A Dangerous Motive of 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

This suggestion contains all posts relating to exposing a dangerous motive of Stephen Paddock who created 2017 Las Vegas Shooting in USA.


"We don't feel safe until we know." — Charles R. Figley, director of Tulane University's Traumatology Institute.


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motive 2017 las vegas shooting stephen paddock

The deadliest mass shooting in modern US history


2017 Las Vegas Shooting is considered to be the most complicated case because until now, people, especially FBI and US police have not found any suspicious motive.


What does make FBI, U.S Police who have looked at 'literally everything' not know why the killer Paddock unleashed high-rise massacre although “They've conducted hundreds of interviews, run down over 2,000 leads, conducted an extensive review of digital media on multiple devices, analyzed about 1,000 pieces of evidence, reviewed hundreds of hours of video and completed over 1,800 victim questionnaires, Rouse said.”


FBI and U.S Police still don’t have an answer for Paddock’s motive and they used to ask public to help them find out the killer’s motive. Therefore, FBI Launched "If You Know Something, Say Something" Campaign.


Finally, they gave up chasing Stephen Paddock's motive and closed the case.

The motive is in front of our eyes!


His Motive Is Right In Front Of Us!


Because it was hidden naturally, people can't see and understand why Stephen paddock killed so many innocent ones without mourn.


His dangerous motive 'reflected' the biggest powerlessness of The United States.

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