#Kisdel4: The Only Way To Check Real or Fake News

#Kisdel4 contains all posts about solving fake news successfully. How to check real or fake news and avoid their serious damages, consequences


Both Governments and the biggest Tech companies with the most advanced science and technology are powerless and can't understand how to stop fake news and toxic information from harming people and society seriously.


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How to check real or fake news?


The problem that Facebook and other tech companies are faced with is:

How to distinguish between real and fake news or How to recognize fake news?


The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) published a summary in diagram form (pictured at right) to assist people in recognizing fake news. These points have been corroborated by experts in the cognitive science of information processing.


Its main points are:
1. Consider the source (to understand its mission and purpose)
2. Read beyond the headline (to understand the whole story)
3. Check the authors (to see if they are real and credible)
4. Assess the supporting sources (to ensure they support the claims)
5. Check the date of publication (to see if the story is relevant and up to date)
6. Ask if it is a joke (to determine if it is meant to be satire)
7. Review your own biases (to see if they are affecting your judgement)
8. Ask experts (to get confirmation from independent people with knowledge).

The biggest obstacles


The above information is official instructions wrote on Wiki in order to help people identify fake news. These instructions are necessary, but they become complicated and are “impossible mission” to most people.


While news (both fake and real ones) is read by all people, not many people can follow the above instructions, or even most people don’t (want to) do that.

Specially, a lot of people just focus on reading news stories’ headlines and take actions hurriedly!

Even experts also can’t identify whether it’s fake or real news if they don’t have enough information and actual proofs!


Impatience, carelessness, and especially laziness of people (users) in reading and verifying news are really big obstacles that make the fake news war get worse and more difficult.

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Social Platforms: The 'Door' of Misinformation!


In the current time, people login social platforms through mobile android (for example, Facebook app). Just clicking login buttons, we can access information in the world.


Login pages of social websites are really the 'door' of both information and...misinformation.


Both the good and the bad can use these platforms to 'amplify' good and evil things.


Should you stop using them or What would you do?

Real or fake news: An important Note for You


While you are waiting for Tech companies which will solve misinformation and toxic information poisoning their social platforms, you should be careful of news spread on internet.


Fake news and misinformation will 'attack' you anytime and normally, they will harm you at the time when you are not aware of.

How to distinguish between real and fake news or How to recognize fake news?


This question is currently one of the most complicated issues that Science and tech are impossible to solve...

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