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How To Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

“No one can solve the most serious beauty and discrimination problems if living WITHOUT 7 Beauty Commandments of God!

No country in this world can solve the discrimination problems to the every roots, keep and protect its WIN if the country and its People don't follow and apply 7 Vital Things of God”


~Khuong Dat Long~

FromKhuong Dat Long

Date: 25 April 2019

Updated: 15 February 2020

(You're reading the 11th letter1)

The Reality Is: Hitler's Most Important Part Is Still Alive.  1 And It Still Has Been 'Living' For 74 Years (And More)!

When The World Automatically Shows That My Words and Affirmations (Under God's Instructions) Can Decide The World's Fate


You Did See Series Of Events Over The World Continuously Proving My Words And Affirmations Correct And True Throughout The Last 3 Years.
Now, You Can See The World's Fate In Those Words of Mine



People know about 7 vital proofs2 that proved my affirmations true3.


Those are 7 main events (proofs) which occurred after I had written the above affirmations inside my ebook versions4


What about other events and words you still haven't known or told? Are they important to know?

Recent events such as The Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, (during Friday Prayer on 15 March 2019) and the Pittsburgh shooting5 (on October 27, 2018 - the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history) showed my affirmation clearly: "the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become"


(click on the video to watch)


Pittsburgh shooting6 on October 27, 2018 - the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history, and a massacre that highlights the rise of hate crimes7 across the country.



After two consecutive terrorist killed 50 people and injured 50 others at mosques in Christchurch and media reports as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right, I recalled of the event Charlottesville rally which took place from August 11–12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

The August 11–12 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue and was a white supremacist rally8.


When I updated my old ebookon 20th August 2017, on page 54 I wrote that:



"If people, the government
and president of the United States do/want to ignore the above Truth, people will have to witness consequences that will be worse than ones happening in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally) from August 11–12, 2017"


(Khuong Dat Long)



And then, The Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand "described in media reports as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right" (wiki10) occurred and proved that affirmation of mine true.

(or watch the video here11)


What can those clear proofs say about the world's fate?


As I strongly affirmed many times:


“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and
consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”
(Khuong Dat Long)


The world's fate is based on that affirmation of mine.

And it (the world's fate) is taking place exactly as I said.

The action I said "If you do nothing" will decide its fate.

That means: If you (still) do nothing (or take weak actions or apply wrong solutions), people in the world will witness and suffer the worst consequences like Pittsburgh or Christchurch Mosque shootings (and worse than those).


The huge matter is: Do you (and others) want to follow and apply my words, affirmations and solutions?


Obviously, the world (people all over the world) is witnessing terrible mass shootings and they (events) are getting worse and worse.

How can the fate of the world be good if "the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become”?


The number of victims is increasing fearfully!


Do you think The 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings (occurred on  21 April 2019, Easter Sunday, when three Christian churches across Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital Colombo were targeted in a series of coordinated suicide bombings) is 'a heavier price'?

"At least 359 people were killed, including at least 39 foreign nationals and three police officers, and at least 500 were injured", wiki firstly reported (extracted on 24 April 2019). Sri Lankan authorities, on 26 April, affirmed the death toll was lower, 253 (due to difficulty12 of identifying victims).

Sri Lanka parliament said that "initial investigations have revealed that the attack was in retaliation for13 the attack against Muslims in Christchurch on 15 March 2019."

{The above information was just the first information. Learn more about this event and its updates here14}

While people and police start to investigate this act of evil, I do hope this horrible event is not related to Discrimination or Hate Speech.

Because if it is really related to Discrimination, Hatred and Revenge, my words about the world's fate are really more accurate than what I thought in the past!.



Hitler Is Still Alive and His 'Descendants' Have Been Persistently 'Amplifying' Inhumane Acts For 74 Years (1945-2019) and More!



What strongly shows that Hitler is still alive?


The fact: Jewish people still have been discriminated against and 'hunted' by the Ideology of Race Supremacy.


{A gunman yelling “All Jews must die" stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue during Saturday (Oct 27) services, killing 11 worshippers and wounding six other people, including four police officers, before he was arrested.} (source)15 


What a huge shame!

People and many countries are still proud of their advanced nations and modern lives; people are still proud of the hugest achievements of science, technology and cultures.

They are proud of human intelligence.


But those 'wise' things still CANNOT kill the most important body part of Hitler: His evil Ideology.


He's still alive in different bodies with the same Discrimination (Ideology) and Hatred


If he were alive, he also could hire scientists, experts and use AI (artificial intelligence) or any advanced weapons (created by science and tech) and open another genocide. And due to social platforms, he can call for army recruitment over the world easily, even if Tech companies ban him from using their sites.


The scary thing is: The world thinks he was dead. He's not dead completely.

Even though Hitler was dead (as people think), his 'Descendants' can do that instead.



Hitler's Online Army and The Lack of A Real Leader 



No one and no force working in the biggest Tech companies and Governments can lead the fight/war against Fake News, Hate Speech and Discrimination now.


All work and tasks they have been doing for 3 years (since 2016) or even before that time show the truth I said.


Until now, they still cannot know the core problem.


Governments still wait and cannot take real actions because of lack of Technology knowledge and skills. More exactly, they don't have a right direction/strategy.


How can Governments control and solve the problem while Tech giants even cannot control themselves, protect their platforms from being abused and fix their serious problem?


Simply, if countries and governments had really known what and how to do (in tackling fake/false news, hate speech, toxic contents), they would not have wasted their time16 on testifies, asked many 'off-topic' questions and let CEOs of social media leave like that.


What do you wait and hope for When a person you're asking for directions also want to look for it?

In fact, if you know the core problem and have a right direction, you don't need to be a tech master in order to solve the problems successfully.



On the contrary, the reality shows that the biggest talents in tech and science still are not able to save their platforms which are being damaged by inhumane things.

More than that, their talents are being overused and exploited by the bad who are trying to use social platforms and AI (especially live streams) and amplify evil things. 

A Real Leader Who Has To Know Exactly What and How To Do In Dealing With The Problems


Especially, that real leader MUST have DEEP EMPATHY.


If you don't have deep empathy, you CANNOT solve the Discrimination and Hate Speech problem or if you try to solve it, you will easily go in the wrong directions.


When Facebook notified that they would "ban white nationalism17 and separatism content" on their platform, many people might feel glad because at last, Facebook had some real actions.


But I saw some obstacles that will hurt them in the future.


Firstly, they did that ('ban white nationalism and separatism content') only after the Christchurch mosque shootings had happened in New Zealand.



 According to The Guardian: "Facebook’s policy changes, which affect both Facebook and Instagram, come nearly18 four years after a racist attack on a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015; nearly two years after a car attack on protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, by a young man who had marched with a white nationalist group; four months a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2018; and less than two weeks after an attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, that left 50 worshippers dead."


Secondly, I clearly saw There wasn't DEEP empathy here.


Simply, why only paid attention to "ban white nationalism and separatism content"? What about other kinds of Discrimination such as:

· Age

· Disability

· Gender Reassignment

· Marriage and Civil Partnership19

· Pregnancy and Maternity

· Race

· Religion or Belief

· Sex

· Sexual Orientation

· others such as Appearance...


 When you don't have deep empathy, you won't be able to see 'ROOTS' OF 'TREE OF HATRED'



"roots" of 'tree of hatred' don't stand alone!


Simply, when you ban white nationalism (one 'root'), other 'roots' (such as Age and Disability, Sexual Orientation or Anti-Jewish) which you don't ban will 'nourish/feed' hatred and the problem you are trying to solve will still remain.

Even worse, they (other 'roots') will 'activate' the 'root' (white nationalism) and at long last, you will fail because of just banning "white nationalism and separatism content"!

Here, Hate creates more hate.

For example, a white man who hates black people, hates feminist, what will happen if a 50-year-old African American woman wants to apply for a job in his company which doesn't want to hire staffs over 40? The female applicant will be hiddenly discriminated against at least by three kinds of discrimination. It's not just white nationalism here.


Therefore, "roots" of 'tree of hatred' penetrate deeper into 'the ground of Hatred" together


And You have to realize that the bad, with their hatred and greedy as well as fear, really wants "To fish in troubled water" or "Taking advantage of the wind to pick bamboo shoots".


In the above example, if the man really wants to dismiss the female candidate, his prejudices (white nationalism, age and gender discrimination) will 'help' him make a fast decision without consideration.


A real leader has to see those 'interlaced roots'. If the leader cannot see that, people will lose many more human lives and suffer huge property damages in order to perceive the truth.


 The Core Problem


Knowledge of Technology and Deep Empathy are NOT enough to solve Fake News, Discrimination, Hate Speech and Toxic Contents On Internet Environment.


Laws and Governments' Control are too.


Even though all of the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube ban all kinds of Discrimination and call for Governments' help, without understanding the core problem, they cannot have a proper strategy and set up right tasks.


One of the most important reasons they (especially Tech companies and Governments) cannot solve the problem and grasp the core problem is: They don't have DEEP Empathy.


A mother with a DEEP love for her children will know what and how to take care of them.


Besides that, Tech companies need to understand their powerful platforms. What they (all of them) are doing (to tackle the fake news, discrimination problems) are showing the opposite.


My affirmation: Only when you have DEEP Empathy (the first thing), you can realize the real power of social platforms and use that power to stop the bad. And it will help you know what The Core Problem is.



One Way To Have The First Thing (Deep Empathy)


Because you can NOT be an Outsider (no matter who you are), you need to have empathy strong enough to guide yourself.


Where to start?



That is: "Look at Yourself and others through your Humane eyes, not eyes of prejudices"





Whether or not you can have deep empathy and realize the core problem, you are the only person have your own answer.


If you are a founder or a CEO of a company or even a country leader, the best way is you should have and hire employees who do have empathy.

You cannot solve the problem if around you is people who not only don't have empathy but are discriminators as well.



At Present, Technology, Science, Cultures and Governments CANNOT Beat Hitler's Ideology and His Online ‘Army’


If He Were Still Alive and Launched the War of Fake News, Discrimination and Shooting Live-streams, There Could Be Another Genocide!




With thousands of billions of dollars (or more), excellent human resources and the best tools Technology companies have, they still have lost in fighting Fake news, toxic contents, hate speech and discrimination.


It's a huge pity to waste those valuable resources like that!


If I were a Jew and if I had a tool like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, I would do my best to 'kill' the evil Ideology of Hitler and do something for my Jewish people (including 6 million ones whom Hitler killed in The Holocaust and the millions who are suffering from Discrimination and Hate in the world)!


Disney CEO Bob Iger: 'Hitler would have loved social media'


{In talking about the role of U.S. leaders in ending the spread of hate20 , Iger said they “must offer a plan for progress that works for all of us and does not include leaving millions behind.”


“And leaders,” Iger continued, “also have to be committed to a society and government that respects the rights and the human dignity of everyone within it.”} reported Yahoo News.


Unfortunately, with plans/strategies/work Tech giants and some countries have been showing, no one and no force (including Governments) can "offer a plan for progress that works for all of us" and solve the problem.


In the simplest words, if Hitler who idolized his Ideology of Race Supremacy (the völkisch ideology21were alive, if he and his online army launched the War to spread lies (Fake News), the völkisch ideology (Discrimination) and Shooting live-streams (like Christchurch mosque shootings22  in New Zealand in March 2019) over the internet, Tech companies (social platforms) and Governments with their most advanced science and technology also cannot beat Hitler and his 'volunteer online army'.


Talents and Intelligence in Science and Technology are Useless when beating Hitler and Volunteer Online Army.


It's a huge shame when Ideology of Race/Ethnicity/Religion/Sexuality/Gender Supremacy still exist and evolutions of sciencetechnology and Culture are still powerless to stop the bad!


It's a crying shame that after 74 years (since 1945), his death is NOT a good ending. It's so stupid when someone thinks that: humans, with the best achievements they've had in Science, Technology and especially civilization, are living in a Real Civilized World. 


No, it's a false thought! People are still living in the 'old' world where the evil ideology was 'nourished' and the worst consequence it caused was: the total of deaths during the Holocaust is 17 Million23, 6 million of which were Jewish.


People are living in the 21st century with "the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.24"



People, especially Tech companies, often mention AI (artificial intelligence) and are proud of its abilities. They have opened many competitions25 which AI beat humans such as the battle between Deep Blue and world Chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, a reading comprehension test done by Alibaba, a self-taught computer (The DeepMind system) beat the world’s best human players at the strategy game Go or AI just smashed the record for solving the Rubik's Cube...


However, AI and Intelligence become The Stupidity when Social and Livestream Platforms (applying real-time A.I. analytics to improve instant decision making) are exploited to 'amplify' Evil Ideology and inhumane things.


Who dares to affirm that Hitler's descendants (the bad who has been trying to 'nourish' and spread discrimination, hate speech and take evil actions) cannot use AI to commit crimes?



The world and its flow of time are showing that!

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19 allowing same-sex couples to obtain essentially the same rights and responsibilities as civil marriage. (wiki)







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