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Like HIV, The World Lost To COVID-19 From The Beginning

“Without This Special Type of Vaccine, Medicine Is Half-Failed In  Curing Humans”


~Khuong Dat Long~

Fear of infection and discrimination have helped spread the novel coronavirus hiddenly, widely and easily.

Without the first vaccine and Governments’ prevention, the Covid-19 and other future diseases) will be able to turn into a deadlier pandemic.


In this Covid-19 plague, humans are being faced with not only one, but at least three ‘pandemics’ at the same time!

The unfortunate thing is: Three ‘pandemics’ are ‘cooperating’ together and they are taking as many lives as possible.


The first (a potential pandemic) is the COVID-19

The second one is ‘Prejudemic1.


The third ‘pandemic’ will cause most deaths worldwide. It will boost and make all pandemics including HIV, Covid-19, Prejudice and other future plagues widespread and kill more lives.

And humans will be unable to make any Vaccine to prevent it!

In fact, humans don’t need a Vaccine for this third ‘pandemic’.

Instead, people (especially social platforms) need a solution that really works.


Internet users are using mobile devices to spread fear of infection and Prejudices over social websites.


As long as they have a solution that really works, this Prejudemic will not matter.


Social media is the primary tool which helps them amplify fake news and make this ‘pandemic’ and others become more fatal!


Unfortunately, all leaders, founders as well as Tech staffs of these largest online platforms surrendered to fake news and cannot deal with it.

-Technology Industry in the world is incapable of solving this problem.

-When the owners of these online platforms surrendered, Governments also cannot solve it just by law or policies

-Online platforms take the main responsibility in this third ‘pandemic’.


They surrendered because they thought Fake news was too big or just simply, they believed no solution would solve this problem successfully.

-People everywhere in the world can create fake news, false information, hoaxes, lies as they want.

-Social sites cannot verify all things that their users post everyday and every time.


What they are doing is: They have AI (Artificial intelligence), staffs and Fact-checking organizations control and spot fake news.


This is definitely an unwise solution, but they don’t have many choices.



‘Killing Machines’



Once this Coronavirus outbreak becomes a deadly pandemic, social platforms will be ‘killing machines’.

-Due to those killing ‘machines’, fear of infection and discrimination will be spread faster, more widely and deeply.


To fake news problem, the world is showing it doesn’t have a choice, but a surrender.

I suggested my solution for solving fake news2 to them and showed them what they could not see.

Fake news ‘helped’ Measles become an Outbreak now.


Both CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) reported:

· {From January 1 to December 31, 2019, 1,282 individual cases of measles were confirmed in 31 states (USA). Of these cases, 128 were hospitalized and 61 reported having complications, including pneumonia and encephalitis.

· This is the greatest number of cases reported in the U.S. since 1992. More than 73% of the cases were linked to recent outbreaks in New York. The majority of cases were among people who were not vaccinated against measles. Measles is more likely to spread and cause outbreaks in U.S. communities where groups of people are unvaccinated.}3 

ECDC also warned4:


In Vietnam:

"Hiện dịch bệnh sởi đã ghi nhận ở 43 tỉnh, thành phố có bệnh nhân, đặc biệt tập trung nhiều tại một số tỉnh, thành phố khu vực phía Nam.

Điều đáng nói là 90% số ca mắc sởi đều chưa được tiêm phòng hoặc không rõ về tình trạng tiêm phòng. Nếu không triển khai các biện pháp phòng chống dịch bệnh quyết liệt hơn, nguy cơ dịch bệnh lây lan và bùng phát là rất cao."5  reported [“Measles epidemic (Feb 2019) has been reported in 43 provinces and cities with patients, especially concentrated in some Southern provinces and cities.

It is worth mentioning that 90% of measles cases have not been vaccinated or the vaccination status is unclear. Without more drastic disease control measures, the risk of disease spread and outbreak is very high.” - translation)




People are focusing on fighting against The Covid-19 and may forget other dangerous outbreaks.

Fake news does not affect Coronavirus disease only.

Fake health news has made many people refuse vaccination and kill themselves one day.


Medicine has to deal with not only Discrimination but also Fake News at the same time in order to win deadly outbreaks and pandemics.


It’s The New Medicine Age as I said.



A Solution That Works


After warning them of serious problems (including Discrimination and Fake news) many times and seeing deaths caused by the problems over the world:

-If they, social platforms, want to know what the solution is, they can take my suggestion6.

-They, the largest social sites, either have a solution to win fake news or become deadly tools harming society7..


These online platforms are killing society by helping bad people spread fake health news, fear of infection and make Discrimination become more serious.




I warned them of the Measles outbreaks in my 11th letter which you can read in chapter 1-Part 9 of this ebook.


Now, the Covid-19 is attracting people’s interests and this Measles problem can cause many deaths of children.


If Governments, Medicine and Tech Companies don’t solve this severe problem successfully, humans will be faced with other near future plagues.


Coronaviruses are ‘helping’ people all the world pay attention to Discrimination and fake news which they ignored previously.

It’s time for people to see fatal problems and their deadly consequences.


When they don’t realize the special Discrimination (in the first place), fake news and solve them successfully, other future viruses and pandemics also will ‘force’ them to pay heavier prices.

- and prices are not only human lives.



Have The Disastrous Prices Not Come Yet?


The coronavirus outbreak which began in Wuhan, China in late December 2019 is showing and ‘teaching’ people that human lives are not the only thing the covid-19 or germs wants to ‘take’.

Through my explanations in the previous parts, people can realize one deep thing: Prejudices/Stigmas And Discrimination are also severe diseases which want to take lives hiddenly.



Medicine hasn’t known about that although human beings have suffered many huge plagues.


Medicine (and people, too) just think they merely are problems that are NOT their MAIN field.

As I said in part one: “If WHO, medical organizations and Governments had realized this special Discrimination in the first place, they would have taken different actions which could prevent transmission well

That proved that: In the outbreak of Covid-19, Medicine, in the first place, was just focusing on medical matters and skipping solving inhuman Discrimination.

In other words, Medicine, Governments and people still haven’t known:


Three pandemics are ‘cooperating’ together to take many crucial things.

Human lives are not the only things they want to take.


The Covid-19 plague is bedeviling China, the country with the world's fastest-growing major economy. analyzed that:

{The impact on China’s economy will be considerable.

…Businesses and schools are likely to remain closed for weeks. Economic activity in many Chinese cities is sharply reduced.

… The larger number of infections from the coronavirus suggests the impact could be more severe this time for both China and the world. What happens in China matters more than ever for the rest of us.}8


Another website,, reported:

{Dun & Bradstreet researchers found that at least 51,000 companies worldwide, 163 of which are in the Fortune 1000, have one or more direct or “tier 1” suppliers in the impacted region, while at least 5 million — and 938 in the Fortune 1000 — have one or more “tier 2″ suppliers.}9 

This will impact the supply chain in the world and cause many serious problems.

The global economic cost will be very serious, if the rate of infection and death toll caused by the Covid-19 disease increase continuously, with the disruption of the international supply chain.


“The coronavirus could cost the global economy more than $1tn10 in lost output if it turns into a pandemic, according to a leading economic forecaster.”11  said



In an article12 posted on Forbes, they said that: “The International Air Transport Association has published an initial assessment of the impact of COVID-19 which estimates total global lost airline revenue could be as high as $29.3 billion, with a potential 13% full-year loss of passenger demand and $27.8 billion revenue loss in 2020 for carriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Airlines registered in China would be most affected with $12.8 billion lost in the China domestic market.”


Many other aspects of life will be severely damaged by mutual impact.


Obviously, the Covid-19 is NOT the only culprit.

Discrimination and Fake news are partners in crime!


Certainly, when the deadly plague, like Covid-19, appears, many people (especially those to whom I sent old versions of this ebook many times) clearly see severe impacts of the unsolved problems of which I warned them many times.


Have The Disastrous Prices Not Come Yet?


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1 A combination of “Preju-” (in the word ‘prejudice’) and “-demic” (in the word ‘pandemic’).

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