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Discover Tsunami Life-Saving Networks That Have Never Been Discovered For Millions Of Years!

“Don’t Think Waves of Death Can’t Reach You”


“Don’t Wait To Apply My Proved Solutions UNTIL You Face The Death!”


~Khuong Dat Long~

Can the emergency exit absolutely save you from a tsunami/a megatsunami?

 Absolutely NO!

 The emergency exit can bring you great opportunities to escape from a tsunami like the 2004 Indian Ocean one.

To a megatsunami, the tsunami emergency exit by itself only is useless and we cannot just rely on that emergency exits!


As I said from the beginning, the emergency exit is just one of four most important things that will help you “ride the tsunami” and survive through this disaster successfully.

What is the most important requirement?


The answer is: God’s 7 Beauty Commandments.


Without these vital things, you cannot stand up on waves of deaths.

How and Why?


First, you need to read and understand the previous chapters explaining those vital commandments.

Why are God’s 7 Beauty Commandments the prerequisite?

Scientists cannot find any solution that can save human lives in a disaster like tsunami, not to mention a megatsunami.


The emergency exit could have saved many lives in 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami if it had been discovered at that time and people had known and applied it.

However, to abnormal tsunami and a megatsunami, the emergency exit is not enough, obviously.


Why are God and God’s 7 Beauty Commandments so important in surviving a tsunami/megatsunami?

Will your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…) appear and save you from the deadly waves?

If you are an atheist and don’t have any God with you, how can you survive in this case?


This chapter contains things that are the biggest mystery no one has ever realized for millions of years.


First, in a disaster like tsunami, you CAN’T survive if you are alone, especially if without the good besides you.


Do you still remember the ladders made outside a house/office I explained in the previous part?


If someone (for example, your neighbors) doesn’t want to make emergency ladders outside their houses, that means they don’t want to help others (and you), so how can you climb up their roofs to avoid waves of death?

In a disaster like tsunami, help is so important.

To unexpected tsunamis, you cannot exactly know when and where they comes. If you are walking on a street where someone doesn’t (want to) build ladders outside their houses, when a tsunami occurs, it’s hard for you to get any opportunity to escape the waves. (Therefore, the first requirement is to build in- and outside ladders)


Look at the following 7 Beauty commandments and pay attention to red words:





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’




What is an intimate relation between God’s 7 Beauty Commandments and surviving a tsunami?

In simpler words, what can 7 Beauty Commandments do to help you ride a tsunami successfully?

Before answering this question, I would like to emphasize to you that:

To get great opportunities to avoid and survive a tsunami, we must have TSUNAMI LIFE-SAVING NETWORK (the 1st requirement – Chapter 4 Part 2)


Millions of years, most of tsunami victims died without lifebuoys, life-jackets or without anything that can protect them from drowning, right?


Inside and outside Ladders equipped with lifebuoys, life-jackets and reserved foods will be life-saving systems that can help people deal with the disaster.


Do you think of this: even though you have those important gears with you in a tsunami, it’s so hard for you to avoid waves of deaths.



I said the emergency exit was so important, but it was not the prerequisite. However, without the emergency exit, without in- and outside ladders leading straight from ground to roof, you hardly have any survival chance.


In short, you CAN’T BUT have/build the emergency exit!


People often think that they can OUTRUN the tsunami, but “At a water depth of 40 m, the speed would be 20 m/s (about 72 km/h or 45 mi/h), which is much slower than the speed in the open ocean but the wave would still be difficult to outrun”1


Therefore, ladders equipped with vital gears are a MUST.

If all of people living in the same area create the same emergency exits, it will create a tsunami life-saving network that help anyone can climb up roofs hurriedly.


An important notice: If many people are climbing up your roof to avoid a tsunami, how much weight can your typical roof  hold? From there, you can calculate a number of people (adults) your roof/terrace can hold.

You need to know how many people your roof/terrace can take before it collapses. Ask your architect or constructor who built or will build your house or office!

Therefore, you have to put a warning like this on your roof/terrace:

4-3-Picture1 (1)

Image. (illustration) – The same as a capacity warning of an elevator2



Whenever, wherever you are staying or working at, you and others can use escape places immediately.

· For example, if people gathering in a pub/bar enjoy music and wines, the pub/bar must be equipped many emergency ladders (out- and inside) in order for people to escape a sudden tsunami as soon as possible.

· If the bar/pub is still a ‘sealed box’, there will be the worst consequences occurring.

4-3-en-Picture7 (1)

Science and Technology have not ever discovered this.


Is my affirmation true?


Just imagine and see the emergency exits in your mind, what do you think when looking at this picture again?

4-3-Picture2 (2)

Image. (Jan. 6, 2005) – “Deadly Boxes” After 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami – the deadliest tsunami ever3


Obviously, in 2004 India Ocean tsunami, if there had been life-saving systems (in- and outside ladders) as I explained above, a lot of victims could have been saved.

Making the emergency exits is so simple, constructors or architects can help you do this. Costs for doing that are not the matter. You need good ladders.

However, the emergency exit is not the prerequisite.



Another Secret That Has Never Been Discovered

Do you think about this: Even though you have those important equipment during a tsunami, it is very difficult for you to avoid the tsunami.



Without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, The Emergency Exits Are Useless!




1) The First Reason: Goodness in Crisis 


The answer is: The emergency exit is useless if no one really wants to help you in facing waves of death.


The bad will not help you when a disaster comes.

Selfish and Inhumanity can be showed clearly when the most terrible disasters occur.

In a tsunami or a terrible disaster, who knows many people die because of selfish and abandonment, not because of the disaster itself…


How can you hope someone who treats you badly, discriminates against you, disregard you will care about and be ready to save you in a disaster like tsunami?


Can a disaster turn an evil person into a good one?


This question should be answered by themselves.


Miracles MAY occur in disasters, but why do you think they, the bad, will respect and help you while they always treat you cruelly?

Or you just try imagining and answering this question by yourself:

If you are really discriminating against someone (because of their differences), do you want to help and give a hand to save him/her who you really disregard and think he/she is inferior? Do you care about that hated person when a disaster comes?


Even when government and laws that force them to build the emergency exit (especially outside ladders), it’s hard for you to climb up their own ladders and stand up on their own roofs if they don’t really want that, right?

Just the opposite, if you are a good person, I’m sure you are always ready to open your house door in order for other people run into your house and use the emergency with you (if a sudden tsunami appears), right?


God’s 7 Beauty Commandments always make people beautiful in- and outside and that is the prerequisite to survive waves of death.  

4-3-en-Picture7 (2)

If a person or yourself cannot “look at yourself and others through Humane eyes”, it’s hard for them and yourself to care about human lives and save others in a disaster.

That’s why God’s 7 Beauty Commandments is the most important thing in surviving a tsunami.



Two Disasters At The Same Time!


When a person face waves of death, is he or she facing two disasters at the same time?

An important question: Can the bad who treats others inhumanely survive a tsunami? Or Can evil persons (ex. who discriminate against others cruelly) stand up and survive a disaster like tsunami if they also build the emergency exits?

What do you think about those questions?


My simple answer: Being cruel or treating others badly means they, the bad, put helping hands out of them voluntarily.


Therefore, the bad harms their lives by themselves if a tsunami or any disaster comes. Even though they build the best emergency exits, without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, they hardly survive a tsunami.


I always affirm that: You can only ride the tsunami or even a megatsunami and escape from it successfully ONLY WHEN you can meet 4 most important requirements! 


In a tsunami or any disaster, the bad must face two biggest dangers:

1. The disaster itself

2. The hidden ‘disaster’ inside them (they put helping hands out of them voluntarily)


People usually think of and rely on science when dealing with tsunami, but today you can understand well that: God and 7 Beauty Commandments of God are the prerequisite to survive waves of deaths.


2) The Second Reason: Existence of Tsunami Life-Saving Systems


Tsunami Life-Saving Network exists ONLY WHEN people really want to help and save together


The first reason explained that.


Simply, even though governments ‘force’ their people to build the tsunami emergency exits, if they-the bad-don’t want to let others use their emergency ladders (when a disaster occurs), those exits will become useless. That means their actions kill others and kill themselves.




Try imagining: people often build houses close to each other.

That means people can use house roofs/terraces together in case of a tsunami occurring. Simply, you can climb over your neighbors’ roofs to avoid deadly waves/floods/houses fires and they can do, too.

Now imagine: if you discriminate against your neighbors or treat them badly, when a tsunami/house fire occurs, how can you dare to look at their faces and climb over their roofs (in case of that your roof/terrace is damaged or collapsed?)

That means someday you will kill yourself because of your acts of discrimination.




That’s why I affirmed: Without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, The Emergency Exits Are Useless!


I think you and others now can understand why God and Humanity are much more important than anything else.


People can use most advanced science and tech to create tools helping and saving humans, but if without God’s Vital Things, those tools will become useless or those tools even will become useful tools of bad people in order for them to ‘amplify’ bad things.


In the worst case people around you don’t (want to) build the emergency exits, you still can build it and save yourself and your beloved ones as well as others.

Sometimes, someone will think again and when they are saved by your ladders (in a fire/flood/hurricane or tsunami), who knows they also will start to build those exits?...

That means your heart will save yourself some day.


3) The Third Reason: Your House Security

Just imagine: when you build the emergency exits inside and especially outside your houses in order to avoid a tsunami, your (outside) ladders can become useful tools for…robbers!


What do God’s 7 Beauty Commandments do to prevent this bad thing?





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’




I think you can understand an important influence of the vital commandments (especially the above red lines).


Laws can help prevent robbery. However, what prevents the root of robbery is ‘good hearts’ and especially anti-greed.

‘Good  hearts’ have many different meanings:

 A good conscience can stop the desire to steal.

 People say: “ Necessity knows no laws”. In this case, Good ‘hearts’ are good people (individuals and organizations/governments/companies) who can help improve the quality of life the poor and this actually reduce the robbery problem.


If people “Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented”, if they know to “Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness”, “Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’ ” and if they “DO USE GOD'S BEAUTY-TALENT-ROOT TRUTH TO LIVE”, certainly, they will NOT commit an evil crime like robbery (or theft).


We need good quality locks and laws to reduce robbery and God’s 7 Beauty Commandments do prevent the desire to steal from deep inside a human.


The outside ladders equipped with lifebuoys and life-jackets ARE FOR surviving disasters (tsunamis/floods/hurricanes/fires). Without the vital beauty commandments, they, emergency ladders, will become useful tools for robbers.


Therefore, you and others CAN’T BUT HAVE and APPLY Those 7 Beauty commandments in riding waves of death successfully!


4) The Fourth Reason: Taking Responsibilities and Real Actions

Do you still remember the first beauty commandment?






I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’




Taking 100% responsibility is a very important thing in fighting a tsunami.


Because you only have one life, your own life.

If you don’t take responsibility by yourself, who will you wait for to come and save you?

Who will you wait for to build the emergency exits? Or will you wait to make safety ladders until an unexpected tsunami comes and destroys your house?

So, what should you do?


*Think about the tsunami and the emergency exits.

You can add some necessary equipment (for example, diving suits, clothes, etc…) and change your house structure.

*Think about God’s 7 Beauty commandments.

Read this whole ebook carefully. Even though you now don’t have any God to rely on, you still can use solutions in this ebook and take its huge benefits.


You can be one of countless people who will be saved by the emergency exits and God’s 7 beauty commandments.


Science and Tech can bring a lot of great benefits to humans. However, until now, science and tech have not been able to dealing with this disaster successfully. Tsunami forecasts are not perfect and warning sirens can cause serious mistakes if giving incorrect or late warnings.


Take 100% responsibility in your life and in making decisions.

In a tsunami, you are the first one who will save yourself first!


Preparing everything to fight a disaster shows your real responsibility, right?


Why don’t you have/make an emergency exit when you already know what it is?

If you intend to build a new house, think about building emergency exits which can save you from an unexpected disaster.

Don’t let ‘sealed boxes’4 kill you!


Look at the pictures after tsunamis again and you will see what I’ve  just affirmed.

If you share this ebook and tell other people about the emergency exits and God’s 7 beauty commandments, you will have so many more chances to survive a tsunami. Because when many people build their emergency exits, you also take benefits by climbing up their ladders to avoid tsunami, right?

More than a tsunami survival, God’s 7 beauty commandments absolutely save you from the disaster by ‘creating’ many good persons who will save you in a crisis (read the first and second reasons).


5) The Fifth Reason: Overcoming All of Bad Feelings





I. Trust Your Own Beauty, Talent and Take 100% Responsibility

II. Overcome All Bad Feelings and Never Accept Being Ugly And Untalented

III. Separate Health From Beauty

IV. Pursue The Truth, In And Outside.

V. Make Beauty-Talent Increase Your Worthiness

VI. Do Destroy ‘Eyes of Prejudices’





Yes, the second beauty commandment “Overcome All Of Bad Feelings’ is not only for solving beauty and discrimination problems, but for dealing with waves of death and other disasters as well!


Just imagine a tsunami or even a megatsunami in front of your eyes. How do you feel?

Terrible? Panic? Guilt? Awful? Uncalm? Confused? Senseless and so utterly sad?


In a huge crisis like tsunami, bad feelings can kill you.

For example, instead of calmly climbing up to the roof (using the emergency exits inside your house) when a sudden tsunami appears, you lose your calm and run out of your house/office. Then the waves of death will sweep you away with strong torrents.


If you absorb God’s 7 Beauty Commandments regularly and remember the second beauty commandment, in a disaster like tsunami, you can be calm and make right decisions.


The feeling of panic or dread can make people lose lives in a disaster.


It’s not easy to control feelings mixed inside you in a tsunami, but if you apply God’s 7 Beauty Commandments in daily life and remember those vital beauty commandments in this disaster, you can control yourself and escape from it successfully!


It’s so clear that God’s 7 Beauty Commandments play the most important role in surviving waves of death.

And this explains why Without God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, The Emergency Exit Is Useless!


The best way: You must meet both of two most important requirements: The Emergency Exit (Tsunami Life-Saving Network) and beauty commandments, especially The second one: “Overcome all of bad feelings”.


The rescuing way I am revealing to you will absolutely make you reduce giant stress and overcome fear of death in such crisis.




Tsunami Life-Saving Network: A ‘Dose’ Can Kill Fear of Death


When you go to the beach, if you don’t know how to swim, what will make you comfortable and not be afraid of drowning?


Obviously, in a disaster like a tsunami/flood/fire, if you have my emergency exits and around you is a tsunami life-saving network, if you have lifebuoys, life-jackets and even foods with you as I guided in the previous part and you apply “Overcome all of bad feelings” in your life every day, you will feel so much more comfortable and safer, won’t you?


The reason is: you know those things can save you from death!


And when you know and apply all of 4 most important requirements, you will know those things ABSOLUTELY save you from death!

4-2-Picture1 (20)

Without this tsunami life-saving system (the emergency exit) and The second Beauty Commandments “Overcome all of bad feelings”, humans get hysterical in a tsunami/a flood/a hurricane (causing flood)/a fire because they know they will die in ‘sealed boxes’


6) The Sixth Reason: God!


Obviously, in a tsunami or any disaster, when you have God’s 7 Beauty Commandments with you, you absolutely have your God’s blessings and protections  


The 6th reason doesn’t need many explanations.


Do you love your God (The Trinity-Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Maitreya/…)?

How much do you trust in God?

If you absolutely love and trust in God, how can God, your Holy Parent, abandon you in such disaster?

4-3-en-Picture7 (3)

Even when a person loses his/her beloved ones (family, friends…) in a tsunami, there’s always at least a special ‘Person’ with them in the crisis…




The above reasons are just six of the main reasons why God’s 7 Beauty Commandments are the prerequisite.


WITHOUT God and God’s 7 Beauty Commandments, you hardly survive a tsunami!


If you are an atheist, can you survive when you don’t have any God to rely on and cannot use God’s 7 Beauty Commandments?

Just read the previous chapters (especially chapter 1) you will have the answer.

Only when you absorb and apply those vital commandments in your life, you will understand its miracle rescue.


Of course, besides the first requirement (the emergency exits) and the second one (God’s 7 Beauty commandments), you must have two more important things and one miracle tool in order to ride the tsunami and megatsunami successfully.


To ensure to survive a tsunami or ride a megatsunami, you must have that miracle tool.


So, I have just revealed two most important things (requirements).


And I have to remind you of this again. It’s very important:

4-3-en-Picture7 (4)

You have to take 100% responsibility when deciding to use this rescuing way.

The rescuing way is NOT for you if you can’t meet those requirements!

If you have a weak trust in your Holy Parent, never mind this rescuing way!


If you feel this chapter is not for you; if you don’t want to absorb and apply God’s 7 Beauty Commandments in life; especially if you don’t have a love big enough for your God, please skip this chapter!


That’s my most sincere advice.

Just the opposite, you need to know about the rest of requirements and one miracle tool that a tsunami and even a megatsunami CANNOT drown you in the next part.







1. Learn about God’s 7 Beauty Commandments in this ebook

2. Apply them in life.

3. Please share the secrets you just know (how to escape tsunamis / floods / hurricanes / fires) with everyone.

4. This part proves a truth: A good person ALWAYS has greater opportunities to survive disasters!




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4  About ‘sealed boxes’, please read Chapter 4- Part 2

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