Stop Fake News and Protect Billions of Users With This One-Time Financial Incentive!


From: Khuong Dat Long

Date: 1 August 2018

(You're reading the 8th letter)  

The world is being faced with the most serious problems: fake news and user protection.


If these problems cannot be solved fast and successfully, an aftermath will come soon and cause unbearable pains.

I affirmed this in the 4th letter.


Because Of Fake News/Rumors: 33 Persons Have Been Killed And At Least 99 Injured In 69 Reported Cases!


Those serious problems cause not only destruction and death but also make "Democracy at risk".


The Guardian reported: "Democracy at risk due to fake news and data misuse, MPs conclude" and their article also said: {"relentless targeting of hyper-partisan views, which play to the fears and prejudices of people, in order to influence their voting plans and their behaviour” posed a greater threat to democracy than more familiar forms of so-called fake news, raising particular concerns about the way online data could be manipulated to impact elections."}

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An Unbearable Aftermath Is Coming


It's the second time the dangerous signals have come.


Two times, Tech companies (especially Facebook and Twitter) have suffered huge losses in the stock market.


Quartz reported: "Facebook’s scandals just cost it $150 billion on Wall Street"


Image from Quartz,


The more serious losses they are suffering are: Their brands have consistently lost value in the very short time!


By letting the bad still amplify fake news, hate speech, toxic contents on their platforms and Without any efficient solution, Tech giants are killing themselves.


When people and especially their shareholders see that these tech companies don't have an efficient solution to deal with the problems, they will lose their trust on these companies and when their trust is lost, companies' brands are damaged, painful consequences are unavoidable.


And two times of huge damages (on March and July 2018) are the clearest proofs.


These proofs are showing that the unbearable aftermath is coming. I have continuously affirmed this aftermath many times since the 4th letter (written on 30 March 2018)


When it comes, consequences are not financial damages only. That's why having an efficient solution in the soonest time is a Must, the highest priority to get people's trust back.


Just in the very short time, two times, they (the biggest Tech companies in the world) have had huge losses.


The question is: What next consequences do they want to see in order to completely see the truth in my affirmation?

There Is Only One Solution and I Am The Only One Who Owns and Can Deploy It Immediately.


What to believe?


At least, 7 unforgettable times and 2 dangerous signals Human History and The World did prove my words and affirmations true and correct


These vital proofs and signals relate to the most serious problems (fake news, disinformation, hate speech, discrimination) that Technology giants are being faced with!


Since 2015 Christmas, people out there (especially CEOs of Tech companies) have continuously seen these proofs in the clearest way!


You will see vital events detailed in my ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty" or watch the following evidential videos:

#1. 2017 Women’s March (since January 21, 2017)

At least, over 5 million people who marched all over the world (over 80 countries) prove my following affirmation correct and true If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’ (axiom), the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’

(Khuong Dat Long)

#2. A U.K Parliament to debate Trump state visit after 1.8 million sign petition (in Feb 7th 2017)

The petition, which falls short of calling for Trump to be banned from the UK. This event proves that: The worst thing, actually they are objecting to themselves although they don’t perhaps recognize that. Reason? Behaving unkindly or even cruelly towards people (because of their prejudices) indicates they “voluntarily allow” others to do the same

(Khuong Dat Long)

#3. FBI Investigation (March 6 2017)

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation joins investigation into shooting of Sikh man in Seattle suburb who says gunman told him to 'get out of our country. This real story occured after my following affirmation: Before the bad has to pay for their cruel actions, there will be a lot of good and innocent people who will have to suffer the consequences heavily from people’s silence, neglect. It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.

(Khuong Dat Long)

#4. The August 11–12 2017 rally was organized to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue

The 4th time, my following affirmation becomes Truth. (I wrote this in the 8thupdate of my ebook in March, 19 2017). The event took place in Charlottesville, Virginia (called Charlottesville rally from August 11–12, 2017.

“If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become. Therefore, Solving the problems will become more  complicated and You’ll certainly have to pay a heavier price!”

(Khuong Dat Long)

#5. 2017 Fresno Shootings (April 18 2017)

On April 18, 2017, a shooting spree occurred in Fresno, California, leaving three men dead. "The accused shooter – who had posted about Black Lives Matter and allegedly told police he “hates white people” – was named as Kori Muhammad (Kori Ali Muhammad)" “If You do nothing, the longer time passes, the worse the problems and consequences will become..."

(Khuong Dat Long)

#6. “In terms of its public image, 2017 was also the worst year YouTube has ever had" (December 2017)

“More companies are pulling advertising from YouTube over Google’s inability to ensure ads won’t appear next to hateful and offensive content.”; "...big brands threatened a full scale boycott of YouTube after learning that their advertising was being played alongside racist and offensive videos"

My affirmation “It’ll be a heavier price they who knew how and what to do but do nothing will have to pay.”

(Khuong Dat Long)

#7. Some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly (2018)

Look at the 6th proof again, you absolutely see my following affirmation correct. “Science, Knowledge can help our life get better. The more science develops, the more benefits we can get. However, there have been many vital things that couldn’t be solved by science only. Even some sciential thing that has strongly developed has caused serious problems that harm human life badly. "

(Khuong Dat Long)


I'm Khuong Dat Long. Under My God's Intructions, It Took Me 3 Days To Solve The World's Fake News Problem.


I said in the 5th letter that I would only provide Tech giants and/or Governments with my solution with the condition "After 15 July (2018), my solution will be just for people who can accept the challenge."


To fully understand what I am saying, you can read what the challenge is and why I challenge them here


However, to save many lives and losses that will certainly happen in the future (a gloomy future that is clearly seen if they cannot look for an efficient solution), I will give Tech companies and Governments the following One-Time Financial Incentive:


I will make it clear now:


  1. Who want me to solve fake news and protect users?
    • -Platforms (Tech companies): Facebook/Amazon/Google/Twitter/Whatsapp/Yahoo/Bing/Youtube and others
    • -Governments
    • -Others
  2. How to have my solution?
    • -Instead of paying 20% of you company's value, with The One-Time Financial Incentive (5% off), you will just pay 15% of you company's value
    • -To Governments: please contact me for further information
  3. Timeline: 1 August - 20 August 2018
  4. What if you send me an email and ask to have my solution after 20 August 2018?
    • -The One-Time Financial Incentive (5% off) will be invalid
    • -At this time, if still wanting me to solve the problems, you will have pay at least 21% of you company' value
  5. Specially, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
    • -I want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision.
    • -You will only pay if my solution is proved true and correct and if it solves the problems to the every roots, makes your company and people safe, stops fake news and protects billions of user successfully!
    • -Especially, if it cannot solve the problems, I will give you 1 billion dollars.
  6. Before I show my solution (the strategy to solve the problem), there will be an agreement signed between I and you (your company/government). One of things in the agreement will say that: you will have to pay me if the Reality proves my solution true.


Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, the Author of Solutions "Parting The Ocean of Information" and "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: The Ultimate Power"

To Your Success and Happiness,

Khuong Dat Long

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