Have Courage To Solve Fake News, Hate Speeches or Give Up Yourself!




From: Khuong Dat Long

Date: 20 November 2018

(You're reading the 9th letter)

'We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you'




A founder of one of the biggest social platforms affirmed that.



If Tech companies cannot protect user data, they will not deserve to be good companies (which can contribute to society).



While the Fake News and Hate Speech problems are much worse than the problem of user data, what will/should those companies do if they cannot solve those dangerous things successfully?


Since US Presidential Election 2016, Science and Technology have been watched the enlargement of fake news and toxic information helplessly


Fake News leads The World by the nose!



Both Governments and the biggest Tech companies with the most advanced science and technology are powerless and can't understand how to stop fake news and toxic information from harming people and society seriously.


Because Of Fake News/Rumors: 33 Persons Have Been Killed And At Least 99 Injured In 69 Reported Cases!


"Nigerian police say false information on Facebook is killing people" reported BBC. "Nigerian police say false information and incendiary images on Facebook have contributed to more than a dozen recent killings in Plateau State - an area already torn by ethnic violence"


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said "Fake news, hate speech is time bomb in multi-ethnic, religious Nigeria".


He said, “Fake news if left unchecked like I said, has the capacity to bring even war to countries. “We all saw what happened in Rwanda where over 800 innocent lives were lost to fake news and hate speeches. “In Nigeria here, we’ve seen that fake news has aggravated the natural political fault lines of ethnicity and religion”. (source: Channels Television)


(or watch the video here)


Hate Speeches, Mass Shootings: When You Keep Silent, Gunshots Will Raise 'Their Voices'!



Since my affirmations, have you done anything to prevent evil actions from happening?


Since my affirmations were made, have you still kept silence and done nothing or have you just said something, but that's about it?


Or you did something but were those actions real ones?

This is the clear answer for all:


(please click on the video to watch)

Pittsburgh shooting on October 27, 2018 - the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history, and a massacre that highlights the rise of hate crimes across the country.




Your choice (keeping silence or taking action) always affects your life and other lives. In this case, unfortunately, that choice brings a sad ending as I did inform you. Now, people saw the reality (choices and their impacts) clearly.


What can you see from the Pittsburgh mass shooting?


If you are a Jew, your choice was doing nothing, keeping silence or taking weak actions in the past, evil things and the bad will hurt your brothers, sisters and your people who have the same root with you.


Do you wait to take real actions until evil things (fake news, hate speeches, discrimination) attack your closest, beloved ones?

You actually lost your luck by yourself


My words have costed people a lot.


My affirmations are worth at least hundreds of billions of dollars and many human lives.


Since my affirmations were made, at least $266 billion and a lot of lives have been taken by fake news, tech platforms' misuse and hate speeches (discrimination). If you and others had followed my words, the reality would have been different.


That's not enough. Numbers (damages of finances and human lives) are absolutely bigger.


Those are just superficial.


The biggest social platforms have lost their achievements and reputation (brands) just because of the serious problems that I did show and warn them so many times.


2017 is "the worst year YouTube has ever had".


This year 2018, is it the worst year of Facebook when the company was continuously hit by scandals?


I saw these consequences right from the beginning and previously informed you and people very early.


When you skipped my words and suffered bad consequences, you actually lost your luck by yourself.


The world is showing the reality from my affirmations and that means my affirmation about an unbearable aftermath is being fulfilled.


When you lose your luck, when you have to suffer bad consequences, you lose God's protection and blessings (no matter who you are a religiously affiliated person or an atheist).

What To Do?


Fake news, toxic information and hate speeches are being 'nourished' every day all over the world.


How are they being 'nourished'?

Firstly, they (the problems) will grow strong if no one (especially Tech companies and Governments) can solve them successfully, of course.

Secondly, your and people's silences (doing nothing), delay and/or weak actions or wrong solutions will completely 'feed' the problems and make them worse (you will see damages get bigger)

Thirdly, the bad who strongly 'supports' fake news, hate speeches will help 'amplify' the problems.

Fourthly, hatred and greed are the huge 'nurturing sources' that 'nourish' fake news, toxic information and hate speeches, discrimination.

And other things such as user habits, freedom of speech, etc...

Fake news, hate speeches are nourishing hatred.


Because of the matters of Fake News and misinformation taking place since the US Presidential Election 2016, there's a burning hatred that is 'growing' well between US Government and Media, particularly between the president Trump and CNN.



The more powerless people are, the worse the problems are.


Science and Technology with their most advanced achievements are NOT able to 'beat' fake news, hate speeches.


The highest and smartest AI (Artificial intelligence) are NOT smarter than fake news. That's why Fake news is leading Science and Technology industries by the nose!


Scientists and people of the biggest Tech companies are incapable of tackling the problems.


"The Harvard academic described the issue of managing "information disorder" as "the world's most complex jigsaw" and said the problem would take 50 years to resolve."


My words: when you give the number "50 years to resolve", that means: you don't know about fake news and its core issue.

Have Courage To Solve Fake News or Give Up Yourself!


Simply, I will show you two ways to solve the problems of fake news, hate speeches:






Read all of my letters again to know and see what I affirmed and the reality that is being shown.


With my simple instructions (my solution), a child also can solve fake news, avoid toxic information that scientists, Tech giants and the highest AI have NOT been able to do.


Pay me and I will show you how can I do that.


Under my God's instructions, It Took Me 3 Days To Solve The World's Fake News, Disinformation Problem.


When a child can do that (with my instructions), it is absolutely wrong when saying "the problem would take 50 years to resolve."


To fight fake news, misinformation in India, Google, Facebook and Twitter promise tougher action. According to thetechnomaster.com, "Irene Jay Liu, who leads Google News Lab in the Asia-Pacific region, said the company was focusing on training and upskilling people in India in a bid to help them spot fake news...This training network aims to support journalists from across India in their fight against misinformation, providing in-depth and hands-on verification training to 8,000 journalists across English and six other Indian languages over the next one year."


With the reality (the ways that Tech giants are doing to tackle the problem) has been shown, their actions and strategies will lead to failure even though "training to 8000 journalists" is a remarkable effort.


Just like Facebook which promised to "double the team to 20,000 people employed in the role by year's end, from the 10,000 people doing content moderation in October 2017.", Google is showing they don't understand the core issue.

Technology companies have been trying to show their efforts. However, to fake news problem, their efforts (actions and strategies) are making them trap themselves.




Simply, their actions are just like "a drop in the ocean" compared to the number of information/news we have on the internet.


If having the courage to see my solution, they will see a child (under my special instructions) also know how to deal with fake news and what to do to avoid its dangers.




Without a correct direction, the biggest Tech companies and national governments will be NOT able to succeed in dealing with the problems even though all of them cooperate and use the most advanced science and tech in ending the fake news, hate speech war.

Or Give Up Yourself




The bad who is trying hard to amplify fake news, disinformation and bad things on the internet is definitely laughing at the biggest Tech companies in the world, more exactly, they are laughing at the most excellent 'heads' of these companies sarcastically.


The more Tech giants become afraid of the fake news, disinformation problem, the more they trap themselves.


Tech Giants are trapping themselves...



The much more important thing: The aftermath will come faster if Tech giants and other organizations use wrong, inefficient solutions/strategies or delay solving serious problems.


The reality is proving my above words.


Until now, the problems haven't been solved and people, especially in America, still have seen mass shootings like Pittsburgh shooting on October 27, 2018.


Fake news and hate speeches, discrimination still have taken a lot of lives.


Technology companies still have been incapable of tackling fake news, hate speeches and toxic contents and let them (serious problems) destroy achievements.


If you don't have the courage, the best way is: Give up yourself.


If you/your company canNOT contribute to society and your business/action is helping fake news, hate speeches hurt people (especially innocent ones) and kill their lives, the best way is GIVE UP YOURSELF, close your company's services temporarily until the problems are solved or close it permanently.


Because if you don't do it, more lives will be taken (especially innocent people who will be killed unjustly because of fake news)

Because if you don't do it, the bad will also bring a sad ending to you/your company as a necessity.

If you do that by yourself (before the bad does it for you), it will be the less pain.

The matter is: do you have courage to do that?

Giving up will not solve the most serious problems that the world is being faced with, but at least it's wise to stop what you cannot help and stop your business/action that is helping evil things grow strong!

Don't Wait To Raise Your Voice and Take Real Actions Until You...Lose Your 'Throne'!




One of the reasons I do inform you of problems and their consequences previously, very early is you are having your own powers, your 'throne'.


If you are a CEO or a chairman/a leader/a director/a 'star'/a national president...now and you have correct actions, your 'throne' will help you have strong voice and influences.


Why don't you take actions (instead of keeping silence, doing nothing, delaying or taking weak actions) when you still have certain powers?

When you lose your 'throne', at that time, it will be very difficult or it's useless to do.

Therefore, if you want to win the fake news war, save your company and protect billions of people:


If you canNOT stop evil things from hurting people and save their lives, if your business/action 'helps' the problems get worse, have the courage to have my answer and solve the problems or just the same as the founder of one of the biggest social platforms, just keep the promise:


"...if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you"



Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, the Author of Solutions "Parting The Ocean of Information" and "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Ultimate Power"

Best Regards,

Khuong Dat Long

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