How To Ride The Tsunami and For The Best, How To Make Waves of Death Save You?
How To Ride The Tsunami and For The Best, How To Make Waves of Death Save You?
How to escape from a sudden tsunami/flood/hurricane or house fire?

I have to affirm straightly that:


“Don’t Think Waves of Death Can’t Reach You”


“Don’t Wait To Apply My Proved Solutions UNTIL You Face The Death!”


Tsunami is one of the most terrible disasters to human beings.

Megatsunami is real and humans will never want to face these deadliest waves.

It’s useless solving this most horrible problem by fighting against waves of death.


How to escape from a sudden tsunami/flood/hurricane or house fire?


Waves of deaths often kill people at the most unexpected time and many people cannot outrun a tsunami!

Scientists affirm: “At a water depth of 40 m, the speed would be 20 m/s (about 72 km/h or 45 mi/h), which is much slower than the speed in the open ocean but the wave would still be difficult to outrun”[1]

[1] Source:


Scientists and disaster experts and tsunami warning systems in the world cannot ensure the accuracy of all of Tsunami predictions. They can make incorrect predictions and one of the worst forecasts is: giving no warnings or late ones for an approaching tsunami!


If we want to survive those disasters, and for The Best Result, if you want To Make Waves of Death Save You, YOU CANNOT BUT HAVE MY TSUNAMI LIFE-SAVING EXIT AND TSUNAMI LIFE-SAVING EXIT NETWORK

To Science and Tech and people in the world: when tsunami or flood water levels are rising, they will face the death.

To me: when tsunami or flood water levels are rising, people will even escape from the death easily!

Please be patient to read each page and you’ll know this miracle way which God showed me!


This ebook with my PROVED solutions (PROVED BY Hurricane Dorian (2019 tropical cyclone)) will help you:


  1. Learn how to stand up on a tsunami through rare pictures, videos and learn how to survive unexpected waves of death.
  2. KNOW how to make the tsunami save you (instead of killing you)
  3. know how to prepare everything for survival BEFORE An Unbearable Aftermath comes
  4. and get much more benefits you can imagine

The World {Hurricane Dorian (2019 tropical cyclone)} did prove My Solutions for Surviving Tsunami TRUE:

And now, “the worst natural disaster in the country's history” (Dorian) which occurred in September 2019 continously proved my solution for surviving tsunamis and floods true and it also showed people's slow response to my suggestions.

God's 7 Beauty Commandments Are The Main 'Key' Which Helps You Survive Disasters (Not Only Tsunamis)!

My Tsunami Life-Saving Network inside this ebook "God’s 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Talent and Ride The Tsunami Successfully!" definitely brings You GREAT CHANCES FOR SURVIVAL!



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