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One Proven Way To Get Happiness

To each person, there are many different ways to get Happiness. However, many people still can’t find out a certain way to reach that ‘destination’.

Discover the answer of Kisdel, the Happiness Deity who destroys sadness

Kisdel (/Kisdel/) is the Happiness Deity who destroys sadness and brings happiness to unhappy people.

People who usually feel sad, unmotivated or bored always desire to see him for help. Even people who feel so unhappy or hopeless want to meet Kisdel, the Deity of sadness destruction, in order to be saved.

The Deity Kisdel always gives his ideas and thoughts to help unhappy people.

Specially, each time after Kisdel gives them his helpful ideas, he always sings a song to make them happy or feel excited. That’s why people call him:

The Sadness Destruction Deity


Kisdel – episode 002 (30 November 2017)

Author: Khuong Dat Long
Singer: JeLong
Song: Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
Khuong Dat Long aka ‘Kisdel’
Photos by : Andrew Ruiz, Hisu lee, Khuong Dat Long, Joshua Earle – Jeremy Perkins, Papaver Rhoeas
Music: Mr. Puremotions, Nicolai Heidlas,
Mitchell Miller Music

Kisdel is a video production created by