How To Reach The Level of A Real Genius?


A fake ‘genius’ can create or invent something which seems exceptional, but harm human lives seriously.

He or she, a fake ‘genius’, is even worse than the incompetent.

Because the incompetent cannot harm human society seriously.

However, a fake ‘genius’ or a real madman can.


Male or female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, do you feel yourself untalented?

Do you really feel incapable of getting talented and feel unconfident?

Are you afraid of others' talents because you cannot have their 'outer things' (which make them famous and rich) ?


Even people who are considered "geniuses" can also have this bad feeling...


Do you know the most famous singers/divas/divos/music child prodigies who 'killed' themselves because of music prejudices?


Your Talent Comes From God's Talent Truth!


Nowadays, Fake Technology can create Fake Artists.


They could build their fame and earned a lot of money from their music prejudices and fake ability.

But at last, they were 'killed' or 'killed' themselves because of what they followed and apllied.


In general, talents (in every fields) require mind and labour.

However, The Highest peak of Human Talent requires A Thing Which is more Outstanding

This ebook with my unique solutions will help you:


  1. Solve your career problem and bring you satisfactions about your talent.
  2. You won't depend on outer things to become a talented person.
  3. My solution doesn't only make you keep your talent but also help you reach The Highest Peak of Human Talent (A Real Genius). No solution in this world (but my ones) can do that.
  4. You can solve other problems such as prejudices (in your field) which harm your talent and career, especially cyberbullying and discrimination that harms your life.
  5. You will get more confident and improve your talent easily. Therefore, your career will be promoted well.
  6. and get much more benefits you can imagine

The World did prove My Solutions automatically many times


REAL WORLD EVENTS (Reality) which are the best testimonials occured and proved My Solutions True and Correct.

The Highest Peak of Human Talent


To music industry. the current world is teaching you and people that: If you (male and female) want to become (more and more) famous, you MUST have a HIGH and BEAUTIFUL singing voice or even use music effects which can highlight and improve your singing skills.




What's wrong with that?


That talent is just mediocre and it creates music prejudices and Discrimination!


To talents of every fields in this world, Let me ask you one question: How can you be really talented if without those outer things?


My solutions inside this ebook "God’s 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Talent and Ride The Tsunami Successfully!" bring you the opposite: The Most High-Spirited talent That DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE OUTSIDE!


And more than that, you can become "A Real Genius" and help people become talented in- and outside.

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