Funny Racist Jokes, Hate Speech, Structural and Institutional Discrimination & Solution

Male or Female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, whatever your skin color is, do you feel afraid of discrimination (based on race/gender/etc...) at work, school? Do you even get angry when seeing the bad discriminate against you and other people? Do you really feel hurt because you feel incapable of combating the racist, sexist?


Even a country like The United States with most advanced sciences and technologies has been incapable of getting rid of discrimination!


Discrimination is a teaser that needs solving deeply. Discrimination can happen everywhere all over the world. Skin color, besides a matter of Beauty, can actually create the ugliest thing, Discrimination, even at the first time when someone looks at others.

Eyes of Prejudices don’t absolutely make anyone in the world become beautiful in- and outside. They, the most disgusting and ugliest eyes, even cause the worst thing: Racism. Racism is in strong connection with Beauty on the outside (skin color and physical features).


There’re a lot of people in the world who have had to suffer discrimination just because of  their outside. That’s their everyday trauma (especially in their soul). That’s one of the reasons why we have to solve the most serious, annoying beauty problems. Beauty (in-outside) and Discrimination have an intimate relation. I don’t really need to describe how Discrimination is or its definition in this ebook. If you want, you can find information, explanations about them in various documents or sources on internet. I believe you may at least understand, have learnt something about it or even experienced it in your life. From November 2016 until now, do you think racism has been covering up USA? We were seeing demonstrators taking to the streets across the country overnight[1] to protest a man called “a racist and sexist” by a 22-year-old political science student in Berkeley. We were and still are beholding many objections or boycotts taking place directly or indirectly, noisily or silently. Actually, they were and are protesting not only one man but also one of the worst things to human beings: inhumane Discrimination.


Now, what all of us need is an ultimate solution for the problem. But first, we will find out structural, institutional discrimination definition


What is institutional/structural discrimination and what can you see from their meanings?

Institutional discrimination definition

Institutionalized discrimination refers to "the unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions as a whole, through unequal selection or bias, intentional or unintentional; as opposed to individuals making a conscious choice to discriminate. It stems from systemic stereotypical beliefs (such as sexist or racist beliefs) that are held by the vast majority living in a society where stereotypes and discrimination are the norm" (wiki)

Structural discrimination definition

What is structural discrimination?

Structural discrimination is "a form of institutional discrimination against individuals of a given race or gender, which has the effect of restricting their opportunities. It may be either intentional or unintentional, and it may involve either public or private institutional policies. Such discrimination occurs when these policies have disproportionately negative effects on the opportunities of certain social groups." (wiki)

Examples of Institutional discrimination

Plessy vs. Ferguson U.S. Supreme Court case is one of the most typical examples.

Women have been still paid less than men to the dollar, even though they have the same degree and experiences, this is another example.

Structural discrimination examples

One overt past example of structural discrimination, for example, was Jim Crow laws in the Southern United States, which were explicitly aimed at limiting African Americans' rights in education, employment, and other areas of society. (wiki)

No matter what the type of discrimination is, the most serious problem in our society has been causing many bad consequences.


Prejudice vs Discrimination


Prejudice: an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge.


The biggest difference between prejudice and discrimination is: Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a group of people or a person while prejudice is an individual’s assumption about something or someone. Discrimination is considered an action, whereas prejudice is considered  a thought.


Discrimination is based upon prejudice.



Discrimination psychology


To make it easy to understand, we will need to analyse the teaser a bit:


  • A person/a group/a community/etc acts superior and behaves badly towards others whose skin color-race/gender/etc are different. People who are discriminated against are ranked as inferior.
  • That means there is a disparity/an unfairness

What do you think about the following questions that can be found in some places on internet:

• Which skin color do you think is beautiful?
Dark skin (brown or black) or Light skin (white or fair)?

• Who are God’s children?
Dark-skinned or Light-skinned people?

• Who is beautiful and talented: “black people” or “white people” or “yellow people”?
• etc…

Those are the questions coming from racism/discrimination and they always make humans feel inhumane. Many people even called others with disrespectful words and treated them badly just because of their different skin color (their outside). In fact, they were thinking about different races consciously or unconsciously. Bad people just look at others’ different skin colors or physical features and behave badly towards them. The bad lets their eyes of prejudices win and control them.



Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

do you feel afraid of discrimination (based on race/gender/etc...) at work, school?

Do you even get angry when seeing the bad discriminate against you and other people?

Do you really feel hurt because you feel incapable of combating the racist, sexist?


Billions of people all over the world were, are faced with the above serious problems. Many nations with their most advanced sciences and technologies have been incapable of getting rid of discrimination!


If you, male or female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, are also faced with the above problems and suffering daily traumas, my proven solutions are all you need to live strong, happy and meaningful I, Khuong Dat Long, the author of solutions (God showed me the most precise way to find the solutions) am now going to show you God's 7 Vital Things to solve your most serious problems.


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But first, you have to know that: After I had gave these solutions to the public (from Christmas 2015):

most racist jokes acts 7 times human history the world

These solutions are not only for people of God (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc...). My solutions are first for human beings (religiously affiliated people and atheists). WHY?


Because: Not Only Christians/Catholics In The World, In This Life, More or Less, Are Faced With Beauty and Discrimination Problems Directly or Indirectly, Noisily or Quietly.


That's why my solutions are for not only people who have their God (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc...) but also atheists who don't have any Supreme Being to rely on. Human Beauty is simple, but the world is making it so complicated and hurtful...


With My Solution "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Highest Peak of Human beauty" , you will not worry about the matters of prejudices and discrimination any longer. How I help people:

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human history proved true beauty people proofs

Look at 7 best proofs that Human History and The World automatically did prove my words and affirmations true (after I had given my affirmations to public in my solution ebook)

#1. 2017 Women’s March (since January 21, 2017)

At least, over 5 million people who marched all over the world (over 80 countries) prove my following affirmation correct and true

If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’ (axiom), the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’

(Khuong Dat Long)

#2. A U.K Parliament to debate Trump state visit after 1.8 million sign petition (in Feb 7th 2017)

The petition, which falls short of calling for Trump to be banned from the UK. This event proves that:

The worst thing, actually they are objecting to themselves although they don’t perhaps recognize that. Reason? Behaving unkindly or even cruelly towards people (because of their prejudices) indicates they “voluntarily allow” others to do the same

(Khuong Dat Long)

#3. FBI Investigation (March 6 2017)

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation joins investigation into shooting of Sikh man in Seattle suburb who says gunman told him to 'get out of our country. This real story occured after my following affirmation:

Before the bad has to pay for their cruel actions, there will be a lot of good and innocent people who will have to suffer the consequences heavily from people’s silence, neglect. It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.

(Khuong Dat Long)

#4. The August 11–12 2017 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue

The 4th time, my following affirmation becomes Truth. (I wrote this in the 8thupdate of my ebook in March, 19 2017). The event took place in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally from August 11–12, 2017.

“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more  complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”

(Khuong Dat Long)

#5. 2017 Fresno Shootings (April 18 2017)

On April 18, 2017, a shooting spree occurred in Fresno, California, leaving three men dead. "The accused shooter – who had posted about Black Lives Matter and allegedly told police he “hates white people” – was named as Kori Muhammad (Kori Ali Muhammad)"

“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become..."

(Khuong Dat Long)

#6. “In terms of its public image, 2017 was also the worst year YouTube has ever had" (December 2017)

“More companies are pulling advertising from YouTube over Google’s inability to ensure ads won’t appear next to hateful and offensive content.”; "...big brands threatened a full scale boycott of YouTube after learning that their advertising was being played alongside racist and offensive videos"

My affirmation “It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.”

(Khuong Dat Long)


#7. Some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly (2018)

Look at the 6th proof again, you absolutely see my following affirmation correct.

“Science, Knowledge can help our life get better. The more science develops, the more benefits we can get.

However, there have been many vital things that couldn’t be solved by science only. Even some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly. "

(Khuong Dat Long)


I'm Khuong Dat Long, the author of the solution ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Highest Peak of Human Beauty".


I'm here to help you (an individual) solve serious problems of Beauty & Discrimination that you can face in your life.


I'm also here to provide countries, especially America, with special solutions that can help those countries prepare and prevent worst consequences from happening. These worst consequences are caused by serious discrimination problems.


solve most racist jokes, acts God's 7 beauty commandmentsIn fact, I have sent my both suggestions and warnings to U.S Government and involved people, but It looks as if they're not going to do anything neccessary to prevent horrible events from occuring in the future. At least more than 4 times people, especially Americans, saw my affirmations become Truths.


If the US had done what I had provided and suggested them, terrible events couldn't have occured.


And I know it well that: if people, especially Americans, do what my solutions suggests, they will absolutely have the best powers to protect themselves and prevent something bad or horrible from happening!





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Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, the Author of Solutions "Parting The Ocean of Information" and "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Ultimate Power"

To Your Success and Happiness,

Khuong Dat Long


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