Staggering Beauty Definition & The Beauty Core
Staggering Beauty Definition & The Beauty Core
Beauty is Simple. However, greed, weakness and fear really make it become complicated.

Staggering Beauty Definition

People find it not easy to define Beauty. It is more difficult to have a desired Beauty.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is this correct?


Society's definition of beauty: Beauty standards such as body shapes, facial features...people wanted to have specific and clear standards to reach Beauty. Unfortunately, these standards usually lead to tough prejudices.


Beauty Prejudices always stop human beings from reaching a TRUE BEAUTY: a Beauty with JOY & HAPPINESS.


Inner beauty and outer beauty always have an intimate relation. Their enemy is Ugliness. However, the world misunderstands Beauty and Ugliness.


They don't understand The Beauty Core.

A Staggering Beauty

The Highest Peak of Human Beauty is NOT ONLY about Beauty. It really 'touches' human souls where are deepest in the world.


Solutions revealed in the above ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Highest Peak of Human Beauty" can bring vital answers that can help solve different serious problems of the world.

Follow My Instructions or Suffer Consequences!

Until now, after many times my vital ebook updated, many people in the world have had to pay heavy prices because they did skip my words, suggestions and instructions.


If they had followed my suggestions and instructions, bad consequences would not have occurred many times.


Although at least 7 times, the whole world did prove my affirmations correct and true, they didn't take any real actions or just kept their silences.


Financial Damages and Human Lives lost are THE CLEAREST ANSWER. They are natural consequences when my words and instructions as well as my warnings are skipped.


The prices people and countries have been paying are NOT small. The world proves that skipping my words, especially my affirmations, a country considered to be strong like America can suffer huge aftermaths. Read my vital ebook and you will see it clearly.


If you ever finish my ebook and see what the reality (the world's events) are shown, you will definitely know that: Follow My Instructions or Suffer Consequences!


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