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Like HIV, The World Lost To COVID-19 From The Beginning

“Without This Special Type of Vaccine, Medicine Is Half-Failed In  Curing Humans”


~Khuong Dat Long~

A Special Type of Vaccine For A New Medicine Era


Obviously, the Old Medicine Age has still not discovered the crucial rule I mentioned in the previous part.

The HIV pandemic and Covid-19 plague are clear proofs.

Without knowing that important rule, the medical world is just focusing on medical treatments.


This new medicine era will about a time period in which people have to follow the following rule called “Rule Zero Outbreakto overcome the deadliest pandemics.


Without applying this rule in the fight against deadly pandemics, Medicine And Governments will be half-failed even though they can make medical vaccines successfully.


By just focusing on medical treatments and not paying attention to abolishing the special Discrimination, Medicine, Governments and Social Platforms are “blind in one eye”.

This causes disease transmission which is larger and more dangerous.


Why did I say “Medicine And Governments will be half-failed”?


Simply, the Covid-19 is NOT the last plague!

Even though Medicine can make a successful vaccine for this epidemic, humankind will still face other deadliest pandemics in the future.


If people don’t realize this and don’t follow that rule in the first start or even before an epidemic or pandemic starts, they will have to pay heavier prices.

By solving Discrimination, especially the special one against Infected patients, in the first start, people can prevent The Infection Network from becoming larger and deadlier.



“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”: The Reason The Rule Zero Outbreak is Vital.


“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

Medicine always affirms this.



That’s why before the covid-19 vaccine is made successfully, WHO and Governments have to prevent the epidemic from becoming a future pandemic which is deadlier.


By applying The Rule Zero Outbreak (which implies that ‘Rule of No Outbreak’ or ‘Solve Discrimination In the First Place or Before An Epidemic/Outbreak Starts!), we will prevent and control the outbreak in the best way.


Infected or suspected persons will feel respected and they will cooperate with medical organizations and Governments instead of hiding their infections and fleeing the quarantines.


Medical vaccines and instructions are crucial, but Prevention (infection) during a raging epidemic is more important because:

1. Prevention helps decrease the number of infections and death toll in the first place

2. Prevention is done in the first place while medical vaccines are made in many months or years.

3. A typical vaccine is often for preventing a typical disease while The Rule Zero Outbreak is not only for preventing a larger transmission but also treating patients in all of the deadliest plagues (both infectious and noninfectious diseases).

4. While waiting for a medical vaccine which can be made in many months or years; or in the worst case humans haven’t still made or can’t make it successfully (e.g. HIV has existed for more than 100 years since it appeared in 1920), The Rule Zero Outbreak will become vital in dealing with pandemics (especially infectious diseases).


Therefore, the Rule Zero Outbreak is “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” exactly!

Why don’t we apply this rule now1?



The First Vaccine For The Covid-19 Must Be Used Now


“Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them.”2 affirmed CDC.

That means people with coronavirus cannot be cured and Medicine is currently just helping reduce the symptoms of Covid-19. 

That also shows clearly that: Prevention is also a special type of Vaccine!


While medical scientists are looking for a medical vaccine to prevent the novel Coronavirus in the future, luckily I already made a special vaccine (with The Rule Zero Outbreak) to help this Coronavirus plague and all future pandemics become easier and more efficient to deal with.


I call this special vaccine “Prejudice Vaccine

This type of vaccine also helps prevent diseases and the whole world is proving that true!


Fortunately, I made this moral vaccine a few years ago.

And the best thing, the world automatically proved this special vaccine true and efficient.



If you read this ebook “God’s 7 Beauty Commandments” from the beginning days, you may know what it is.


This moral vaccine is for all diseases and in a huge plague, like HIV or Covid-193, it is the first vaccine that has to be used in the first place.


Just like a medical vaccine which is “a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease”4 , this special vaccine helps people become ‘immune’ (protected) from the disease (inhumane Discrimination) caused by Prejudice/Stigma and fear of infection.

This moral vaccine also helps protect others around you.


Inhumane Discrimination [especially Discrimination between Sick (Infected) People and Healthy (Uninfected) Ones] can be considered a ‘deadly pandemic’ caused by Prejudices and Lack of Knowledge.


Obviously, the lack of medical knowledge helps this special type of Discrimination get worse. However, the reality showed clearly that: many people have still been afraid of and discriminated against HIV patients although they know much about disease prevention.


Therefore, this moral vaccine will help them and all of us fight against and abolish dangerous Discrimination.




Prejudice Vaccine: The First Vaccination For A New Medicine Era


While a medical vaccine for Coronaviruses (COVID-19) is being made and tested by medical scientists and experts, I created this unique vaccine for helping prevent Coronavirus transmission and make the fight against this potential pandemic get a better result.


A special lucky is: This vaccine was automatically proved true, 100% safe and effective.

It (the vaccine) is “true, 100% safe and effective” because humans cannot abolish cruel Discrimination without moral ingredients which are used to make this Prejudice Vaccine.

The world, Reality did automatically prove that and people in the world saw the clearest proofs which were mentioned inside that whole ebook.

Finish this chapter and the rest of this document, you will see that.


Read the following table and you will understand the Prejudice Vaccine.



Covid-19 Vaccine

Prejudice Vaccine


  What is it? What is its main effect?

· Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is a vaccine that protects against infection by the novel coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan, China in late December 2019.

· This is a vaccine with medical ingredients.

§ Prejudice or Stigma Vaccine is a special vaccine that protects against the ‘disease’ (inhumane Discrimination, especially Discrimination against Sick/Infected people) caused by Prejudices/Stigma and fear of infection.

§ This is not a medical vaccine with medical ingredients.

§ It is a moral vaccine and it supports Medicine in dealing with epidemics/pandemics and treating diseases.


When is it used?

· COVID-19 vaccine is used to prevent Covid-19 and the virus SARS-CoV-2

· To a new disease like Covid-19, this medical vaccine is always made and used after the outbreak/pandemic occurs.

§ Prejudice Vaccine is used to deal with all of the diseases/epidemics or pandemics (including Covid-19 and HIV).

§ Prejudice vaccine is always made and used in the first place or even before a new disease/outbreak or pandemic occurs (Rule Zero Outbreak)

How long are new vaccines developed?

· “It takes a long time to develop a new vaccine – usually between 10 and 15 years.” 5

· The World Health Organisation said6 it might be 18 months before a vaccine against the coronavirus was publicly available.

§ Prejudice Vaccine is always Available

How to get vaccinated?



(In medicine, there are various ways to get vaccinated:

·  Injection

· Microinjector vaccines

· Nasal-spray vaccines

· Skin-injector vaccines

· Microneedle-patch vaccines

· Inhalant vaccines

· others




§ To Prejudice Vaccine, there are also many interesting ways to get vaccinated.

§ However, the first important way is: Medicine, Governments, Social Platforms, and all people must understand moral ingredients (which are used to make Prejudice Vaccine) and get out the word about this moral vaccine as well as its great humanity.

§ At the same time, Medicine and Governments have to enact anti-discrimination laws, especially laws for Discrimination against Infected People.


(These are only the first tasks, but they are the most important steps)

Vaccine Effectiveness

· It depends on types of vaccines

· Some vaccines7 are very effective, not including the famous smallpox vaccine, such as the vaccine against tetanus, measles, etc. Some other vaccines are moderately effective (the effectiveness of BCG is only about 50%)

· In contrast, there are diseases (e.g. AIDS, malaria, etc.) up to the beginning of the 21st century that haven’t still had any suitable vaccine.


§ It depends on efforts of Medicine, Governments, Social Media, Online Platforms, other organizations, and people; and especially each individual. 

§ The effectiveness of Prejudice Vaccine specifically depends on the humane behaviors of a nation. If a country promotes humanitarian treatments, each individual (its people) will benefit (and vice versa)



What’s In Moral Vaccine? What Does Prejudice Vaccine Contain?


What does prejudice vaccine contain and why can they, special ingredients,  help people protect themselves and fight against the disease (inhumane Discrimination) caused by Prejudices/Stigma and fear of infection? (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says:

{Today’s vaccines use only the ingredients they need to be as safe and effective as possible.

Each ingredient8 in a vaccine serves a specific purpose:

1. provide immunity (protection)

§ for example Thimerosal (only in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine) To prevent contamination

2. keep the vaccine safe and long-lasting

§ for example, Sugars, gelatin To keep the vaccine effective after manufactured.

3. for the production of the vaccine

§ For example: Egg protein To grow enough of the virus or bacteria to make the vaccine


Just like purposes of the medical vaccines, the Prejudice Vaccine also:

*provides Protection: people who have Prejudice Vaccine will not be hurt and have powers to fight against Discrimination and evil Prejudices (which make plagues like COVID-19 more deadly)

*is 100% safe.

*is “true, 100% safe and effective” because humans cannot abolish cruel Discrimination without moral ingredients which are used to make this Prejudice Vaccine.

*While a medical vaccine is only used to prevent a typical disease, prejudice vaccine is for all diseases and pandemics (explained in the previous parts).


Prejudice vaccine doesn’t contain medical ingredients.

It contains moral ones, of course.



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