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“Knowledge is just Power…in book/mind, but Applying Knowledge (Action) is Power in Reality”


~Khuong Dat Long~

What are you waiting for to apply solutions?


God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, God’s Beauty Truth and God’s Root Truth help you become extremely beautiful, solve the most annoying beauty and talent problems, deal with inhumane discrimination in the wisest way and above all, make you Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Talent! Therefore, you need to remember to use/apply those great truths in life.

How to use 7 Vital Things of God in life? With very real stories, I’ll guide you to get real benefits not only for you but also for other people.



Is “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” Correct?

We read and heard about Heidi Photo Scandal. First, we’ll review main events happening around this.

· Billionaire Donald Trump, 69, and the junior United States Senator Ted Cruz, 46, were Republican candidates for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump, 45, is a jewelry and watch designer and former model while Heidi Cruz, 43, is Ted Cruz’s wife and an American investment manager at Goldman Sachs.

· 1st Event: A Cruz supporter made an image that was one of Melania Trump’s skimpy photoshoots to insult her for ‘not being first lady-like’1

· 2nd Event: Donald Trump later subtweeted: “That is some low level ad you (Ted Cruz) did using a picture Melania in a GQ shoot. Be careful or I will spill the beans on your wife.”

· 3rd Event: 23rd March 2016, Ted Cruz posted a tweet to respond to the billionaire : "Pic of your wife not from us. Donald, if you try to attack Heidi, you're more of a coward than I thought. #classless,"

· 4th Event: Trump believed that Cruz himself did it. Donald Trump fired back by retweeting (he retweeted a follower early Thursday morning, 24th March) a side-by-side of a beautiful pic of Melania, with an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz.


Image 5.1 Heidi Photo Scandal


· 5th Event: Ted Cruz retweeted Trump and added "Donald, real men don't attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life."

· 6th Event: The senator's wife hit back at Donald Trump (on the campaign trail in Wisconsin): "Well, as you probably know by now, most of the things, many of the things others say are not based in reality," Heidi Cruz said. She also denied the photo of Melania Trump came from her husband’s campaign “In no shape or form are we related to it"

· 7th Event: Donald Trump later tweeted, "Lyin' Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That's why we call him Lyin' Ted!"



Donald Trump admitted to the journalist Maureen Dowd (in her April 2 interview about the controversy that continues to follow his campaign): “Yeah, it was a mistake”, Trump told her. “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have sent it.”, he added. He “apologized”3 for defaming Heidi. This was certainly not the last event between two rivals. We won’t talk about who was right or wrong in this scandal because we don’t know about them at all. However, we’re here to learn from experience and suppose that the same scandal or something like that will happen in our life, then how we’ll solve it, how to make it easiest to solve, avoid hurts and even achieve some good results. But first, you try thinking of answers for the following questions:

§ What do you think when you look at the above photo?

§ What did Donald Trump imply via that pic?

§ What made Ted Cruz angry at Donald Trump after the billionaire had sent the pic on internet?

§ How to stop the 5th event that made the scandal become worse without hurting them, their family and others?


We’ll not discuss the event one to three because Melania Trump’s skimpy photoshoots and “Make America Awesomecampaign (that parodied Donald Trump’s campaign “Make American Great Again”) are off topic. We’ll not be here for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, the same for their wives.


When Donald Trump sent the unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife, Mrs Heidi {the pic read “The images are worth a thousand words” (the 4th event)}, a lot of people sensed that he was comparing beauty between two women and trying to undervalue one of them. Of course, you knew who it was. Ted Cruz, after that, tweeted “real men don't attack women” and reinforced people’s sense by saying “Your wife is lovely” (the 5th one).


If you have “humane eyes” (also called “inner eyes”), you’ll see we can stop the 5th event or, even better, convert the scandal into a benefit not only for you but also for other people. Please look at the following table, then we’ll know what to do for a better result.



Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (4th and 5th events)

Solving the Heidi Photo Scandal with God’s Beauty Truth



Donald fired back by retweeting the photo scandal

Ted was angry and asked Donald “real men don't attack women”. He reinforced people’s sense by tweeting “Your wife is lovely

§ Never insult someone like that. Never compare beauty because of the 1st beauty commandment “Trust Your Own Beauty”). Each of us owns a unique physique.

§ Never undervalue someone like that because of the 6th commandment  “Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Use ‘Humane Eyes’ To Look At Yourself And Others”).

§ If you “Never Accept Being Ugly” (the 2nd commandment) and “Overcome All Of Bad Feelings”, you’ll never get angry like Ted did. Eyes of prejudice make people lose and accept being ugly.

§ Take different actions to get the situation better or even make benefits for you and others (read details below)



They fired back each other

Both wives and their family were hurt.

People out there (many of us) have been affected and hurt by beauty prejudices (‘beauty message’ through their tweets/fights)

Some consequences that can’t be seen (indirect ones) will take place later...

§ You can keep your beautiful image

§ You keep your great value and personality

§ You avoid being hurt and keep others (such as your children, family, folks and friends, etc) away from being hurt

§ You even make big benefits from the scandal







Important Note: Beautiful Actions and Amazing Results above (when using God’s Beauty Truth) will occur only when you don’t do evil things or you use “humane eyes”, not “eyes of prejudices”. For example, if someone like Ted Cruz who sends some skimpy photoshoots like Melania Trump’s, good results will never happen.


Once again, we’re here to learn from experience and suppose that the same scandal would happen in our life, then how we’ll solve it, how to make it easiest to solve, avoid hurts and even achieve some good results.

“Eyes of prejudices” are the main perpetrator that made the scandal get worse. The Heidi Photo Scandal was not only about beauty. If you know about God’s Beauty Truth (called 7 beauty commandments), apply and build habits for them, especially the commandment 7, you’ll never have to get angry because of that picture and its comparison.


"God Is Beautiful.

You're God's Child.

You're Beautiful!"



And if you reach the highest peak of beauty, you’ll see Beauty is not there (when you look at the above scandal photo).



“The Highest Peak of Human Beauty -

Beauty on the outside doesn’t depend on the outside. You look at yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices. It even becomes a Holy Beauty.”

(Khuong Dat Long)


With eyes of prejudices, you’ll compare and only see a different thing between two wives. However, with inner eyes, you’ll see not only a different thing (their unique physique) but also one same thing. Actually, only with a different look, you can convert the above photo scandal into a big benefit.



How To Convert The Above Photo Scandal Into A Big Benefit?


We suppose we were someone like Mr Ted in the same situation and we didn’t do evil things (didn’t make one of the skimpy photoshoots, for example), we will take the following actions:

1. With God’s Beauty Truth, Donald’s words (comparison) are meaningless and he is objecting to God (please reread what I explained in Chapter 1-part 4). Therefore, we don’t need to be mad at his words. We can even smile or laugh at that pic and we can show that via a tweet that is absolutely different from Ted’s. We’re always beautiful because we’re God’s children. At this step, you can stop the 5th event and don’t get angry.

2. We, later, can create a thing that will make people support back to us (if we were Ted, we could have encouraged American people, especially women, and gotten more votes). But how?

3. Example: You can tweet like this:


(for illustration only)

Even better, you can combine words above with the photo that Trump sent and make a new image that can change the bad situation.

You can also tweet (just for example): “Of course, ‘the images are worth a thousand words’, but a word (God**)4 is worth a billion images”, etc. Why? Because no matter what the bad says, whatever billions of images they show, God Is Beautiful, We’re God’s Children, We’re Beautiful! It’s Beauty Truth of God. If  you or anybody don’t believe in that, as I said, try to object to that! Use your initiative to make various ideas.


With God’s Beauty Truth, you can convert the scandal into a new situation that will benefit you and others.

If Ted Cruz had known and applied God’s Beauty Truth and had tweeted like that, he could have gotten benefits not only for him and his wife (he could have affirmed his wife’s beauty and kept her values) but also for other women, girls and men over the world.

Through that tweet using God’s Beauty Truth, Ted could have showed the world the Truth and made people, especially female, feel good and easy on their in- and outside. Specially, Ted also would have showed the world, especially American people, that he respected Melanie, not undervalued her by saying “We’re God’s children. We’re beautiful”.


This means he would have created a win-win-win situation (he-his wife-people).

Of course, if Ted had done that, we believe people would have had a good thought on him and, perhaps, voted for him many more than ever. Certainly, the situation would become better than it was.


I’m sure after the Heidi Photo Scandal, a lot of people, especially women, girls and wives who read and knew about the scandal, still have had bad feelings about their body and beauty comparison. Wives can be afraid of beauty comparisons from their husbands. The same for husbands. Donald Trump and even Ted Cruz made eyes of prejudices (beauty prejudice) get stronger although they perhaps didn’t realize that. You can only win when you have the humane eyes and the truth (God’s Beauty Truth).


What about “No needs to ‘spill the beans’” (words written in the photo)? If we are good people, our fear on that threat is unreasonable.


If you are an atheist, how can you use God’s Beauty Truth in this situation? Please read my answer in part 4 (chapter 1) again. God’s Beauty Truth and God’s Root Truth are not for Christians and Catholics only.


Someone may choose a different way to solve the scandal. They think if they are not interested in beauty, they’ll not be hurt by Donald Trump’s attack. That means Donald ‘shot’ the wrong target and Ted didn’t need to be angry. What about Mrs Cruz (Heidi)? She was not interested in her appearance, was she? Wasn’t she hurt by Trump’s beauty comparison. We don’t know about that.



People often think men don’t often pay much attention to their appearance/beauty. Some men really have no care about their appearance. They think beauty is mainly for female. However, this is not a reality.

Beauty on the outside usually connects to values of a person and affection/influence is an important factor. Many men don’t take great interest in beauty (their appearance), but they’ll be angry or it’ll hurt a man’s pride when someone tries to attack him through his outside.

For real example, a man living in Delhi, India filed for divorce because his wife often commented on his weight. In March 22 2016, The High Court of Delhi  upheld the judge's decision (in the lower court) made in 2012. Judge Vipin Singh affirmed that it hurt the self-esteem of any man when he was often called 'fat elephant' by his wife. Delhi court termed it cruelty. That was everyday trauma of the husband (victim)5 .


Back to the photo scandal, Ted was angry because Donald threatened “spill the beans” and compared beauty between two wives. We don’t discuss about “spill the beans” because it’s off topic and we don’t know about them at all. In this situation, Ted absolutely paid attention to beauty (Melania’s and his wife’s appearance) and clearly sensed what Donald implied through the pic. However, eyes of prejudices (beauty prejudices) made him find it hard to overcome Donald’s attack. Donald Trump also sensed (or knew) people/public (with eyes of prejudices) also sensed/understood what he implied via that pic.


With eyes of (beauty) prejudices, everyone lost in this scandal. If Ted had known about God’s Beauty Truth, he wouldn’t have got mad at Donald, and would have made some benefit for his campaign (such as: got more votes or won public’s heart) as I said.


God’s Beauty Truth does always exist. If something like the photo scandal happens in our life, why don’t we use God’s Beauty Truth to create a win-win-win6 situation?



The Answer


“A Picture is worth a thousand words”. Really!? Is this correct?


People’ve ever thought: yes, it is. Actually, in this situation, it depends on your ‘eyes’


The answer is “Yes” if it comes from eyes of prejudices.


Absolutely “No” if it is from Humane eyes and when once you reach the highest peak of human beauty, you’ll understand it well!


When we are at that peak, look at the photo again and we may shake our head from left to right: “Beauty is here? Really?”…

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6  In fact, we can have 5 wins (win-win-win-win-win). Please read the next part and you will see it clearly!

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