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The e-book "God's 7 Beauty Commandments" you have in hand or the content you are reading on this website has been through a long time over the years with many changes in the real world. The incidents of the world all confirmed the authenticity and usefulness that God's beauty commandments bring.


"God's 7 Beauty Commandments" was introduced to the public starting from December 2015

12 Vital Proofs

My solutions are the Truths. Therefore, events in the world cannot but happen as I stated earlier.

Huge Benefits For You

The solutions in the ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments" bring practical benefits to your life

Interesting & Surprising

There are several/many of 9 problems related to you that need to be resolved. You will find the answers to those problems in the ebook with enjoyment and surprise



Discover Proven Solutions That Bring You Huge Benefits!


~Khuong Dat Long~

God and science have an intimate relationship. We shouldn’t think religion against science and vice versa.


How many scientists, doctors, teachers, billionaires, entrepreneurs, artists, even geniuses, etc…in this world who love their God can you count? In fact, God has nourished many talented scientists and others in this world and God has been making them help human life get better.


Do you remember Mother Teresa1 and her great dedication to the world of charitable works?

Have you ever heard about the Black Death or the Black Plague which “was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history”2 ? Vladimir Havkin3, a Russian Empire Jewish bacteriologist, “the first microbiologist who developed and used vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague”. He was a great scientist and a deeply religious man.

They’re merely shining examples.


Sometimes, that happens so silently that you can’t see or know about it.

Why don’t we Love God and Do science with the spirit of God “science for humane things”?


We can’t conclude and say that all things of religion are “childish superstitions”. What do you think about the role of God’s 10 commandments that God gave Moses on Mount Sinai to serve as principles of moral behavior for the

human race? How do you think about our human life if without moral behavior? Can Science have and play such a significant role in the lives of most people all over the world like Religion?


We know it’s likely to have misconceptions, prejudices in both science and religion. Misconceptions, prejudices in science need abolishing. The same for religion. As long as we become happier and more humane.


There is an important relation between Beauty (especially beauty on the outside) and scientific knowledge of the human body. People should discover their own body. It’ll absolutely help us become healthily beautiful and get most comfortable and confident.


Beauty and health have an intimate relation, of course. Take care of our invaluable health with health sciences4 and Follow, Apply God’s 7 Beauty Commandments to become beautiful, happy.

Health also gives you the energy to strive to harness your own mind and natural ability. No one can reach the highest peak of human talent without labor!

However, only those who have the "Humane Eyes" and destroy the "eyes of prejudices" in order not to depend on the outer things can reach the level of Real Genius and Reach the Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Talent. This high-spirited peak always awaits you whether you are a child/person of God or not.


However, once you reach it, you will have to Serve.

Only you can discover that...



Remember, no discrimination among us as long as we fight against eyes of prejudices and abolish evil things. If there’s discrimination among us, it is: Good or evil, the good or the bad.


The matter is: which one will you choose and who do you want to be in the end?


No discrimination among us, as long as we fight against eyes of prejudices and abolish evil things. If there’s discrimination among us, it is: Good or evil, the good or the bad. The matter is: which one will you choose and who do you want to be in the end?


No one can solve the most serious, annoying beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT God’s 7 Beauty Commandments! No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if that country and its People don't follow and do that Solution!


Pandemics, like Covid-19 and HIV, require the special vaccine created for the first time: Prejudice Vaccine. With Rule 0 Outbreak that God showed me in this Covid-19 plague, this moral vaccine will help Medicine and the Government control and prevent Covid-19 transmission from the beginning to minimize infection rate and death toll.


And of course, in huge disasters like tsunamis/floods/hurricanes causing floods or house fires, people can’t but have God’s 7 Beauty Commandments because they, vital commandments, are the prerequisite in order to survive natural disasters.



All of the problems in this ebook have the same point:

If these serious problems (beauty, talent, cyberbullying, discrimination, Paddock’s motive, fake news and disasters) are not solved in the soonest time, they will become worse and worse.

That means people will have to suffer more serious losses and damages.


I have answers to those problems.

Some of them I provided full solutions.

Some I am giving involved people to important suggestions.


Unless all countries suffering Covid-19 carry out Rule Zero Outbreak and use Prejudice Vaccine at this time, I will not finish the rest of the Rule 0-2.


To the tsunami problem, I will reveal my full rescuing way only when people of a nation build emergency exits and apply God’s 7 beauty commandments in their lives. If people don’t have and apply those vital commandments, all of the exit doors and miracle tools are useless!


And you never forget my most sincere advice:


However, what I presented to you in chapter 4 (including the first two requirements) also give you great chances of survival.


Albert Einstein, in his Autobiographical Notes, said “I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true”.

I don’t say anything about his above affirmation. I just agree with him that there’s one important thing in the Bible that is NOT TRUE and it needs abolishing.

But, that’s another story.

And after the last great secret – the 3rd Greatest Truth of God - is revealed in the future, we won’t any longer live in the world we’ve ever known. The world will be turned upside-down.

But now: It’s time for US to apply God’s Beauty, Talent & Root Truth!

Because now evil forces are emerging stronger than before (due to the silence of everyone, especially of the 'good'). If WE don’t stop them now, they will do that to US. Don’t let people, even the good, have to pay a price much heavier than the bad. Don’t let it be late!


When it's late and the unbearable aftermath occurs (as I warned many times), there will be things that can't be saved or cured.


I hope you’ll get many benefits from my solutions by following and applying them as well as strongly share these benefits with people around you!


If you want to have a healthy body and mind; if you want to lose weight happily, successfully, comfortably and meaningfully to the last: Don’t forget to apply THE JELONG DIET - The Secret To Lose Weight Amazingly As A Singer With ‘Humane Eyes’.



Finally, Never Become A Person With ‘Cruel Blindness And Muteness’


I’m A Little Child of God.

I Want All of God’s People and Atheists To

Know About This Solution eBook and Take Great Benefits from it.


All The Best!

God Bless You,

Khuong Dat Long


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1 In 2003, she was beatified as "Blessed Teresa of Calcutta". She was the recipient of numerous honours, including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

2 Info source:

3 Info source:

4 Read one different e-book of mine “Health is Gold, beauty is Diamond!?”:

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