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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human talent?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

Whenever I sing songs, I am JeLong.

And JeLong is a very special ‘part’ of Khuong Dat Long.


In this special part, I will share with you the way how to reach the highest peak of human talent or the level of a real Genius.




A fake ‘genius’ can create or invent something which seems exceptional but harm human lives seriously.

He or she, a fake ‘genius’, is even worse than the incompetent.

Because the incompetent cannot harm human society seriously.

However, a fake ‘genius’ or a cruel madman can.


Not the same as Beauty, Human Talents are shown in many fields.

Art in general (especially music) and singing in particular are the places where talents are shown/seen most clearly. To singing, you just need to open your mouth and sing some lines, people can generally realize how the level of your own talent is.


What Happens If Series of People Hear A Singing Voice of A Genius?


This was a real story and I was the leading character. I experienced a bad incident during August and September 2019.

It, the incident, came to me unexpectedly and if without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments (which I always follow and apply every day), I couldn’t overcome cyberbullying, humiliation and write these lines; absolutely!


The incident, after overcoming it, brought me extraordinary things, of which I could not think.


What and How? 


A Preposterous Rage Of Many Music Listeners On The Internet!

People often say: “Fire proves Gold”


As a singer (JeLong), I produce music, record songs, create music videos and promote my singing voice on social media such as Facebook and Youtube1.

Despite only singing two or three songs with a view count of over 66,000, many people in the online music community did 'release' their awful rage after watching and hearing my singing voice through my music videos posted on Youtube and Facebook.



I’m sorry when showing horrible comments of the music community for my voice, but let you understand the problem with its core and objectivity, I have to do that.


How Is The Truth About Jelong’s Voice? Why Could This Voice Make Series Of People Rage Shockingly!?

In the world, the most famous singers or divas3, divos4 cannot make music listeners so angry and make horrible comments on their singing voices like that! Of course!

To say "The music ruining everything here" like that, the singing voice must be the most horrible, creepiest one or must be a genius singer with a gifted voice!


What do you think when hearing people say about someone “his/her brain (capacity) will destroy this nation”?

We will want to verify or ask either he/she is a cruel madman or a genius, won’t we?


That’s why Nhac Jelong (in August and September 2019, after receiving those awful comments) wanted to find out the truth behind the harsh comments to Jelong’s voice.

No singer in the music industry has ever made people angry with his/her voice so surprisingly like that. If you are a famous singer, a diva or divo, you will make people happy and love your singing, right?


Making a person irrationally angry when they hear your voice is a rare thing.

Making a music community with thousands of people come to hear and many ones leave such the most cruelest comments indicates a severe problem with your singing: your voice is either dreadful or greatly gifted!


Simply, if a singing voice is just a mediocre thing, people will not be interested and leave such cruel words like that!  



The Best And Easiest Way To Verify Jelong’s Singing Voice And Seek The Truth


After getting surprisingly preposterous interactions and reactions, Nhac Jelong wanted to verify the truth behind the wrath of the online community.

To a singer, the best and simplest way to verify his or her own talent is to listen to his/her natural singing voice (without any support from music Technology or sound effects).


The essence of the problem (the unbelievable rage of people) lies in Jelong’s singing.


Therefore, with the following song "Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai"5 (I See God In You) performed by Jelong, Nhac Jelong wanted to expose the Truth, get a true answer/response from the community:


 With the question asked inside the video “Is This Voice A Disaster or A Singing Genius?”, thousands of different music listeners can verify and answer whether Jelong is a singer destroying music (as people said before) or a genius singer.

(You can verify JeLong’s singing more clearly with your headphone)



The Truth Behind The Music Community’s Unbelievable Rage: A ‘Deep’ and Honest Answer From Those ‘Throwing Stones’ At Jelong


With over 16,000 video views for the above video, the online music community "exposed" a clear answer to the question: "Is This Voice A Disaster or A Singing Genius?"!


 It cannot be denied that a mediocre singing voice cannot make the music community have a strong reaction like that.



Common sense, if you don’t sing well or your singing voice is unexceptional, people may not be really interested in your music and they will never get extremely angry with you. Of course!


You can easily see in Britain’s Got Talent or America's Got Talent, audiences often show strong reactions to shocking performances or great ones. To unexceptional shows, naturally, no one felt shocked or greatly excited.

A singing voice without “anomaly” can't make a lot of people angry extremely.


It can deduce from this that when people (in the music community) paid so much attention to JeLong and raged at his singing voice, obviously, Jelong’s singing voice must have an anomaly.

In short, the singing voice of Jelong is either disgusting or greatly gifted.


Behind the rage, it is a hidden Truth deep inside the thoughts and minds of thousands of people who heard Jelong’s voice.

The essence of the problem was Jelong’s singing

By the real capacity Jelong owns, Nhac Jelong got a clear answer from the community and they themselves exposed the Truth deep inside their thoughts!



A Genius Unexpectedly Appeared In A Unique Way


One of the best and most objective ways to verify a Genius is: Letting foes who hate him or her judge his/her talent.

Without any respect and mercy, those foes will always try to be against or deny that talent.


And of course, when those enemies cannot but acknowledge his or her natural talent, a genius appears.


To the question "Is This Voice A Disaster or A Singing Genius?" asked in the video, Nhac Jelong5 wanted to verify what people actually thought.



 The video “Is This Voice A Disaster or A Singing Genius?6 


With this question, after hearing the real singing voice of JeLong, people will:

Ø Situation 1: If JeLong’s singing voice is really disgusting (a music disaster), people (most of the bad ones) will give themselves ‘rights’ to humiliate and laugh at JeLong with bigger pleasure.

Ø Situation 2: And conversely, they will feel ashamed and concede to Jelong singing genius and keep silent or have weak reactions/attack, of course.


As I said above: “Without any respect and mercy, those foes will always try to be against or deny that talent.”


That means their real reactions (after hearing JeLong’s real singing voice) will automatically provide the most honest answer!


With more than 16,000 views, the above video received only a few comments which attacked Jelong weakly and showed their unrealistic minds.

The best result, when Nhac Jelong replied to their comments and mentioned Jelong’s voice, all of them were silent, and didn’t deny or object to the singing voice anymore.


Use translation tools or Google Translate to read real comments here:



Their silence itself, in this situation, is the best answer and triumph!


Only through a major incident happened in August & September 2019, JeLong, from an unknown person, is now known as a singing genius; from a humiliated individual, is now making many people wary about his natural ability.


 Obviously, behind the rage of the music community, it is a completely different Truth.

You have to have valiancy to find out the Truth.


No one with a normal and good mind wants a bad incident happening and expects to be bullied and humiliated by a large number of people on the internet in order for him /her to be recognized as a Genius or to gain a virtual reputation (a dirty scandal).


But if you fall into a ‘vortex’ of unrelenting bullying, have your own courage.


Because of facing public opinion directly, I made bad people have to stop their bullying and got the best result.


With social media, bad ones will want to bully and humiliate you in front of millions of people in the world as they can and get big pleasure as they wish.


You must know how to deal with cyberbullying and get the best results.

In the next parts, you will have a full answer!



Darkness in Music Industry And The Highest Peak of Human Talent


A Singing Genius is not only about singing!


If a ‘singing genius’ is all about singing, he or she is just a singing worker8 with master skills.


People often think of a singer’s singing voice quality when evaluating how good or bad his/her singing is.

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1   JeLong’s Official Channel:

2 You can view real comments here on:

3 A diva (/ˈdiːvə/; Italian: [ˈdiːva]) is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna. Diva can also refer to a woman, especially one in show business, with a reputation for being temperamental, demanding, or difficult to work with.(wiki)

4 A divo: The male form divo exists in Italian and is usually reserved for the most prominent leading tenors (wiki)

5.Song by Jaideep Sahani, its music is given by Salim Sulaiman, Singers: Roopkumar RathodJay Kadn, and another version sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

6. The official website of JeLong’s Music:

7. Watch it on:

8.Vietnamese calls it “thợ hát”

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