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Like HIV, The World Lost To COVID-19 From The Beginning

“Without This Special Type of Vaccine, Medicine Is Half-Failed In  Curing Humans”


~Khuong Dat Long~

The Coronavirus disease 2019 called  “COVID-19” are killing more than 2.360 people! Over 77.8101 patients in the world have been infected since late December, 2019.

“…almost half of China's 1.3 billion-strong population remain subject to varying forms of travel restrictions and other quarantine measures.”2  reported CNN.


People all over the world, not only in China (the heart of the coronavirus outbreak), are trying to prevent this novel coronavirus from spreading widely.

Not only human lives but also economy, travel, finance, business, aviation, etc...of many countries are being influenced seriously by this virus’ destruction.


Human beings are fighting against their eternal enemies: Virus!


Medicine is the main leader in this intense war where doctors and nurses are brave ‘soldiers’. Besides, Governments are the second leader and police, armies, various organizations as well as people are also ‘rears’ who contribute to the fight.


A virus like the novel coronavirus can make people in the world become knit together.

Because the Covid-19 is the common enemy of humankind.



In other words, Unity is what every countries and their people need to win in this medical war.


Unfortunately, Medicine and Governments, the leaders, are ‘blind in one eye’ in the Covid-19 plague.




Unity Is Broken, People Are Killing Each Other and Themselves In The Current War!


Do you know rise of discrimination and Anti-Asian Racism, hate speech and even violence elsewhere in the world?


{Washington Post reporter John Pomfret writes, “At a middle school a few blocks from my house, a rumor circulated among the children that all Asian kids have the coronavirus and should be quarantined.” People in Los Angeles and Toronto have also experienced instances of xenophobic harassment, from racist comments made by TSA agents to verbal street harassment. In the UK, Chinese restaurants say they are struggling for business because of widespread misconceptions about the “cleanliness” of their food. Meanwhile, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has touted the crisis in China as an opportunity to increase jobs in America.}3  wrote Vox. said: “The coronavirus is causing an outbreak in America—of anti-Asian racism”4 


 On Feb 01, 2020, The Canadian website reported:

{Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to stay united and warned against the rise of discrimination as fears of the coronavirus spread.

"There is no place in our country for discrimination driven by fear or misinformation,"5  Trudeau said at a Lunar New Year celebration at a banquet hall in Scarborough, a district in Toronto. "This is not something Canadians will ever stand for."}


In Vietnam, the news website Zing said:

{ Không phải virus corona, kỳ thị người gốc Á mới là 'đại dịch' mới.

Dịch virus corona ở Trung Quốc dẫn đến sự phân biệt đối xử, lời lẽ thù ghét, thậm chí là bạo lực nhắm vào người gốc Á ở nhiều nước - với những ví dụ được chia sẻ rộng trên mạng.} 6

(“Not the coronavirus, anti-Asian racism is the new 'pandemic'.

The coronavirus outbreak in China has led to discrimination, hate speech, and even violence against Asians in many countries - with examples shared widely online. - translation)

 Obviously, Racism (a kind of Discrimination) is getting worse because of this virus.

 Besides health news relating to the Covid-19, people - especially Media - are also paying attention to Racism (Anti-Asian Racism).

 The Guardian said:

 {Dr Simon Judkins, the immediate past president of the ACEM, said doctors were “reporting an increase in instances of racism within emergency departments, with patients and staff of Chinese appearance being subject to racist abuse.

“This is a time when we need to be pulling together as a multicultural, inclusive and diverse community to support each other and people affected by the outbreak; and not use an event like this to promote division and xenophobia.”

Dr Lai Heng Foong, the chair of ACEM’s public health and disaster committee, said racism had “been witnessed by physicians at the frontline of emergency medicine”} 7


WHO8 also raised their voices to warn of  “Racism and Anti-Chinese Sentiment Linked to Coronavirus” 9


Although Racism is a severe problem which is getting worse and clearer at this time, WHO and Governments as well as other people are praiseworthy for the first efforts they made to prevent Discrimination.


A Special Kind of Discrimination Is Forgotten

     However, most of people in the world don’t pay attention to a special kind of Discrimination which is deadlier in this Coronavirus plague from the beginning.

And this special Discrimination is ‘urging’ people (over the world) to kill each other and kill themselves!


What is the special Discrimination?

 In fact, this special Discrimination was paid attention in HIV pandemic.

However, in this Covid-19 epidemic which will be able to become a deadly pandemic, most of people and media in the world are forgetting it and just paying attention to Racism.

They don’t know or don’t think of the ancient Discrimination which is making the current plague become deadlier by spreading the coronavirus widely and easily.


Racism makes the Covid-19 get worse, of course.

But, Discrimination between Sick (Infected) People and Healthy (Uninfected) Ones makes it get deadlier!

 If WHO, medical organizations and Governments had realized this special Discrimination in the first place, they would have taken different actions which could prevent transmission well.


People Are Killing Each Other And Themselves Hiddenly!

 Why do I say like that?

 Because most of people don’t realize this special Discrimination in the first place and they don’t have a correct solution for it, they are killing each other in Silence.

 A lot of people in the world, in this war without gunfire, thought that: it was so stupid when their country or their community helped infected or suspected people.

That was why they discriminated against Chinese and Asian-looking’ people.

Worse, Chinese also discriminated against their countrymen.

"Giữa dịch corona, người Vũ Hán bị chính dân Trung Quốc kỳ thị"10  –

(Amid the corona epidemic, the Wuhan people were discriminated against by the Chinese people themselves - translation)

One important question: How to both help other people and protect ourselves?

 Finish this special chapter and you’ll have a clear answer/solution.

 Racism is not the MAIN discrimination in the Covid-19 epidemic.

 They forget that the coronaviruses can transmit disease to people widely and easily by ‘exploiting’ the special type of Discrimination.

 If you know about the HIV11 pandemic, you will have a clear answer!

Because HIV Prejudice or Stigma, infected persons often hide their illness.

When a person is labeled by their illness, they feel scared of discrimination. Society’s prejudices ‘force’ them, HIV patients, to hide their infections and that is an ‘ideal’ condition in order for HIV to be ‘spread’ widely and easily.

However, this transmission works hiddenly or silently.

It is so easy to understand, isn’t it?

Normally, no one with HIV (or various infectious diseases) speaks “I have HIV!” loudly to others.


People with HIV don’t want others to know about their illness.

-HIV is spread by three main routes12: sexual contact, significant exposure to infected body fluids or tissues, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding (known as vertical transmission)

-For example: when a prostitute tried to hide her HIV illness and had sex with many men, she would transmit the disease to many different men.

-These men, later, would transmit HIV to various women or their wives because they didn’t know they were infected from that woman.

-Then, these women continuously spread the virus to other men…

I call that The infection network! 

Many of us knew this.


The infection network (HIV) (illustration)13


The heavier prejudices are, the more inhumanly society/people treat suspected or infected persons, the more they want to keep their health statuses in secret.

-The more infected persons want to hide it, the easier disease transmission becomes.

-Humans cannot know exactly who and how many patients did hide their illness and ‘spread’ HIV to others.

-And  fear of infection is a ‘perfect tool’ which makes that ‘environment’ develop strongly.


UNAIDS14 in Vietnam wrote:

{We had a lot of new evidence gathered that many people with HIV are isolated and denied in their own families, as well as in communities and social relationships. The evidence also suggests that the detection of HIV infection can lead to job loss, loss of property rights, and failure to enroll in schools. People with HIV also experience violence, are denied medical or social assistance services, and have difficulty in accessing legal aid.

However, stigma and discrimination not only affect individuals living with HIV or those who are at high risk of HIV infection, but also help HIV quietly spread in the community. People with HIV who are afraid of stigma or discrimination will avoid testing and not apply preventive measures to prevent HIV transmission. Fear of being tested for HIV means that they may unknowingly spread HIV to their relatives or others in the community. For example, a husband can transmit HIV to his wife, and then the wife can transmit HIV to the unborn baby. Therefore, from the place where there should be only one person infected with HIV, but because he did not know his status, he was able to spread HIV, resulting in up to three people being infected with HIV. This happens when people are afraid of HIV testing because of panic, they don’t know how they will be treated when having positive test result.}15 (-translation)


The more fear of infection they have, the worse discrimination gets.

-And the worse discrimination gets, the more fear they have!

-A dangerous vicious circle makes transmission becomes wider and easier.


Global HIV & AIDS statistics16 — 2019 fact sheet that was reported on UNAIDS.org17:

· 24.5 million [21.6 million–25.5 million] people were accessing antiretroviral therapy (end of June 2019).

· 37.9 million [32.7 million–44.0 million] people globally were living with HIV (end 2018).

· 1.7 million [1.4 million–2.3 million] people became newly infected with HIV (end 2018).

· 770 000 [570 000–1.1 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses (end 2018).

· 74.9 million [58.3 million–98.1 million] people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic (end 2018).

· 32.0 million [23.6 million–43.8 million] people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the epidemic (end 2018).




To The Novel Coronavirus and All of The Deadliest Pandemics: The Special Discrimination is The Perfect ‘Killing Partner’!


According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - America), there are some ways infectious diseases spread.

“There are a few general ways that germs travel in healthcare settings – through contact (i.e., touching), sprays and splashes, inhalation, and sharps injuries (i.e., when someone is accidentally stuck with a used needle or sharp instrument)” 18


To virus infection, the Covid-19 is worse than HIV because its transmission is easier and faster.

{“(By) coming close or talking, you may spread the infection, not like SARS,” said Dr Leong, who practises at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, on the programme Insight.

“Like influenza, (our researchers) have found that COVID-19 is infectious when the symptoms are mild. Because of this … it’s also the case that COVID-19, like influenza, can spread quite quickly.”} 19


Think about the following transmission, you will see why Coronavirus infections in world can exceed 77.81020:

Ø Persons who were infected (from various sources) suspected or didn’t know that they were really infected. They hadn’t had any medical tests.

Ø In the incubation period (the time between coronavirus infection and symptom onset ranging from 0-14 days)21, infected people have had clear/unclear (vague) or even no symptoms such as coughs, fever and breathing difficulties.

Ø During this incubation period, there were infected people who protected  themselves well (e.g. wearing medical facial masks and washing hands) as well as isolated themselves or limited communication to avoid being infected.

Ø However, it was time for a deadly problem to arise:

§ Media, TVs, magazines, social websites such as Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and online websites over the world frequently reported inhuman Discrimination, especially Anti-Asian Racism, hate speech, even violence towards infected or suspected persons. These people (over the world) feel unrespected, scared and clearly saw their societies discriminate against them.

In this world of technology, social media, social platforms and mobile devices are helping the bad spread and amplify fake news, prejudices and discrimination in a faster, wider and easier way. Hurt is deeper.

§ They saw governments and police were trying to ‘hunt’ them and treat them as criminals. This made them even more stressed. The heavier their health statuses became, the more fear they had. Many people had fleed quarantine before their governments took actions.

§ Besides, fake news over social platforms turned isolation and quarantine environments into terrible disease clusters or ‘medical prisons’ where infected and suspected people never want to get into.

§ Fake news also encouraged the special Discrimination, Anti-Asian racism and violence to increase cruelly.

§ Those things ‘urged’ the infected persons (who suspected or didn’t know that they were really infected) to hide their health statuses carefully.

§ Because of Discrimination and hatred, these people didn’t want to wear masks and they had to pretent to be healthy in front of others. People around them couldn’t know about their real health statuses. Many even tried not to cough in front of others because they were afraid of being ostracized. And this was the reason why transmission got worse.

§ Further, Gender discrimination made many men feel weak, ashamed or nervous when wearing masks. They said “Chỉ đàn bà và trẻ con mới đeo khẩu trang”22 ("Only women and children wear masks." – translation). Therefore, they didn’t wear masks and could spread coronavirus to others.

These men are killing themselves and their families due to their gender discrimination or sexism.

§ Many infected individuals, due to cruel discrimination and hatred they were suffering, didn’t care about others’ health or safety. These individuals (especially who had some symptoms) didn’t want to wear medical facial masks or protect themselves and didn’t care whether or not they could spread the deadly virus to others.

§ The worst thing, due to hatred and discrimination or something else they were suffering, these infected people wanted to revenge and intentionally spread the virus to people around them. This often happens hiddenly. Try reading the current news, you will see that this is not rare now.

Ø The natural consequence was:

§ During the incubation period, infected persons transmitted the novel coronavirus to people around them unintentionally or intentionally.

§ Finally, these new patients who got coronavirus infected (from contact with those who hid their health statuses) now are continuing to spread the novel coronavirus to others.

§ And fake news, inhuman discrimination, violence and hatred also now are continuing to ‘urge’ the new patients to hide their health statuses, flee quarantine, even revenge for the insults and spread the novel coronavirus to others. 


The infection network (Covid-19) (illustration)


Medicine and Governments over the world were half-failed because they didn’t realize that in the first place.

At this time, they are also NOT focusing on abolishing the special type of Discrimination although the Covid-19 was first encountered in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019.

Until now (late February 2020), most of people in the word have just been focusing on medical treatments, Racism and forgetting the ancient Discrimination (although they experienced it in HIV pandemic)

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued official guidelines to deal with stigma, they have not considered it a vital issue and haven’t focused on solving it.

Read online news now and you will recognize what I have just affirmed.


Protecting yourself is protecting others.

Saving others is saving yourself23.


I often say that.


Just some people in the community do not want to protect others’ health and rage at the people who treated them cruelly, the whole country and even the world can be in danger when the Covid-19 or other infectious diseases can become a deadly pandemic.

 This plague became more dangerous when “Half of Wuhan fled before lockdown, raising risk of coronavirus spread”24 , New York Post reported.

 “Wuhan’s mayor, Zhou Xianwang, said on Sunday that some 5 million people left the city during the Lunar New Year travel rush, raising new fears of a global pandemic.”


A Deadly ‘Lever’!

 Discrimination, hatred are not only The Perfect ‘Killing Partner’ but also The Deadly ‘Lever’ of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.


What will happen if:

 the incubation period of the Covid-19 is longer?

· South China Morning Post  reported: “The coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 illness had an unusually long incubation period in a minority of cases, one of China’s top respiratory specialists said on Tuesday.” 25

· “In our research paper, we must be truthful and hence we have stated that the incubation period ranged from zero to 24 days,” Zhong told the briefing on Tuesday.” 26

 without any symptoms, people with coronavirus still can infect others?

· Reuters said: “A 20-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, traveled 400 miles (675 km) north to Anyang where she infected five relatives, without ever showing signs of infection, Chinese scientists reported on Friday, offering new evidence that the virus can be spread asymptomatically.”27

 time to make and produce a medical vaccine is longer?

 In the worst case, like HIV, what will happen if medical tests for Covid-19 vaccine are failed and humans still can’t make a vaccine successfully (to deal with more dangerous new strains) or will they have to wait for a long time?

 Due to the serious effects of the coronavirus, other aspects such as economy, agriculture, finance, industry, etc…will suffer big crises. Ingredients and raw materials which are used to make medical equipment and devices, medicine, antibiotics and even various vaccines will become deficient or rare. Shortage of medical products is a certainty.

· This consequence will make treatments of other diseases get more difficult or worse.

· A real example: “China is the world’s largest producer of medical facial masks, but surging demand amid the coronavirus outbreak has created a severe shortage”28 , said South China Morning Post.

· said: “a Department of Commerce study that found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China” 29

· “The world could face a shortage of antibiotics if the pharmaceutical industry’s supply problems posed by the coronavirus outbreak in China cannot soon be resolved, the head of a European business group in China warned on Tuesday.”30 wrote


 Obviously, when Medicine, countries and people all over the world don’t (want to) focus on abolishing Discrimination, the Covid-19 and all of the most fatal diseases (infectious or noninfectious ones) have ‘a deadly lever’ which will ‘help’ them kill as many human lives as they can.


Silent Deaths…

 Now, try thinking of people who must hide their health statuses and travel around the world, what will happen?

Before they are tested positive for the novel coronavirus, others people around them can be infected.

It’s the infection network I explained.

 Just watch the following video and you will see why infected and suspected people are having to hide themselves:


Ukrainians Hurl Stones at China Evacuees En Route to Quarantine Amid Coronavirus Fears 31


Watch the video:

{“Since the early morning, several hundred residents of the village of Novi Sanzhary in Ukraine’s central Poltava region had cut the road to a sanitarium intended to host the evacuees, fearing they could become infected. Demonstrators, some of whom appeared drunk, put up road blocks, burned tires and clashed with riot police who moved to clear access. One protester tried to ram police lines with his car.”

“Ukraine’s effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the new virus outbreak plunged into chaos Thursday as local residents opposing the move hurled stones at the evacuees and clashed with police.”}32

There are some different ways the Covid-19 spreads such as lack of medical knowledge and careful protections, but Discrimination, especially the special one against Sick people, is one of the key factors that makes the transmission of Covid-19 become easier, wider and faster. 

Unfortunately, in the Covid-19 plague, people (especially medical organizations and governments) have not been aware of this special Discrimination soon and solved it.

The worse thing: Not only do they not stop and destroy this kind of discrimination, but also apply improper solutions to make it worse!

 Governments and their people not only discriminate against infected persons but also ‘turn’ them into ‘criminals’!

CNN reported that:

{“A total of 1,193 people have been placed under mandatory quarantine after entering the city from mainland China, of whom 90% are Hong Kong residents.

Chan (Sophia Chan, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority) said the government has identified nine people who violated quarantine orders during spot checks. Two people are still missing, and police will list them as wanted. She warned that anyone who violated quarantine orders could be subject to a maximum fine of HK$25,000 ($3,200) and six-month imprisonment.”} 33


Vietnamese websites reported:

{Người Vũ Hán ở Trung Quốc bị kỳ thị, săn lùng như tội phạm

Theo tờ The Straits Times ngày 3-2, nhiều tỉnh, thành ở Trung Quốc đã bắt đầu chiến dịch truy tìm người đến từ Vũ Hán để tiến hành kiểm tra sức khỏe, thậm chí treo tiền thưởng cho người cung cấp thông tin}34

(Wuhan people in China are discriminated against, hunted down like criminals

According to The Straits Times on February 3rd, many provinces and cities in China have started a search campaign for people from Wuhan to conduct health checks, even offering bonuses for information providers) – translation.


Obviously, the more fear they have, the more serious discrimination becomes

 Worse than that, the deadly coronaviruses are making people even discriminate against doctors and nurses who are trying to save their lives!

Today, discrimination is being pushed to a newer and more inhuman level!

{'You nurses always walk around with virus on you': Nurses shunned, ostracised for wearing uniform.



Hanna Wong, a healthcare professional in Singapore had her private-hire vehicle cancelled in the wee hours of the morning today (Feb 11), solely because she was headed towards the hospital.}35


Human beings are killing themselves in this awful plague. wrote36:

{Bullying and assaults of Asian-Americans are being reported from New York to New Mexico, sparked by unfounded fears that they are somehow linked to a virus that originated in China.

New York City designer Yiheng Yu works in an office where many colleagues have recently returned from China and where she and others wear face masks as a precaution.

On one occasion when she wore a mask outside her office she was accosted by a woman.

“She started yelling, ‘Are you Crazy? Get the heck out of here,” said Yu, 34. “I realized it was because I was wearing a mask.”

Even coughs can provoke fear, said Ron Kim, a New York state assembly member representing a Queens district with a large Asian and Asian-American population.}

This story is not rare.


We now try imagining this:


Due to discrimination, many coronavirus infected patients don’t dare to wear mask in New York. What will happen if they have to pretent to be a healthy persons, work and meet people inside this city?


Discriminators will be infected and that will kill themselves one day (in either this Covid-19 plague or other future pandemics). Evil Prejudices will ‘kill’ this city without any mercy!


In this Corronavirus outbreak, this is entirely possible.


The same as natural disasters such as tsunamis or massive floods: saving others is saving yourself, ‘killing’ or discriminating against others is killing yourself.

I mentioned this37 when providing people with my solution for surviving tsunami/flood/hurricane or house fire.


This coronavirus pandemic reinforced my solutions in the ebook significantly.


The novel coronavirus is making humans kill each other and kill themselves BEFORE it takes its ‘ending action’.


When suspected or infected people have to hide their health statuses, that also means Prejudices and Discrimination ‘protect’ our Coronaviruses from being discovered.



Most of people including WHO and Governments didn’t realize this in the first time.


Because if they had realized this special type of Discrimination (not Racism), they would have taken different actions!


That’s why Medicine is half-failed when it only focuses on curing diseases and does not (want to) solve cruel Discrimination (especially Discrimination against the Sick) in the first place.


 Medicine Has Been “Blind In One Eye” For Thousands Of Year

 No one (especially doctors, medical experts, medical organizations and governments) has discovered the following rule while treating patients and dealing with the deadliest pandemics in human history.


Racism certainly has bad impacts on the Coronavirus plague, but Discrimination between Sick People and Healthy Ones is the worst Discrimination.

Medicine has been around for thousands of years.

“Medicine is the science and practice of establishing the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies biomedical sciences, biomedical research, genetics, and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury and disease, typically through pharmaceuticals or surgery, but also through therapies as diverse as psychotherapy, external splints and traction, medical devices, biologics, and ionizing radiation, amongst others.”38 


And it’s the deadliest mistake of Medicine.




The First Deadliest Mistake


Just look at the HIV pandemic and the current Coronavirus outbreak and we will see that: Medicine is NOT only about “the science and practice of establishing the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease”


Without realizing that deadly discrimination, its deadly effects and solving it successfully In The First Place Or Even Before The Epidemic Or Pandemic Starts, the prevention and treatment of illness will become much more complicated and fatal.


There are some ways making transmission get more serious.

But when people (especially WHO, other medical organizations, Governments and social platforms) don’t pay attention to this significant problem and solve it in the first place, it will make a deadly plague like Covid-19 become deadlier!



So, How To Both Protect Yourself From Being Infected And Solve The Special Discrimination Successfully?

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