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“Don’t Think Waves of Death Can’t Reach You”


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~Khuong Dat Long~

In a disaster, false/fake news and rampant hoaxes can make the crisis become more serious and cause more damages. reported: “False reports, including that another more severe earthquake was due to strike the region and that a dam was due to collapse, have added to the fear in Central Sulawesi, where the death toll from the earthquake and the resulting tsunami has reached 1,400 and is expected to rise further.”1

 In 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami occurring on 28 September 2018, “People have also posted photographs of dead bodies, which they say were from the earthquake, when the photographs actually show the effects of other disasters, including the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.”2

{Another Facebook post used a photo of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami aftermath to depict what it claimed was a scene from the seaside city of Palu. A caption read: "Those who share this post will be spared from calamities".}3 reported

4-5-Picture1 (1)

Image4 [ Image Source:]. (Fake photo). These are not victims of the quake-tsunami on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island

What can these fake news and hoaxes cause?

"If you spread this kind of information, you're just going to create more suffering and confusion for people."5 

And {“I went around talking to people in Palu this morning and they were staying, we heard there will be biggest earthquake tomorrow [Friday],” Palu resident, Badarudin, told The Guardian.

“I told them it is hoax. If you leave your house people will come and steal, that is why they they spread this fake message,” he said.}6 , The Guardian wrote.


The internet is the ocean of information where is now a huge mess of real news and fake ones.

Fake/false news, disinformation, misinformation, rumors have caused damages, losses and they harm humans' lives.


As I said in Chapter 4 – Part 3:

§ “In a huge crisis like tsunami, bad feelings can kill you.”

§ “For example, instead of calmly climbing up to the roof (using the emergency exits inside your house) when a sudden tsunami appears, you lose your calm and run out of your house/office. Then the waves of death will sweep you away with strong torrents.”

If you visualize it, Fake news spread in a disaster like tsunami becomes another ‘tsunami’ because these ‘online waves of death’ also can kill many people. ‘Online waves of death’ are fake news and rampant hoaxes that ‘surface’ and are spread over social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Fake news in many different fields such as politics, medical, disasters, business, etc…can cause the worst consequences.

"24 persons killed in mob attacks in 2018; analysis shows such incidents rose by 4.5 times7 since 2017" reported 

An investigation by The Indian Express revealed8: {Of the 20 people lynched in the last three months across the country by murderous mobs fuelled by rumours of child-lifters, 13 were “soft targets” from the margins of society, who are the “most vulnerable to such attacks”} 

According to BOOM9 (one of the only two fact checkers in India): "33 Killed In 69 Mob Attacks Since Jan 2017. Before That Only 1 Attack In 2012"

Dealing with the tsunami problem also includes solving fake news.

 If people (especially Governments and Tech companies such as Facebook, Google-Youtube, Twitter) can’t solve/stop misinformation and rampant hoaxes spread online in a disaster, people will have to suffer more fears, losses and damages.

 It’s a huge fortune when God instructed me to deal with both of problems (tsunami and fake news).

4-5-Picture1 (2)

You can read all of my letters for solving fake news successfully here:


To provide the full rescuing way, as I said in Chapter 4-Part 4, “I will only provide the full rescue if people of a nation (for example, your country) build life-saving systems and all apply God’s 7 Beauty Commandments in their lives.”





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’




And now, although you don’t have the full rescue, you or someone still have GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to stand up on and survive a tsunami if you have the emergency exits and the vital beauty commandments of God.


Read this book through, as I will also reveal the 'Passover Decals' in the following chapters. If you print them out and stick them on your wall, you have a great chance of surviving disasters.



And remember my most sincere advice in this chapter!


God bless you,

Khuong Dat Long

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