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Like HIV, The World Lost To COVID-19 From The Beginning

“Without This Special Type of Vaccine, Medicine Is Half-Failed In  Curing Humans”


~Khuong Dat Long~

People With ‘Cruel Blindness And Muteness’


People with ‘Cruel Blindness’ are those who see severe problems such as Discrimination and fake news but ignore them.


People with ‘Cruel Muteness’ are those who know severe problems such as Discrimination and fake news, but don’t raise their voices; take weak actions or don’t do anything to abolish these deadly problems.


Is this Covid-19 the last chance to ‘treat’ them?


This question will be answered by themselves, of course.


Optimistic people hope humans will fast overcome this Covid-19 plague because human beings did survive many the deadliest pandemics such as The Black Death (which killed an estimated 75 - 200 million people in the 14th century)1 , The Spanish Flu {the death toll is estimated to have been 40 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million (1 to 5 percent of the earth's population at the time), making it one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.) 2



But don’t forget, after each plague had passed, humans had to pay their heavy prices!

-They could only pass those deadly plagues only when their ‘eyes’ were enlightened and the problems of those plagues were solved.

And also don’t forget humans have still not overcome the HIV epidemic until these days.

“1 December 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day – a day created to raise awareness about HIV and the resulting AIDS epidemics. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 70 million people have acquired the infection, and about 35 million people have died. Today, around 37 million worldwide live with HIV, of whom 22 million are on treatment.” 3


People with ‘H’ and Medicine always wish that they could make a medical vaccine to overcome this awful plague.


What does that mean?


That clearly means: People With ‘Cruel Blindness And Muteness’ have been killing others and themselves.





Heroic Doctors, Nurses And What If The Novel Coronaviruses Were Found Later?



According to Wiki: “Li Wenliang (Chinese: 李文亮; 12 October 1986 – 7 February 2020) was a Chinese ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital who warned about COVID-19 on 30 December 2019 on WeChat to fellow colleagues, becoming a whistleblower4 when his warnings were later shared publicly. On 3 January 2020, Wuhan police summoned and admonished him for "making false comments on the Internet". Li returned to work, later contracting the virus from an infected patient and dying from the disease on 7 February 2020.” 5


Li Wenliang6


“The death of Li provoked considerable grief and anger on the social media which became extended to a demand for freedom of speech. The hashtag #wewantfreedomofspeech gained over 2 million views and over 5,500 posts within 5 hours before it was removed by the censors, as were other related hashtags and posts”7



Forbes said: “Li became a hero in the eyes of Chinese citizens, according to multiple reports, for his attempts in to warn the public about the emerging coronavirus⁠—which earned him an official reprimand from Wuhan police.” 8


Skip over the matter of fake news in the Li Wenliang story, we will see that:


In this Covid-19, definitely, Li Wenliang was not a person with ‘cruel blindness and muteness’. He didn’t ignore the problem; he didn’t keep silent and he did take effective actions when he discovered the virus.

Due to that, the current results of the fight against Covid-19 are still much better than a worse consequence which could have occurred if he had ignored and hadn’t done anything.

What would happen now if Li Wenliang hadn’t warned people of the novel coronavirus (officially called “SARS-CoV-2”) or if he had given a later warning?


Obviously, we know that people with ‘cruel blindness and muteness’ are precisely inhuman.


And inhumane or cruel ones always have tragic endings.

Because the truth is:


Chickens have come home to roost.” 9


Mr Li died of the novel coronavirus, not of his heroic actions.

This is one of the biggest risks medical professionals and workers have to face when choosing Medicine to make a living.


In this fight against the Covid-19, many people have risked their lives to do the best thing on earth: Saving others’ lives.

People consider them heroes in this medical war.

“More than 1,700 Chinese healthcare workers have gotten the coronavirus, and 7 have died. A study found that 29% of infections were in medical staff.”10 reported Business Insider.


While people with ‘cruel blindness and muteness’ have done the exact opposite



One Obvious Truth: Behind Every Disastrous Plague There Are ‘Silent Contributions’ People With ‘Cruel Blindness And Muteness’


If people had realized and solved the special Prejudices in the first place, the Covid-19 plague would have been better now. Definitely!


That’s why Rule Zero Outbreak and Moral Ingredients are crucial in the fight against deadly diseases and pandemics.


People in many places over the world are showing their fear of infection as well as their waves of anger towards infected and suspected persons, and treating them as criminals or sinners.


The world is seeing the severe problems of Discrimination more than ever, especially Racism, rising fast and clearly.

However, this problem has existed for a long time.

That shows that: Governments, many various organizations as well as other people have ignored, haven’t taken real actions or they haven’t had any correct solution to abolish it and of course, they all have failed in tackling it.

Read this whole ebook and my letters11, you will see that they were warned of this deadly trouble and its fatal consequences many times.


The worse truth: some presidents or prime ministers encouraged the bad to amplify discriminatory behaviors!


When a president or a prime minister of a country is a discriminator (a racist/sexist) or a leader with ‘cruel blindness and muteness’, it’s a real plague.

Adolf Hitler was the most eloquent proof.



And people with ‘cruel blindness and muteness’ are also the perfect ‘killing partners’ of those leaders.

Just like the intimate relationship between the novel coronavirus and the special Discrimination I explained in part One.



These days, the leaders (including country leaders; organization leaders; company leaders/CEOs; community leaders; etc…) who not only didn’t solve Discrimination but also did amplify it in the past are having to struggle to fight against Covid-19 transmission caused by their own Discrimination! 


And discrimination, especially discrimination against infected or suspected people, showed the worst thing: many people not only didn’t do anything to help others but did help the coronavirus plague become deadlier!

Who were they? Society saw:

Individuals who discriminated against Chinese or Asian People.

Individuals who discriminated against suspected and infected persons.

Salespersons and even pharmacists who increased the price of medical masks too high or didn’t want to sell medical masks because of speculation and hoarding of masks as well as hand sanitizer. When people cannot buy and use these products, Covid-19 transmission becomes easier and larger. Who knows these salesmen and pharmacists will be infected by people who they refused to sell one day?

Internet users who spread fake health news, fear of infection which are making the covid-19 more fatal.


They are killing themselves, aren’t they?


They certainly have NOT seen the Invisible Infection Network.


Discrimination between Sick and Healthy People is one of the main problems with which Medicine has to deal if doctors, nurses, medical scientists, and other medical staff don’t want to be half-failed.

Although Governments and people deal with many types of Discrimination together, Medicine must take the main responsibility to tackle special Discrimination.




Firstly, this special Discrimination is directly relevant to disease prevention, treatment and cure

Secondly, Rule Zero Outbreak shows clearly that: if Medicine doesn’t (want to) focus on solving Discrimination against suspected or Infected people in the first place, the fight against disease plagues or pandemics will become complicated and that will increase infection rate and death toll.

Tackling special Discrimination is not only Prevention but also Treatment.

 Infection or Noninfectious, all diseases often make us feel weak, unrespected and even discriminated, as well as depressed.

 Prejudice/Stigma often makes patients with various diseases meet big obstacles in their treatments. Many refused treatments because of avoiding cruel discrimination.

 The moral vaccine (Prejudice Vaccine) helps patients (such as people with ‘H’ and cancers patients) feel comfortable, unstressed. That will help them strengthen their immune system, resistance and boost their treatments well.


If WHO, other medical authorities, Governments, Tech companies and other organizations now don’t focus on abolishing the special Discrimination and fake news, they will soon become one of those people who are ‘helping’ the Covid-19 outbreak soon turn into a more fatal pandemic.


The Covid-19 is the last chance to treat these people, isn’t it?



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