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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

Beauty and Talent Prejudices are the serious problems.

However, there are other prejudices which are much worse!


Male or Female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, whatever your skin color is, do you feel afraid of discrimination (based on race/gender/etc...) at work, school or in public? Do you even get angry when seeing the bad discriminate against you and other people? Do you really feel hurt because you feel incapable of combating the racist, sexist?

Even a country like The United States with the most advanced sciences and technologies has been incapable of getting rid of discrimination!


How To Deeply Solve Discrimination Problems In The Wisest Way?


84 years ago, Hattie McDaniel was the first African American who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as Mammy in ‘Gone with the Wind’ (1939). She said in her Oscar speech “I sincerely hope I shall always be a credit to my race and to the motion picture industry”. She couldn’t attend the premiere of ‘Gone with the Wind because all black actors were barred from attending and ‘banned from appearing in advertisements for the film in the South’1.

That’s merely one of uncountable stories that have been happening around the world.



Discrimination (especially racial, institutional discrimination) is a teaser that needs solving deeply. Discrimination can happen everywhere all over the world. Skin color, besides a matter of Beauty, can actually create the ugliest thing, Discrimination, even at the first time when someone looks at others.


Eyes of Prejudices don’t absolutely make anyone in the world beautiful in- and outside. They, the most disgusting and ugliest eyes, even cause the worst thing: Racism. Racism is in strong connection with Beauty on the outside (skin color and physical features).



Change ‘eyes’ of prejudices, your and people’s destiny will be changed spectacularly!


“Eyes of prejudices”, greed and fear are the main culprits that make beauty and especially discrimination problems worse and worse. 


There’re a lot of people in the world who have had to suffer discrimination just because of  their outside. That’s their everyday trauma (especially in their soul).


That’s one of the reasons why we have to solve the most serious, annoying beauty problems.

Beauty (in-outside) and Discrimination have an intimate relation.


I don’t really need to describe how Discrimination is or its definition in this ebook. If you want, you can find information, explanations about them in various documents or sources on internet. I believe you may at least understand, have learnt something about it or even experienced it in your life.


From November 2016 until now, do you think racism has been covering up USA? We were seeing demonstrators taking to the streets across the country overnight2 to protest a man called “a racist and sexist” by a 22-year-old political science student in Berkeley. We were and still are beholding many objections or boycotts taking place directly or indirectly, noisily or silently. Actually, they were and are protesting not only one man but also one of the worst things to human beings: inhumane Discrimination.


Now, what all of us need is an ultimate solution for the problem. 

What is a solution for this teaser?

First, we need to analyse the teaser a bit:

· A person/a group/a community/etc acts superior and behaves badly towards others whose skin color-race/gender/etc are different. People who are discriminated against are ranked as inferior.

· That means there is a disparity/an unfairness

Therefore, if we’d like to solve this teaser, we have to:

Ø look for one thing that abolishes unfairness deeply



If we want to solve Discrimination (based on skin color-race/gender/etc…),

We have to look for one supreme thing that does abolish unfairness deeply.


So, what is one supreme thing which deeply abolishes unfairness?


Once again, God’s Power, God’s Greatest Truths (called God’s 7 beauty commandments), especially the 6th and 7th beauty commandments are the most important ‘key’, the answer for this teaser.


VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others




What is God’s Root Truth?


"God Is Holy Parent

We’re God’s Children”




It means:


"God Is Holy Parent

I’m God’s Child

So Are You.”




"God Is Holy Parent

You’re God’s Child

So Am I!”



Differences in race, skin color, gender, etc…are meaningless when we are children of God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya or Other Supreme Beings)! That ultimate power will abolish unfairness deeply.


People who actually experience or suffer discrimination and especially people who behave badly towards others (because of prejudices) must know that truth.


What do you think about the following questions that can be found in some places on internet:

· Which skin color do you think is beautiful?

Dark skin (brown or black) or Light skin (white or fair)?

· Who are God’s children?

Dark-skinned or Light-skinned people?

· Who is beautiful and talented: “black people” or “white people” or “yellow people”?

· etc…


Those are the questions coming from racism/discrimination and they always make us feel inhumane. Many people even called others with disrespectful words and treated them badly just because of their different skin color (their outside). In fact, they were thinking about different races consciously or unconsciously. Bad people just look at others’ different skin colors or physical features and behave badly towards them. The bad lets their eyes of prejudices win and control them.


# Behind skin colors, we can see the worst teaser.

 It is not only a matter of beauty.#


You can see and use a huge power from God’s Root Truth: You’re God’s Child, So Am I or I’m God’s Child, So Are You. We are God’s children no matter what our skin colors/races/nations/sexualities/education/etc…are! 

§ Who dares to say and affirm that he or she is a child/person of God because he/she is a black/white/yellow/etc person?

§ Who dare to say to their God that they are God’s children/people, while they create the worst unfairness?


The supreme thing deeply abolishes unfairness: God’s Root Truth - We’re God’s Children.


Always remember and absorb this: 



"God is Holy Parent

You’re God’s Child

So Am I.

We’re God's Children!"


Why Does God’s Root Truth Solve Discrimination Problems Deeply?

Now, just the same as God’s Beauty Truth, let's try to object to that and you'll understand why that Root Truth has an ultimate power in it:

· With eyes of prejudices, bad people look at your outside (especially your different skin color and physical features), then think and call you "black person" or “white person” or “yellow person”, etc…disrespectfully and treat you badly (Unfortunately, there are many people over the world who also consider their original skin color to be ‘ugly’ (because of bad prejudices-beauty prejudices) and feel bad about their origin/race. They are hurting themselves and others who have the same skin color and race)

· That also means they, the bad, think and act like "They are superior or have something superior and You are inferior or have something inferior". Thinking about you, calling you or treating you like that mean they are thinking, calling and treating your God the same. Remember: You're a child of your God!



So, if the bad (or yourself) thinks, calls and treats you (and others) badly just because of your or others’ different skin color/race/gender/etc…, this means they or yourself are objecting to God! Why?

Just try thinking about this: if you’re a father or a mother who has a deep love for your child, you see the bad call your child cruel words (the ‘N’ word, for example) and discriminate against the child badly, you will deeply feel they are objecting to you, won’t you?


One important thing I want to say, if the bad or you thinks, calls or treats you or others like that, this means they or you are certainly objecting to God; We are children of God and there’s no discrimination in skin color, race, country, sexuality, etc… among us! If there’s a discrimination among us, it only can be one thing (after finishing this book, you’ll know what it is).

Differences in race, skin color, gender, etc…are meaningless when we are children of God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya and Other Gods)! That ultimate power will abolish unfairness deeply.

-Khuong Dat Long-


Beauty doesn’t depend on the outside: cosmetics, makeups, thriftless costumes, trimmings, surgery, body weight, sexuality, education, finance, etc…Beauty even doesn’t depend on facial features, body shape and of course, skin color doesn’t absolutely determine your beauty and worthiness.



At least Seven Times, Human History, The Real World Events And Real Life Automatically Proved My Words And Affirmations Correct And True (After I Had Given The Solutions To The Public In December 2015)!

World’s big events happened exactly as what I had affirmed!

Do you think racists are God’s children? If a person thinks or says that “I’m God’s child/person. He/she (someone) is also God’s child/person, but my race, my country/people are more advanced, my level of education is higher, my financial conditions are better, etc…” or “I did/created (a lot of things) better than them”, is discrimination considered a truth/an axiom (a natural of life)?

I just answer: Ask your God about that and simpler, try to ask people around you about that. If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’ (axiom), the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’*3.


In 2016, I read an online article that wrote about a country leader who had used racist, sexist words or speech in his presidential campaigns to attract voters and media as most as possible. The article analyzed that was his strategy based on cruel discrimination. It also said to readers that a different strategy the leader was using after achieving his goals. That article brings to my mind some thoughts on unethical behavior in business.


While people/children of God always try to combat discrimination, the bad who objects to God and is the archenemy of God (and human beings too) always tries to ‘amplify’ it directly or indirectly, noisily or silently.

These bad people even use dirty rotten strategies based on some kind of discriminations (it also is considered dirty rotten marketing campaigns or strategies nowadays) in order to achieve their evil ambitions.

§ For example, a company (or a businessman) which first uses its racist speeches or ads to attract more customers, even public media. The company knows that many of them (customers and/or media) will fight against those hate speeches, racist speeches/ads (by raising their voices, complaining, objecting, etc…) and combat discrimination. However, the company/businessman also knows that will help get and keep media’s and countless customers’ attention.

§ Even after the company achieves its goals, it can use a new strategy that is quite the reverse. At this time, the company/businessman will use new speeches/ads opposite the ones used at the earlier time in order to take customers’ satisfaction/support back.

§ If the company or the man doesn’t use the strategy that is quite the reverse, it may use some kind of strategy that tries to please people and public media.

§ The purpose of unethical company/businessman is to get supports (from people and media) as most as possible and achieve more goals.


Some business or marketing books can show you some ‘dirty’ ways the bad can use to get what they want.

However, the world knows: Using dirty rotten marketing campaigns or strategies based on discrimination is Objection to Human Beings and it absolutely is the archenemy of Human Beings. Certainly, it also is Objection to God and it is the archenemy of God, no matter what their ambition is.




Many people will ask: “After they get what they want, even if they do the reverse (such as they start to criticize the discrimination or even call to stop the discrimination that they used to use to achieve their goals), are they innocent and will we support the company/businessman back?”

So, what about hurts/traumas of people who were discriminated against by the company/businessman? Will we still support the company/businessman while hurts/hatreds created by their discrimination still remain?

Many people can recognize the unprincipled company/businessman is just trying to please customers and media to exploit and get more evil things.


Human history proves the bad has to pay for their cruel actions heavily until they don’t have anything to pay for! 






At least over 5 million people4 all over the world (the 1st event), over 1.8 million petition signatures (the 2nd event) and other real events occurring in the world automatically proved my words and affirmations (mentioned in the old e-book “How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty? Win Immediately!5 long time ago) correct and true!


What I wrote and solutions that were provided inside that e-book become so True.

So, what had I affirmed strongly in the past and then, how did world’s important historical events prove/show them?


Only within two days (from January 21 2017 – January 23 2017), over 5 Million People All Over The World proved my following affirmation strong!


If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’ (axiom), the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’*6.

(Khuong Dat Long)



I provided my solution for this teaser (discrimination) and wrote the above red lines (inside the old ebook) in the past June 20167 and from November 2016 until February 2017, all of us saw it happen exactly (as what I affirmed above) in USA with special events (demonstrations, fightings, objections or boycotts).


Do you know about 2017 Women’s March8 with, at least, over 5 million protesters9 who marched all over the world (over 80 countries)10!? 



Women’s March with Over One Million Protestors in Washington, D.C.




Women’s March in London


Human History and the world, at least two times, did prove affirmations of mine True! Those important historical proofs automatically appeared in less than 10 Days!


The Next Vital Proofs


Right-click this link to watch the video 1 and you will clearly see the 2nd proof!



Video 1: Parliament to debate Trump state visit after 1.6 milliion sign petition


So, What Did I Affirm on April 29, 2016 (In The 2nd Update11 of The Old Ebook)?



The worst thing, actually they are objecting to themselves although they don’t perhaps recognize that. Reason? Behaving unkindly or even cruelly towards people (because of their prejudices) indicates they “voluntarily allow” others to do the same.

(Khuong Dat Long)



In the video, you will see a Parliament to debate Trump state visit after 1.6m sign petition12. The petition, which falls short of calling for Trump to be banned from the UK13. It comes after the US president “provoked global outrage by banning travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.” ( 

Both of best historical proofs appeared from 21 to 30 January 2017, less than 10 Days!


I provided the Solution (for Discrimination problem) in April 2016 and what I affirmed in the old ebook were happening to USA exactly!



Now, what is the third vital proof? Just watch the following news:




Video 4: A Florida man who wanted to "run the Arabs out of our country" tried to set a store on fire because he thought the owners were Muslim15. 




Video 5: FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation joins investigation into shooting of Sikh man in Seattle suburb who says gunman told him to 'get out of our country’16.


The chief, in the video 5, said “To think that this could happen in our community was very surprising and extremely disappointing”. However, a lot of people here who are reading this e-book and the old versions are NOT “very surprising” because I myself affirmed it (the consequences)17  in January 2017.


Before the bad has to pay for their cruel actions, there will be a lot of good and innocent people who will have to suffer the consequences heavily from people’s silence, neglect. It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.

         (My affirmation in the 4th update of the old e-book in January/20/2017)


And I also said in that ebook that: “the faster people know about God Greatest Truths (Beauty and Root Truths), the faster they have power to triumph over the bad and the faster they have a peaceful and happy life. Of course, the least hurts/pains appear!”



Whatever Will Be, Will Be


Continuously, my following affirmation becomes Truth.

Read tHE nEXT pART

Read tHE nEXT pART


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