Definition of Staggering Beauty and

How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?

Beauty is a burning and strong desire of human beings.  

Outer and Inner beauty can NOT be separated.  

If you are called or considered to be a bad/ugly person, that means your values are underestimated and you will struggle to 'fight against' that in order to get your self-esteem and high moral character back.  

That's why I said, "Outer and Inner beauty can NOT be separated."  

There were many people (especially young girls and women) who took high risks in order to try to make them look and feel better. They tried to lose weight fast in 2 weeks or just 10 days with unhealthy methods. Many ones felt incapable of getting beautiful (because they cannot change their natural shapes). So, they had to have Cosmetic and/or Plastic Surgery.  

Problems of Outer beauty can destroy Inner beauty.  

Of course, Problems of Inner beauty also can destroy outer beauty.  

Discrimination between beauty and ugliness is caused by 'eyes of prejudices' that actually destroy beauty inner and outer.  

Worse, outer beauty (appearance) and prejudices lead to Racial Discrimination. Skin colors, besides a matter of beauty (outer beauty), cause inhumane discrimination and hate speech.


My name is Khuong Dat Long, a little child of God.

No matter what your shape, your skin color, root, your gender, your education, financial condition...are, you can Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Live Happily And Meaningfully!

staggering beauty mantra greatest solution

Discover The Only Way To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Live Happily And Meaningfully!



First, Beauty is a burning and strong desire of human beings.

When you can reach that high-spirited beauty peak, you will solve serious beauty problems such as:

  • *how to lose weight healthily

  • *how to become extremely beautiful without dangerous surgeries (rhinoplasty/liposuction/etc...)

  • *how NOT to depend on cosmetics, expensive clothes and still have staggering beauty

  • *how to deal with Discrimination between beauty and ugliness

  • *how to maintain and boost your self-esteem, feel confident and live happily

Especially, one of the most wonderful things I'll show you is how to deal with Discrimination and have a great self-control SUCCESSFULLY!

I will never bring you a mediocre beauty

I will show you what the highest peak of human beauty is and help you reach that high-spirited peak.

I will be your only guide.

Your inner beauty will get greater and greater as long as you can follow and apply my solutions, especially the following vital 'mantra':

staggering beauty mantra greatest solution

No matter what your shape, your skin color, root, your gender, your education, financial condition...are, you can Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Live Happily And Meaningfully!

solve most racist jokes highest peak of human beauty greatest

Definition of Staggering Beauty

No matter what you are a person of Jesus, Buddha, Shiva...or even an atheist, just try to make your inner and outer beauty become wonderful, your values will be boosted and you will have a great life of your own.

We have our OWN beauties and lives, but we have The SAME Good and Humanity.

What will happen if without this same point?

Furies of Hate Speech, Fake News and Misinformation


According to {“the actual art of “fake news” was pioneered by the Russians in the 1990s and 2000s, and they used it to try to help Trump win the 2016 presidential election.”}  

“Later in the 21st century, as social media gained prominence, Russia began to use popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread disinformation. Facebook believes that as many as 126 million users have seen content from Russian disinformation campaigns on its platform. Twitter has said that it has found 36,000 Russian bots spreading tweets related to the 2016 American election. Elsewhere, Russia has used social media to destabilize former soviet states such as Ukraine and other western nations such as France and Spain.” reported Wiki  

Without Good and Humanity, obviously, online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc...are sunk in hate speech and fake news, fake reviews that have caused many serious damages and loses. They will also cause an unbearable aftermath.

Are inner and outer beauty making the world wobble strongly?

Nowadays, the world is full of fake news, false information and lies.



People who have followed me DID SEE 7 unforgettable proofs (events) and 2 dangerous signals.

No one else but Human History and The World that did VERIFY my solutions and words continuously.  

If you finish my ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty!", you will well know the following 7 events taking place in the world and they did automatically prove my affirmations true.

#1. 2017 Women’s March (since January 21, 2017) #2. A U.K Parliament to debate Trump state visit after 1.8 million sign petition (in Feb 7th 2017)

At least, over 5 million people who marched all over the world (over 80 countries) prove my following affirmation correct and true "If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’ (axiom), the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’ "

(Khuong Dat Long)

The petition, which falls short of calling for Trump to be banned from the UK. This event proves that: "The worst thing, actually they are objecting to themselves although they don’t perhaps recognize that. Reason? Behaving unkindly or even cruelly towards people (because of their prejudices) indicates they “voluntarily allow” others to do the same "

(Khuong Dat Long)

#3. FBI Investigation (March 6 2017) #4. The August 11–12 2017 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation joins investigation into shooting of Sikh man in Seattle suburb who says gunman told him to 'get out of our country. This real story occured after my following affirmation: "Before the bad has to pay for their cruel actions, there will be a lot of good and innocent people who will have to suffer the consequences heavily from people’s silence, neglect. It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay. "

(Khuong Dat Long)

The 4th time, my following affirmation becomes Truth. (I wrote this in the 8thupdate of my ebook in March, 19 2017). The event took place in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally from August 11–12, 2017.

“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more  complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”

(Khuong Dat Long)

#5. 2017 Fresno Shootings (April 18 2017) #6. “In terms of its public image, 2017 was also the worst year YouTube has ever had" (December 2017)

On April 18, 2017, a shooting spree occurred in Fresno, California, leaving three men dead. "The accused shooter – who had posted about Black Lives Matter and allegedly told police he “hates white people” – was named as Kori Muhammad (Kori Ali Muhammad)" “If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become..."

(Khuong Dat Long)

“More companies are pulling advertising from YouTube over Google’s inability to ensure ads won’t appear next to hateful and offensive content.”; "...big brands threatened a full scale boycott of YouTube after learning that their advertising was being played alongside racist and offensive videos"

My affirmation: “It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.”

(Khuong Dat Long)

#7. Some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly (2018) #8. The Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, (during Friday Prayer on 15 March 2019) 

Look at the 6th proof again, you absolutely see my affirmation correct:

“Science, Knowledge can help our life get better. The more science develops, the more benefits we can get. However, there have been many vital things that couldn’t be solved by science only. Even some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly. "

(Khuong Dat Long)

After two consecutive terrorist killed 50 people and injured 50 others at mosques in Christchurch and media reports as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right, I recalled of the event Charlottesville rally which took place from August 11–12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

The August 11–12 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue and was a white supremacist rally.

When I updated my old ebook on 20th August 2017, on page 54 I wrote that:

"If people, the government and president of the United States do/want to ignore the above Truth, people will have to witness consequences that will be worse than ones happening in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally) from August 11–12, 2017"

(Khuong Dat Long)

And then, The Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand "described in media reports as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right" (wiki) occurred and proved that affirmation of mine true.

#9. The Independent: "Measles outbreak: How fake news is fuelling US health emergency" (April 2019)

#10. Hurricane Dorian (2019 tropical cyclone): Lively And Vigorous Evidence (1st September 2019)

{“The Vaccine Safety Handbook” appears innocuous, a slick magazine for parents who want to raise healthy children. But tucked inside its 40 pages are false warnings that vaccines cause autism and contain cells from aborted human foetuses.

...On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a public health emergency in parts of Brooklyn in an effort to contain the spread of measles in ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods there. He said unvaccinated individuals would be required to receive the measles vaccine — or be subjected to a fine — as the city escalated its campaign to stem the outbreak.}

If you finish reading my 5th letter (FAKE NEWS, HIDDEN MASS KILLINGS AND MY CHALLENGE), you know my affirmation:  "No gun, no bullets, but it can kill millions of people quietly and hiddenly."

In that letter, I said:

...Absolutely, millions of people with cancer in the world will be killed quietly and hiddenly by fake news, false information (NOT chemotherapy!).

...videos with false information of chemotherapy are being still spread over the internet and supported strongly by online platforms.

...A lot of patients did refuse and stop chemo treatments because false information over the internet made them think they were being killed by all of those treatments.

...And this kind of fake news, false information is hidden and it really causes mass killings.

What I said on that letter (posted on 12 June 2018) became true: "this kind of fake news, false information is hidden and it really causes mass killings."

Do you still remember it?

Fake/False News about Health is killing people hiddenly and now people realize that clearly and they are having to raise their voices to stop "mass killings" caused by false health information!

Hurricane Dorian (image)

“The worst natural disaster in the country's history” which occurred in September 2019 continously proved my solution for surviving tsunamis and floods true and it also showed Governments' slow response to my suggestions. Occuring on 1st September 2019, “Hurricane Dorian was the most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas, and is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country's history.” (Wiki) While science and tech cannot find out a solution which can save people from unexpected tsunamis and floods, I clearly showed (in the second release of this ebook) that: we had to “PERFORATE Roofs To Avoid/Stand Up On The Tsunami” In real crisis, only when facing deaths, they realized how true my words and solution were. Until they faced the ‘beast’ Dorian “the worst natural disaster in the country's history”: “People told to break roofs with hammers to escape flooding as Hurricane Dorian assaults Bahamas”              

#11. (Covid-19) As of Tuesday morning, New York State had 25,665 cases, with 210 deaths. The state now accounts for nearly 7 percent of global cases tallied by The New York Times. (24 March 2020) #12. (Tuesday, 24 March 2020) Global covid-19 cases exceed 388,000 and death toll climbs over 16,800. Nearly 1.7 billion people are blocked (isolated)

Because of Discrimination and hatred, these people didn’t want to wear masks and they had to pretent to be healthy in front of others. People around them couldn’t know about their real health statuses. Many even tried not to cough in front of others because they were afraid of being ostracized. And this was the reason why transmission got worse.

My affirmation was given to public on 1st March 2020 inside my ebook: “Due to discrimination, many coronavirus infected patients don’t dare to wear mask in New York. What will happen if they have to pretent to be a healthy persons, work and meet people inside this city? Discriminators will be infected and that will kill themselves one day (in either this Covid-19 plague or other future pandemics). Evil Prejudices will ‘kill’ this city without any mercy!”

(Khuong Dat Long)

Because of Discrimination between Infected (Sick) People and Uninfected (Healthy) Ones, Vietnam, USA and others all over the world are suffering deadly consequences.

On 29 April 2016, I wrote in my first ebook that: "we, religiously affiliated adults and children, and atheists are living together and being influenced by general moral behaviors, law and social relations"

And then, I affirmed in the 11th letter posted on 25 April 2019: “Life is 'connections' and general influences.”

(Khuong Dat Long)

In the 11th letter of mine, I also affirmed that: "You're NOT an Outsider"

In this Covid-19, those affirmations of mine became Truth.

Life is 'connections'. Not only health but also other aspects (including relations, money, jobs, cultures, economy, etc...) are affecting everyone.

Therefore, you canNOT be an Outsider (no matter who you are).

Discrimination (especially Discrimination against Infected/Sick People) is one of the most important reasons that makes Covid-19 become a deadly pandemic.

Before Covid-19 and even after the fatal pandemic, if you think "solving discrrimination, hate speech, fake news, not my business!", you will have to pay the heaviest price.

Unfortunately, many people (including Governments, medical authorities, the largest social platforms, CEOs' Tech companies, artists, religious leaders, and other individuals all over the world) SKIPPED my words and now all of them are having to pay deadly prices!

The virus Sars-Cov-2 is the clearest proof showing that: YOU ARE NEVER AN OUTSIDER! (No matter who and where you are)


Read and Discover My Solutions "God's 7 Beauty Commandments" To Fully Understand The 7 Vital Proofs And Receive Meaningful Benefits From This Vital Document:


staggering inner beauty


Male or female, if you want to be beautiful in- and outside, keep and boost self-esteem, you will need to know:

racial discrimination solution


How to deal with discrimination (especially racial discrimination) if you are considered inferior?
How to have strong powers to overpower the bad?

fake-news-misinformationFAKE NEWS PROBLEMS

This special solution of mine is especially for Governments and Tech companies (online platforms) such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Bing, etc...that are being faced with huge dangers: Fake News or False Information.



Until now, Stephen Paddock's motive that drove him to make the incident (on the night of October 1, 2017) has NOT been found! I will show you (especially FBI or US Police) his motive, one of the most mysterious things on earth.


Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, A Little Child of God.

With PROVEN Solutions "God’s 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Talent and Escape Plagues Successfully!, I Will Make You Overcome The COVID-19 Pandemic, Avoid MegaTsunami, Disasters and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Talent.

To Your Success and Happiness,

Khuong Dat Long



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