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Discover Tsunami Life-Saving Networks That Have Never Been Discovered For Millions Of Years!

“Don’t Think Waves of Death Can’t Reach You”


“Don’t Wait To Apply My Proved Solutions UNTIL You Face The Death!”


~Khuong Dat Long~

The emergency exits, tsunami life-saving systems and God’s 7 beauty Commandments are so important to survive a tsunami and megatsunami, but you also must have the following thing.

To survive a Megatsunami, you must have a miracle tool!

This chapter 4 is not for dealing with an earthquake although earthquake and tsunami have an intimate impact with each other.

The rescuing way in this chapter is for riding and survive a tsunami/a megatsunami


Ø What do you do if houses destroyed and swept away by tsunami? How can you use the emergency exits in this case?

Ø Even though you can climb up the house roof and you even have lifebuoys and life-jackets with you, it’s so hard for you to survive waves of deaths that are so powerful. How can you swim in such waves like tsunami torrents?

Ø How to warn people of an approaching tsunami correctly (just in time)? How to know when and where waves of death will come exactly?

Ø Not all of houses can endure after a tsunami. How can tsunami life-saving systems1 work in the case of destroyed houses?



It is fortunate when I have a clear answer from my God (The Trinity-Jesus).


With the full rescue I have, besides the vital commandments, God showed me a miracle tool that can’t but save you. 


People can ride a tsunami or Megatsunami only when they have this miracle tool.

Even though houses and offices are swept away, with this special tool, you can escape from the waves of death.

4-4-en-Picture6 (1)

This miracle tool has NEVER been discovered since tsunamis appeared on earth.


Without this special tool, lifebuoys and life-jackets, even the best and hugest ships in the world also can’t save you from huge tsunamis.

4-4-en-Picture6 (2)

This special tool is a miracle of God. A megatsunami can easily drown Titanic constructed at 269m and Knock Nevis2, the longest ship ever, constructed at 458.45m and this ship are higher than Petronas Tower (451.9 m).

4-4-Picture5 (4)

Image. The largest ship Knock Nevis3

4-4-Picture5 (5)

Image. Comparison of Knock Nevis with other large buildings4



But, the most deadly waves cannot do that to the miracle tool!

Since prehistory which was c. 3.3 million years ago, science has not been able to realize this miracle thing.


It’s so fortunate human beings can create this tool, duplicate it and use it in surviving waves of death. I can instruct you and people to create that special tool.



So, What Are The Miracle Tool And My Full Rescue?


In huge tsunamis, our science and tech with their most advanced achievements are NOT the miracle to save us from wave of deaths successfully.


Besides God’s 7 beauty commandments and The Emergency Exits (Life-Saving Systems) mentioned in the previous parts, the full rescue includes two more important things and especially the miracle tool.


As I explained in the previous parts, without God’s 7 beauty commandments, you will not be able to survive a disaster like tsunami.


In Part 3 of this chapter, (when explaining the second reason), I said that:

“Tsunami Life-Saving Network exists ONLY WHEN people really want to help and save together”

“…even though governments ‘force’ their people to build the tsunami emergency exits, if they-the bad-don’t want let others use their emergency ladders (when a disaster occurs), those exits will become useless.”



“People can use most advanced science and tech to create tools helping and saving humans, but if without God’s Vital Things, those tools will become useless or those tools even will become useful tools of bad people in order for them to ‘amplify’ bad things.”


Therefore, I will not reveal the miracle tool and the rest of requirements at this time.


You need to absorb God’s 7 beauty Commandments BEFORE building emergency exits; having the miracle tool and meeting the rest of special requirements!


However, I will give you two questions in order for yourself to find the miracle tool and know the rest of requirements by yourself.


The questions are:

4-4-en-Picture6 (3)

With a success in answering the two above questions and with what I showed you in the previous parts, you will have the full rescue that will help you ride even a megatsunami successfully.


If you are the right person who can meet all of the requirements, you can find it, the miracle tool that doesn’t let waves of death drown you.


Even if you cannot find the answers for those questions, with the emergency exits and God’s 7 Beauty Commandments I revealed, you will absolutely have great opportunities to survive a tsunami like 2004 Indian Ocean one.

Because at least, you already know two of four most important requirements.

Remember: Even though you have the life-saving systems (emergency exits), the miracle tool and you can meet the rest of requirements, it’s helpless to escape from a tsunami or megatsunami without those vital beauty commandments.



When Will I Reveal The Full Rescue?


I will only provide the full rescue if people of a nation (for example, your country) build tsunami life-saving systems and all apply God’s 7 Beauty Commandments in their lives.


If people around you know about the emergency exits, God’s 7 Beauty Commandments and they build in- and outside emergency ladders as guided, you absolutely have a huge blessing to survive disasters successfully.

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1 Read chapter 4-Part 2

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