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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

First, we will look at what the world events and history automatically proved my words, especially my affirmations, true again. This time, for your best experiences, you should watch video proofs via the following link:

Watch videos of 12 vital proofs 




Until now, I have told you about six vital proofs.

What about the 7th one?


Do you notice and still remember the following words and affirmation that I wrote in the part “About The Author & Solutions” of this new ebook and its old versions?


Science, Knowledge can help our life get better. The more science develops, the more benefits we can get.

However, there have been many vital things that couldn’t be solved by science only. Even some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly.

(Khuong Dat Long)


And now, look at the 6th proof again, you absolutely see my affirmation correct.


In fact, from the beginning (in December 2015) when I gave the beauty solution to the public, I strongly affirmed that {“Medical Science is a miracle to human health. Cosmetic or Plastic surgery in this special situation is a life saving miracle to people who have serious hurts.  However, it is not a miracle to Human Beauty. How can they become beautiful if too many people among us with a normal health (a healthy physique) CAN'T feel beautiful or even feel INCAPABLE of getting beautiful?”; “Science can help but can‟t make people “look at yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices…”}1.



The same as the beauty industry, we all now see the similarity happen in the technology one.




Huge companies and recent problems - image2


Obviously, huge companies in the world such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, etc…are using science to manage and develop their products, platform and business. However, the reality shows us if their tools (and their voices)  aren’t used to fight against the bad, the evil things, especially discrimination, they (their tools) will be/become the tools of the bad who always wants to ‘amplify’ bad things harming human life.


With “400 hours of video uploaded every minute and 1 billion hours of video consumed every day3, when Google does nothing to solve the discrimination problems, Google with its YouTube tool is one of the most powerful supports for the bad.



In March 2013, YouTube reached 1 trillion racist comments (one thousand times one billion racist comments). “When we created YouTube back in 2005, we knew it had the potential to revolutionize the way people make highly offensive and insensitive remarks based purely on a stranger’s racial or ethnic characteristics, but we never dreamed we would make it to 1 trillion of these repugnant comments,”4  said CEO Salar Kamangar.


Now, the ‘price’ Google has been paying for is not small. Certainly, the ‘price’ will become heavier if they continue doing nothing or ignoring the problems as I affirmed previously.


In year 2018, Facebook and Twitter were two giants that had to be faced with huge crises, especially Facebook. Actually, they are not only suffering damages caused by old crises but they are having to struggle fighting back newer and worse ones.

Read my letters for them, especially the 4th one and you will see what and how they experienced hurts and damages because of skipping my words.

(Link to read my 4th letter and their stories here:


If Google, Facebook, Twitter, three of the biggest companies, have had to pay their price, what about others?


The world let you and people see my affirmations get true in the clearest way.




The Truth Behind 7 Vital Proofs That Occurred In The World


If they, Google, Twitter, Facebook and involved individuals had let people know about discrimination solution as I suggested, they could have avoided those damages or at least they could let the bad know about their core values and this consequence “In terms of its public image, 2017 was also the worst year YouTube has ever had”5  wouldn’t have happened.


Human History and The World Events have ‘warned’ people, especially the US, about the danger of the problems and the time of solving them.


As I said, 7 vital things of God, God’s 7 Beauty Commandments came from God’s instructions. That’s why I gave the solutions to the public and Human History and The World (Real Events), 7 times, continuously and automatically proved them correct and true.

What does that mean?


That’s God’s warnings!


Watch video proofs again and you will see that so clear.

Therefore, when people still continue doing nothing, don’t (want to) apply the solutions given here (7 vital things of God), still continue ignoring evil acts or try to forget the problems, when it's late, there are things that can't be saved or cured.

An unbearable aftermath6 is waiting for people, do you know it?

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1 Download the old ebook published in December 2015 and then see my words on page 3 and 10:

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