Society's definition of beauty: How to 'crush' it easily?

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'Cover' your eyes to 'crush' Society's definition of beauty


Beauty is Simple.


You have absorbed society's definition of beauty through many different sources such as TV, magazines, fashion shows, internet, etc...

Where to see Society's definition of beauty clearly?

Pageant competitions like Miss World.


The more you absorb Society's definition of beauty, the more you cannot become beautiful.



Society's definition of beauty makes people (especially those who are considered to look beautiful or good looking) become enchanted
slaves of beauty


Why is 'enchanted'?


Simply! Beauty makes them feel loved, respected and treated favorably by society.

Society's definition of beauty: How to 'crush' it easily? part 2

You need how to do more to 'crush' society's definition of beauty

Don't let society's definition of beauty 'crush' you!


If so, you have to know how to do that.


Don't try to become a beautiful person based on society's definition of beauty. It is a mediocre beauty, of course.


Become a high-spirited beauty and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty!


staggering beauty mantra greatest solution


Discover The Only Way To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty Now!


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