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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

So, the matter is: how can you become beautiful amazingly and happily in and outside, especially beauty on the outside? We focus on the outside because this book whose one of main targets makes you (male/female) solve most serious beauty problems, become extremely beautiful and reach the highest beauty peak happily. Here’s the answer:





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’




Once again, we should see the answer in its full form:


1. Trust Your Own Beauty and Talent. Take 100% Responsibility For Your Talent and Beauty (Decisions)

2. Overcome All Of Bad Feelings About Your Talent, Beauty And Make Changes Successively until You Feel Extremely Beautiful and Talented. Never Accept Being Ugly and Untalented

3. Separate Health From Beauty. No Matter How Your Health Is, You Are Always Beautiful. Take Care Of Your Invaluable Health Carefully.

4. Pursue Truth Both In And Outside.

5. Make Your Talent And Beauty Increase Your Worthiness.

6. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others





The above seven important things are the miracle of human beauty to all of us1.

How and Why?




The above seven vital things are from God. Without them, no human is truly beautiful in and outside (especially the outside). Without them (especially the 6th and 7th commandments), human is absolutely incapable of getting truly beautiful on the outside and inside. They are commandments of God because only God’s Things do abolish worst prejudices of beauty (evil things).


Science can help, but can’t make people “Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others”! Religion plays such a significant role in the lives of most of people all over the world. Without those new 7 vital things of God (called God’s 7 Beauty Commandments), people never feel beautiful and happy with their own beauty.

Therefore, keeping, following and applying the above 7 important things are the only way to reach the highest peak of human beauty (even though you’re an atheist who have no God to rely on).


“The Highest Peak of Human Beauty -  

Beauty on the outside doesn’t depend on the outside. You look at yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices. It even becomes a Holy Beauty.”

(Khuong Dat Long)


The Seventh Beauty Commandment “Do Use GOD'S BEAUTY TRUTH To Live" is the most important one. It has an ultimate power that makes a human become amazingly beautiful or even become The Most Beautiful Person (who has a Beauty Meridian and helps other people {especially people with serious hurts} become extremely beautiful).


What is God’s Beauty Truth?


The 7th  beauty commandment says that:


"God is Beautiful.

You're God's Child,

You're Beautiful!"


Only with three short sentences above, it makes people with serious hurts such as Ms Connie Culp, Isabelle Dinoire, Charla Nash or Mr Richard Norris happily beautiful. They can’t but be beautiful people and look extraordinarily beautiful. This truth of God (and the commandments) can’t help but destroy “eyes of prejudices”. It can make a person become The Most Beautiful Person who is really high-spirited. This truth (The 7th beauty commandment) is the most important thing among God’s Seven Beauty Commandments!


Why Can’t You But Look Beautiful Happily With God’s Beauty Truth?

People such as Connie Culp or Richard Norris need a special medical treatment. Cosmetic or Plastic surgery in this special situation is a life saving miracle to people who have serious hurts. It is really a Medical Miracle. However, how can they be/feel beautiful if a lot of people among us with a normal health (a healthy physique) can’t feel beautiful, happy or even feel incapable of getting beautiful and finally accept being ugly?

Beauty (our physique, outside and inside) is from God's Truth:


"God is Beautiful.

You're God's Child.

You're Beautiful!"


This is the simplest Truth of God and it’s also the shortest, simplest way to be extremely beautiful!

You still haven’t understood, have you?

Now, let's try to object to that and you'll understand why that Beauty Truth has an ultimate power inside it:

· With eyes of prejudices, bad people think or call you "Ugly", even treat you badly (Unfortunately, there are a lot of people over the world who also think or call themselves "Ugly")

· That also means "Your God is Ugly" (I don't want to write it down, but to make you understand it, I have to). You're a child of your God. Calling or thinking of you like that means they (or yourself) are thinking and calling your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…) the same word.

So, if the bad or yourself thinks or calls you (and others) "ugly", this means they or yourself are objecting to God! It’s simple to understand that.

Just try thinking about this: if you’re a father or a mother and you love your child deeply, you see bad people call your child ‘ugly/fat/pig/disgusting/etc…’ and treat him/her badly, you will feel hurt and deeply feel they are objecting to you, won’t you?

People all over the world even saw a U.S president who insulted many women he didn’t like by calling them “fat”, “pig”, “disgusting”, “fat ass”…Do you think he was objecting to God? If you are a father or a mother, are you sure you won’t be angry and feel hurt when the bad calls your children with such rude words like that?

An important thing you must know: every power and wonder come from  yourself first. When I said “…if the bad or yourself thinks or calls you (and others) ‘ugly’, this means they or yourself are objecting to God”, who is much more important: “they” or “yourself”? Of course, it’s you. Think about this carefully by yourself.

Maybe you'll feel confused or you can't understand it well. People may ask “But God and I are not the same! God is God. How can you (Khuong Dat Long) say that ‘You’re beautiful’ because of ‘Your God is beautiful’?” or “How can you conclude like that?”…

I have to say that I was, of course, the first person in the world who knew those three miracle sentences from my God (The Trinity, Jesus). I had many questions for myself and I tried to understand what it meant deeply. The best way for you to understand that:

Do think about it by yourself.

However, I have a question that makes it easier for you:


“Why do you accept being ugly, while your God is beautiful?”

Remember: You’re the child of your God!


Think much more about it by yourself. Time will help you "talk with" your God and understand this wonderfully.

After understanding God’s Beauty Truth, you only need to remember those 3 miraculous sentences most quickly as the following guide:





"God is Beautiful.

You're God's Child.

You're Beautiful!"



God's Beauty Truth





You only need to remember the phrase "God's Beauty Truth" or the special word “God**” in order to remember the important meaning of three miraculous sentences immediately.

With God's Beauty Truth, people with serious hurts such as Ms Connie Culp, Isabelle Dinoire, Charla Nash or Mr Richard Norris are amazingly beautiful. Of course, they must trust in, love and adore their God honestly. People will see their beauty on the outside clearly and respect them. The only difference between them and others is Health. They have the same beauty as all of us and each of us has a unique beauty!


 What about people who don’t have God to look to? How can they use the beauty truth of God while they are atheists? Please read the next part and I’ll reveal all.

A person (male/female) who trusts his/her own beauty, looks at himself/herself and others with humane eyes, pursues truth both in and outside…and loves God in order for him/her to become amazingly beautiful and live strongly is really full of nervous energy and can’t but look so beautiful. That must be a person who trusts in, loves and adores God.

Your Beauty. Your Happiness and Life. Always love your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…) and stay with your God.






1. You now know how to solve the most annoying beauty problems and become extremely beautiful; know what The Highest Peak of Beauty is and how to reach it. You need to remember the new 7 beauty commandments of God. Now you only need to remember the most important content: God’s Beauty Truth

"God is Beautiful.

You're God's Child.

You're Beautiful!"

2. Anytime, anywhere you think about your beauty or make a beauty decision (for example, having a plastic or cosmetic surgery), you have to use God’s Beauty Truth in order to think carefully, decide and get what you really want. Especially, when you have to face a beauty problem, remember and use the above beauty truth of God.

3. Keeping, following  and applying God’s 7 Beauty Commandments are the only way to solve the problem and reach the highest peak of human beauty.

4. If you have any doubt, please wait until you see My World Challenge.

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1. I will also show how atheists reach the highest peak of beauty in this Chapter.

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