To Avoid Fake News and Hate Speech, Do You Need To Shut Down Facebook Login Page?


From: Khuong Dat Long

Date: 15 August 2018


Before Shutting Down Login Page (Because of Misinformation, Fake News, Hate Speech and User Protection), Think Twice.

When you look at the following chart for "Facebook login" analyzed on Google Trends, you will see a truth


login to facebook com login history problems


(click here to see full image)


The above chart 'tells' that: Users (searches in the US) have been leaving Facebook gradually since August 2017.

People are still using Google to log in Facebook by searching "Facebook login".


The search volume of "Facebook login" has been decreased since August 2017.

Currently, users (not only in the USA) are not flocking to Facebook's website.

In Europe, US and Canada, FB's growth in users is in slow down mode. The chart is quite flat.


facebook com login history maus flat chart

image from

There're reasons explaining why the search volume is decreasing. According to "After experiencing a decline in user growth and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social media's web traffic continues to slide down from 8.5 billion in 2016 to 4.7 billion in 2018". The web continuously reported, "According to SimilarWeb, more Facebook’s users are turning to mobile apps instead of using a web browser to access the social network".


To users in EU, "Facebook lost users in Europe in the second quarter, when it implemented changes to follow new privacy rules in the EU and faced more intense scrutiny in the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica affair. The number of daily active users in Europe fell by 3 million people from the first quarter, dropping to 279 million. The number of users in North America remained flat, at 185 million people." said AdAge.


Whatever reasons, one certain thing (reason) that many more people are shutting down Facebook login or sign up page and leaving the platform because serious problems have not been still solved to every root.


After two dangerous signals mentioned in the 4th and 8th letters of mine, you can understand the reasons more clearly.


Different Reasons To Sign Up or Log in Facebook


Think twice before leaving the platform!


Am I promoting them (Facebook)?

If you finish my letters published on this site (, I just mention the truths, sometimes there're uncomfortable truths.


Remember why you signed up Facebook. For what?

*to contact your friends and family?

*to promote your company or sell products?

*to find a lover or make a friend?

*to do your jobs as a marketter, a sale person, etc...?

*to join groups that inspire you?

*to watch films, hear music or read daily news?



Obviously, we have come to Facebook for many years because of many different purposes.

Same Reasons To Leave...


Besides huge benefits Facebook can bring, the platform is being faced with serious problems that make Facebook's scandals 'stand out' from its good benefits.

I mean the whole world is just paying attention to Facebook's dark sides.

That's why people are gradually leaving this social network.


In this current world, it seems that "A scandal is 'worth' a thousand good jobs" (just my words).

A scandal like Cambridge Analytica (occurred on March 2018) or the recent one (in the last July) can blow tons of money, time and achievements that were built in a long time.

Quartz reported: "Facebook’s scandals just cost it $150 billion on Wall Street".

In the short time, people can see FB stock up and down and up and down...

But its brand, its 'huge benefits' are being damaged in both the short and long-term because of serious problems.


Unfortunately, no marketing strategy can save this.


Except for a life-saving solution.

My affirmations were fulfilled right when you were informed


When I did some search on Google trends about "Facebook login", I wanted to see what I had informed CEOs of Tech companies previously.


An unbelievable thing happened! It will amaze anyone who received my email on August 20, 2017.


As you know from above, "The search volume of 'Facebook login' has been decreased since August 2017".

Then I checked emails and letters I had sent to people and companies, among them are CEOs of the biggest Tech companies, around the time of August 2017.


Here's one of the emails I sent to them on August 20, 2017 (via Messenger):


facebook login or sign up emails I sent on August 20 2017


And an event that no one could know happened at the same time:


facebook login or sign up history on August 20 2017


(click here to see full image)


So, what was the 4th proof and what had I affirmed before?


#4. The August 11–12 2017 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue

The 4th time, my following affirmation becomes Truth. (I wrote this in the 8th update of my ebook on March 19, 2017). The event took place in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally from August 11–12, 2017.

“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”

(Khuong Dat Long)


This proof was mentioned in the 13th update of my former ebook "How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty" published on August 20, 2017. The new version is named "God's 7 Beauty Commandments"


Of course, most serious problems such as fake news, hate speech (discrimination) were informed in previous emails and I always let them know what would occur. Clearly, the reality is "the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”


What do you think when my words (the affirmation) and the reality (Facebook login started to decrease) happened at the exact same time?


I mean, right when I informed them about something, immediately, my words became true. Someone, at that time, would not believe what I had affirmed, but at last, all of them saw the reality that happened, exactly what I had told you, them and people.


That's why you can see 7 unforgettable times and 2 dangerous signals Human History and The World did prove my words and affirmations true and correct.


What about my recent affirmation?

Do you pay attention to it to avoid unbearable pains that are going to occur?


Don't wait until you see visible consequences because those consequences started to occur right when you were informed.


It is just about the matter how huge consequences will become because of your delay or disregard!


Therefore, people (not only staffs and CEO of Facebook) who knew about my affirmations should prepare and take necessary actions because "it" started already. 


"The longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become." (Khuong Dat Long)


While Facebook is struggling to deal with the problems, should you shut down Facebook Login Page or Sign Up Page?


Serious problems such as fake news, misinformation, hate speech, discrimination, user protection certainly don't occur on Facebook platform only.

The Guardian reported: "Almost $5bn (£3.8bn) has been wiped off the market value of Twitter after the social media service reported a drop of 1 million users following its action to delete fake and offensive accounts."


Before leaving this social network (and other online platforms), just think twice about Loss and Gain.


Social networks are the two-edged sword. They are tools that both the good and the bad can use.

People can get many benefits from them, but serious problems, especially fake news and misinformation, are showing the other side.


Watch the following video that Trump posted on his Twitter account


And look at a recent noisy war between the president and over 100 US newspapers, can you see the problem Fake News is poisoning their national unity more heavily?



facebook login sign in misinformation trump war

US papers plan fightback against what they call Trump’s ‘alarming’ attacks. Photograph: Markus Schreiber/AP (image from



This may be called "Internal Trauma" to a country. A life-saving solution for fake news will absolutely help cure this special 'trauma'.


You can stay there (online platforms) to get many benefits and try to protect yourself (while waiting for their solutions)


In fact, in this case, Users' decisions will largely depend on decisions of those who own online platforms.


And it will depend on whether they can have a life-saving solution or not.

What Miracle Will Distinguish Between Real News and Fake Ones
While Science is Helpless?


Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, the Author of Solutions "Parting The Ocean of Information" and "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Ultimate Power"

To Your Success and Happiness,

Khuong Dat Long


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