amazingly high notes is talented, outstanding and greatly admired, his or her fame will be killed when he/she, some day, can’t hit those notes properly. Watch W.H’s and M.C’s videos on YouTube and you will see what I’ve just affirmed.

A singer doesn’t want to exert mind and energy to improve his/her talent; singers depend on music technology and sound effects (especially Auto-tune) in order to ‘make up’ and ‘perfect’ their singing voices, their careers will be affected badly or even destroyed when they show their ‘real values’.

A real talent (like a famous singer) or even an exceptionally talented singer also will bring their fame to a sad end if using effects to ‘make up’ their singing voices perfectly. When audiences can hear these singers with many sound effects in their concerts, obviously, people won’t appreciate their talents much. Simply, how can those singers’ singing voices be so beautiful if their voices are ‘fed’ by many sound effects?


Human (singing) voice can change unexpectedly.

Puberty, diseases, voice misuse or abuse, stress, even depression and many unexpected reasons in lives of singers can change their voice quality forever.


Therefore, when they build their career and fame based on music or singing prejudices, they actually kill themselves (both literally and figurative meanings).

That’s also the reason many famous singers were rejected, scorned and child music prodigies were shocked when losing voice quality and they often ‘retired’ from the stage at their young ages.



Who Can Reach The Highest Peak of Talent?


That are persons who have “Humane Eyes” and can destroy talent prejudices.

When he or she can destroy those evil things, he or she cannot but have an exceptional talent.

But an exceptional talent cannot become a Real Genius if without “Humane Eyes” and destroying inhumane prejudices and discrimination! Obviously.


Even though he or she ‘loses’ voice quality, the real genius always overcomes and ‘kills’ those evil prejudices without any difficulty.


In fact, you don’t need to be a Genius to do that, but if you cannot do that, you are surely not a real genius.

No one admires and respects a ‘genius’ who can’t overcome and win themselves.


A real genius does not only destroy evil prejudices but help other people do that as well.

That’s why I said “Genius is not only about talent!”.

If you cannot kill evil prejudices and just sink yourself in sorrow, how can you reach that high-spirited peak or how can you be even a good human?


With God's Talent Truth, you have trust in your own talent. God’s Talent Truth will be the best ‘lever’ to improve your gifted abilities.



Without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, How Can A Person Reach The Highest Peak of Talent?

Many people will affirm that:

· “I see or know many Geniuses in the world who don’t even believe in God.”;

· “They (especially famous scientists) didn’t need both God and God’s 7 Beauty Commandments to reach the highest peak of talent”;

· “Genius is a thing which cannot achieve except if you were born to be a genius!”


Do you remember my following words: “You can reach the level of a real Genius (not a Fake one) only when you have “Humane Eyes” and destroy “eyes of prejudices”, regardless of your religion!”


Even though you’re an atheist, you still can reach the level of a Genius (if you meet above requirements)


Let me ask you two questions:

1. If you rely on outer things and when you lose those outer things, how can people continue accepting you and how can you be a real genius?

2. “If you cannot ‘kill’ evil prejudices and just sink yourself in sorrow, how can you be a real Genius or how can you be even a good human?”



The matter is whether they are Real Talents or Real Geniuses or not!

If you see ‘Geniuses’ out there who follow evil prejudices and discrimination; who cannot destroy those evil prejudices and lose or kill themselves, think of ‘Fake Genius


The Highest Peak of Talent is not only about Talent.


The world only admires individuals who have great talents, courage, deep empathy and great humanity.

A fake genius doesn’t have deep empathy which helps ‘push’ his or her talent to the highest peak to serve humans.

Without courage and deep empathy, how can that mediocre talent fight against evil things, save themselves and help humans?


That’s why humans cannot reach the most high-spirited peak of talent without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments.


What about people who don’t have God to rely on? 

How can they use the talent truth of God while they are atheists? Please read the next part and I’ll reveal all.



A person (male/female) who trusts his/her own talent, looks at himself/herself and others with humane eyes, pursues truth both in and outside…and loves God in order for him/her to become amazingly talented and live strongly is really full of nervous energy and can’t but be so talented. That must be a person who trusts in, loves and adores God.

Your Talent. Your Happiness and Life. Always love your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…) and always stay with your God.








1. You now already know what The Highest Peak of Human Talent and God’s talent Truth are. You also already know the importance of 7 beauty commandments of God. Now you only need to remember the most important content: God’s Talent Truth

"God is Almighty.

You're God's Child.

You're Talented!"

2. Anytime, anywhere you think about your career and talent, you have to use God’s Talent Truth in order to think carefully, decide and get what you really want. Especially, when you have to face bad incidents (same as Jelong’s one, for example), remember and use the above talent truth of God.

3. Keeping, following  and applying God’s 7 Beauty Commandments are the only way to solve the problems and reach the highest peak of human talent. Don’t forget you must learn, exert your mind and energy to perfect your talent!

4. If you have any doubt, please wait until you see My World Challenge.

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