1. World Challenges For Geniuses


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MY world challenge

The Best Way To See The Truths  


~Khương Đạt Long~


Congratulations on reaching this interesting chapter because you have come to know the important solutions that make your life wonderful and happy.


Challenge will become ‘Challenge’ if itself makes us see great truths and powers that will make our life extraordinarily happy and meaningful.


In fact, when I write these lines, world events and human history automatically proved my words and affirmations true many times.


Solutions in this ebook must be Truths because only Truths solve the problems successfully.

If a lie is used to solve problems, it is really hiding something that can cause more serious problems.


First, you need to know who a Beauty Genius is.



A Beauty Genius


There’re many Geniuses in many fields in the world, but there hasn’t ever been a Genius in the field of Human Beauty.


Image 1.1. Leonardo da Vinci1


Image 1.2. Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart2


A Beauty Genius is a Genius in the field of Human Beauty who can make someone become The Most Beautiful Man or The Most Beautiful Woman in The World in the high-spirited denotation.

He/she can accept my challenge and provide absolutely different solutions to solve the most serious beauty problems, deal with discrimination and make people reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty.


The Challenger Of A Beauty Genius And A Genius Who Was Incapable Of Seeing God’s Existence

(I hold them in high esteem, especially the beauty genius.)


I’m the challenger of a Beauty Genius who can accept my challenge, provide an absolutely different solution and make it real. That can be you?


Albert Einstein is widely regarded as a genius in the field of physics. But why am I challenging him while he isn’t here anymore, in this life? Why don’t I challenge someone else?


Image 1.5. Albert Einstein3



Because of Einstein's "God letter" to Eric B. Gutkind in 3/Jan/1954!


Image 1.6. Einstein's "God letter" to Eric B. Gutkind




This letter was widely published in the world and people know it very well. He said in this letter:

 The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness”

“…For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions”


Remember that this letter was written one year before his death in 1955 and after a lifetime of learning and thought. Therefore, people know that was Einstein's final words on God.


You, keep reading this book and finally, I’m sure you’ll understand what and why I’m challenging him. Suppose Einstein were alive now.


How can Albert Einstein give his answer for this challenge (while he isn’t here anymore)?


Reality. Truth. Of course. 

We’ll see his answer through reality.

In fact, after finishing this book, you’ll be able to know his answer. I believe that.

My solutions that I’m revealing to you also will be seen/proved through reality, the truth of human life.


Don’t forget that when I was writing these lines in November 2019 (coming nearly 4 years since this ebook was written in December 2015) my words and affirmations had been proved correct, true by series of real-world events and the world let you and people saw the reality in my solutions at least seven times4.


You and anyone also can apply my solutions in life and see their answers. However, after reading this book, you will know you’ll need one vital thing to apply them to your life.


Billions of people around the world (many of them are talented scientists, presidents, artists, billionaires, even geniuses in many fields, etc…who are Christians/Catholics or people belonging to many different religions) joined and will enjoy Christmas with their family, friends in their excitement, joy and happiness.

If these billions of people and religions are considered/called “weakness”, “most childish superstitions”, what will this genius be called with his following affirmation:


Christmas is the festival of peace

 This holiday reminds us that all people yearn for peace

-Albert Einstein-


He was incapable of seeing God’s existence. However, his above words accidentally show the existence of God. Do you notice it?

A person (male/female) who trusts his/her own talent and beauty, looks at himself/herself and others with humane eyes, pursues truth both in and outside…and loves God in order for him/her to become amazingly beautiful, talented and live a strong, rich, healthy, beautiful and happy life is a weak human (as Albert Einstein said), isn’t he/she?


If this were true, it’d really be the most ridiculous thing on earth!; Otherwise, he/she is full of nervous energy and can’t but look so beautiful and talented. That must be a person who trusts in, loves and adores God.


My Challenge For Geniuses


Can you make yourself and people solve the most serious beauty problems, deal with discriminations, reach the highest peak of human beauty and talent without the following God’s Beauty-Talent-Root Truth (called 7 Beauty Commandments of God)?



1. Trust Your Own Beauty and Talent. Take 100% Responsibility For Your Talent and Beauty (Decisions)

2. Overcome All Of Bad Feelings About Your Talent, Beauty And Make Changes Successively until You Feel Extremely Beautiful and Talented. Never Accept Being Ugly and Untalented

3. Separate Health From Beauty. No Matter How Your Health Is, You Are Always Beautiful. Take Care Of Your Invaluable Health Carefully.

4. Pursue Truth Both In And Outside.

5. Make Your Talent And Beauty Increase Your Worthiness.

6. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others



Now, can you know Mr Albert Einstein’s answer?


I challenge a beauty genius and the genius Albert Einstein with their unique way can do that without God’s Greatest Truths even when they use cosmetics, makeups, have plastic/cosmetic surgery, use photoshop or any most modern beauty technology.


*My Challenge for A Beauty Genius:


You’ll Be Regarded As A Genius When You Can Do The Following Things WITHOUT God’s Beauty, Talent Truth and God’s Root Truth:

§ Solve Most Annoying Beauty Problems and Discrimination based on Skin color/Race/Gender/etc…

§ Make Someone Become The Most Beautiful Man or Most Beautiful Woman In The World

§ Make People Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty.


 *My Challenge for The Genius Albert Einstein:


Mr Albert Einstein said “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness”


We know anyone who can reach the highest peak of human beauty and talent is not only a child/person of God, and new 7 commandments of God (God’s 7 Beauty Commandments) are first for human beings.

However, only God’s real children have a special power that helps them reach the high-spirited peak easier and faster.


[Because Albert Einstein is not here in this life anymore, suppose he were alive as I said from the beginning]


I challenge him that he can look for a human in this world or himself can solve the most annoying beauty problems and discrimination without God’s Greatest Truths even when he uses any most advanced technology (sciences)!


(1 Source:



I also challenge him that he can look for a REAL Genius (not a Fake one) in this world or he himself can show that: a REAL Genius does not need vital things of God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, especially the following one:



“Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others”




If someone and Mr Albert could do the reverse that ‘beauty and talent on the outside depends on the outside’ and look at themselves and people with eyes of prejudices’, I challenge they could become a human beautiful on the inside and outside, especially on the outside and keep their beauty last forever. Therefore,


I Challenge That Mr Einstein Can Do The Following Things WITHOUT God’s Beauty, Talent Truth and God’s Root Truth:

§ Solve Most Annoying Beauty, Talent Problems and Abolish Discrimination

§ Make People Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Help Someone Become The Most Beautiful Man or Most Beautiful Woman In The World

§ Make People Reach The Highest Peak of Human Talent and Help Someone Reach The Level of A REAL Genius


And the big challenge for you, them and everyone:


When A Tsunami (A Flood/Hurricane Causing Flood/Fire) Appears Unexpectedly, I Challenge That Anyone Can Survive, Save Themselves and Human Lives WITHOUT God’s 7 Beauty Commandments!


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1 An Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography (wiki)

2 A prolific and influential composer of the Classical era (wiki)

3 Was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics. Einstein's work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Einstein is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (Wiki)

4  Please re-read chapter 1

5  Watch a video named “Nothing V/S Everything - World Beauty Challenge” on:


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