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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

Male or female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, do you feel insecure about your Beauty (on the outside)? If you've ever had some beauty surgeries, do you really feel better OR even worse? Even you have a NATURAL beauty that a lot of people desire, do you still feel unsatisfied in yourself and have an inferiority complex? Do you really feel incapable of getting beautiful? Are you afraid of having the black on your foot? Even people who are called "the most beautiful man or woman in the world" can also have this bad feeling...

Cosmetics, costumes, jewellery...even beauty surgeries CAN'T BRING you Real Beauty, Confidence and Happiness! They will become BIG obstacles if you use them in order to try to believe and see that You're Beautiful!


Be Beautiful and Confident before Using Cosmetics, Luxury Clothes, Expensive Jewelry, Building Muscle or Gaining/Losing Weight!



Medical Science is a miracle to human health. Cosmetic or Plastic surgery in some special situation is a life-saving miracle to people who have serious hurts.  However, it is not a miracle to Human Beauty. How can they become beautiful if too many people among us with normal health (a healthy physique) CAN'T feel beautiful or even feel INCAPABLE of getting beautiful?


“No one gives me a second look now,” said Richard Norris.


Image 1.3. Richard Norris (1)


"When somebody has a disfigurement or doesn't look as pretty as you, don't judge them," Ms. Connie Culp said. "You never know what happened to them and you never know what might happen to you…it might all be taken away."


Image 1.4. Ms Connie Culp (2)

“Eyes of prejudices” are the root cause.


There were even candidates of world beauty competitions who had plastic/cosmetic surgeries make them beautiful. A lot of people who at least had a plastic or cosmetic surgery can’t have the beauty as they wish. Especially, plastic or cosmetic surgery can’t make human beauty last forever! It even, in some cases, caused serious hurts (in both body and soul) for patients and the worst thing, their deaths.

Science has tried to find out standards, measures of human beauty, but it can not make Beauty, those standards have even caused bad prejudices that harm our lives.

In some of the following Self Esteem Statistics, you can see:

- A report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) indicated that 4,614 men underwent cosmetic procedures in 2015. Though they accounted for a minority of cosmetic surgery operations in the UK (51,000), the number of men choosing to go under the knife has nearly doubled since 2005…There's no doubt that in 2016, men of all ages are taking care of their physical appearance more than ever before…That's fueled an epic 20% rise in male liposuction and a 13% jump in 'man boob' reductions in a single year. In 2016, men also underwent substantially more facial procedures, with face/neck lifts and rhinoplasty climbing 14%, and brow lifts surging by 15.5% (source in the year 2017:

- The survey reports that 47% of girls aged 11 to 21 say the way they look “holds them back”, while 69% of girls age seven to 11 feel like they are not good enough. It is with this in mind that the Youth Select Committee’s recent consultation focused on this topic…This culture of beauty obsession is making young girls feel they are failures and that they don’t measure up. To many of these


girls, this feels like a “moral failure” – they have “let themselves go” and are ashamed of their very selves. (source in the year 2017:

- Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful (up from 2% in 2004) • Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves • 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful • 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty • More than half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic (old source: Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty:

- The Dove Global Girls Beauty And Confidence Report - which was conducted by Edelman Intelligence - interviewed 5,165 girls aged between 10 and 17 across 14 countries. Each girl was asked a series of questions about the way they view themselves, beauty ideals, the media and more…A heartbreaking 80% of those in the report considered themselves to have low body esteem, and 55% avoid spending time with friends or family, or even trying out for a team or club of their choice if they're not happy with how they look. That's a lot of experiences and opportunities potentially lost, simply because of being unhappy with your body…70% of the girls surveyed believe that too much emphasis is put on beauty as the root of all happiness, with 68% wishing that the media would do a 'better job' when it comes to representation and featuring more diverse ideals of beauty.  (source in the year 2017:

- Women feel that attending a job interview is the most stressful situation to demonstrate flawless makeup, followed by nights out and dates. 31% also admit that they feel a greater pressure to look better in the presence of other women as opposed to trying to impress a man. (source:


- As women in society, we tend to feel so much pressure to look “perfect.” According to a survey conducted by Whatsgoodly among college women, 80% of students feel this pressure. Sadly, we can all probably think of at least a few times or ways in which we felt insecure about our bodies. (source in 2016:} reports that each of us is exposed to 400-600 ads per day, an average of 40-50 million by age 60. 97% of the ads feature a woman in a degrading image. 69% of girls reported (in a media study) that magazine pictures influenced their idea of the perfect body shape and 47% of them wanted to lose weight because of these ads. (old source:

-"Let's face it: Women aren't the only ones under pressure to look good anymore. The broad-shouldered, sculpted and muscular bodies of the men in the movies and "sexy men" contests have upped the male beauty quotient too." (source:

-Men had more than 3 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures in 2015. The top five surgical procedures performed on men in 2015 were: eyelid surgery, liposuction, gynecomastia, rhinoplasty, fat grafting and ear surgery.

-Men's grooming has come to the forefront of beauty magazines in the last decade. The beginning of the "new man" and the "metrosexual" has meant that there is more pressure on men to look their best. (source: beauty-men html)


Those are just some parts of a ‘picture’ which can be bigger.

We must have a miracle that is the ultimate solution for human beauty. That miracle helps humans become wonderfully beautiful (especially beauty on the outside) and much more than that, it can ‘destroy’ all evil things (misconceptions, prejudices, outrageousness) that harm human life. Especially, the solution has to lead people to The Highest Peak Of Human Beauty: Beauty on the outside doesn’t depend on the outside (appearance, figure, face, body, etc…). It makes you look at yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices. It even becomes a Holy Beauty.


That solution can make people with serious hurts such as Ms Connie Culp, Charla Nash or Mr Richard Norris get their confidence back and become amazingly beautiful. That miracle will abolish beauty prejudices in this world and bring people like them real beauty and happiness.


Especially, the solution can make someone become The Most Beautiful Person (in the high-spirited denotation) who must help others become beautiful and reach the top happily.


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 (1)+Richard Norris, accidentally blew off half his face with a shotgun in 1997

  +Had jawbones, teeth, tongue, muscles and nerves replaced during 36-hour operation at University of Maryland involving 150 doctors and nurses in 2012 (

 (2) Connie Culp (born March 26, 1963) is the first United States recipient of a partial face transplant, performed at the Cleveland Clinic in December 2008. (wiki)

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