Fake News and Shooting Livestreams: The Reality Game of 'Two Evil Snakes'




From: Khuong Dat Long

Date: 22 March 2019

(You're reading the 10th letter)

This evil game is for the whole world: People are Preys

Fake News and Shooting Livestreams are 'Two Evil Snakes'

Social Platforms are Deadly Playgrounds




The rule of this evil game is:



People (everyone in every countries, Governments and especially Tech giants) are struggling to kill two evil snakes by 'knife throwing' (their skills/tools/laws/AI/etc...).



If the knife throwing is successful, everyone is safe.



On the contrary, people are dead by bites of evil snakes at long last.


The Evil Game That The Human World Is Playing In Reality

The Reality Game of Evil



The evil thing is:



People ONLY can throw the knife to the left or right to kill snakes!



And the evil snakes only can move towards the left or right side.



However, the evil snakes always keep one step ahead of their 'preys'



And that is the evil rule: the snakes always know how to avoid your knives BECAUSE they are one step earlier than you.


Tech giants Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter and the rest of Science and Technology are helpless

because they are one step later than the 'evil snakes' (Fake News & Shooting Livestreams).


Shooting Livestreams: When Technology Is Impossible To Keep Up and It Will Always Be!


On 17 March 2019, in Vietnam, I read this news on Zing.vn:


"Cụ thể, video thảm sát tại New Zealand vẫn tồn tại trên Facebook nhiều giờ sau khi vụ thảm sát kết thúc. Bên cạnh đó, các phiên bản reup (đăng tải lại) xuất hiện dày đặc trên các nền tảng YouTube, Facebook trước khi bộ phận kiểm duyệt bắt đầu ra tay."

(Specifically, the New Zealand massacre video still existed on Facebook many hours after the massacre had ended. Besides, copies (re-uploading videos) had appeared densely on YouTube and Facebook platforms before censorship began.)


That means: Technology companies are one step later than the second 'evil snake' (shooting livestreams).

In the simplest words, after killers (who record their crimes live) begin to shoot victims, these Tech companies' censorship only can begin their work and try to stop shooting livestreams!


"Facebook was the platform of choice for a 28-year-old Australian terrorist who livestreamed his massacre at two mosques in New Zealand last Friday that killed 50 people and left dozens injured" told Gizmodo.com.

Facebook itself reported (after Christchurch mosque shootings) that:

    • -{The video (shooting livestream) was viewed fewer than 200 times during the live broadcast.
    • -No users reported the video during the live broadcast.
    • -Including the views during the live broadcast, the video was viewed about 4,000 times in total before being removed from Facebook.
    • -Before we were alerted to the video, a user on 8chan posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site.
    • -The first user report on the original video came in 29 minutes after the video started, and 12 minutes after the live broadcast ended.
    • -In the first 24 hours, we removed more than 1.2 million videos of the attack at upload, which were therefore prevented from being seen on our services. Approximately 300,000 additional copies were removed after they were posted.} (source)


Besides Fake News, stopping a shooting livestream and preventing people from spreading over social platforms (when killers begin) is an Impossible Thing to Technology and Science (especially AI - artificial intelligence).

"Both YouTube and Turek can agree on, is catching live streams as they happen. It’s nearly impossible, according to Turek, because the content in a live stream is constantly changing." said TheVerge.com

To Facebook, the company admitted "We recognize that the immediacy of Facebook Live brings unique challenges" and explained that "Many people have asked why artificial intelligence (AI) didn’t detect the video from last week’s attack automatically. AI has made massive progress over the years and in many areas, which has enabled us to proactively detect the vast majority of the content we remove. But it’s not perfect."


It is so hard (impossible) that Rasty Turek, the founder and CEO of Pex, thought and affirmed:


“You can blame YouTube for many things, but no one on this planet can fix live-streaming right now."

The Only Way To Kill Two Evil Snakes and Win The Evil Game!



How to kill two evil snakes (Fake news and especially Shooting Livestreams) which are hunting their 'preys' - human lives?


Since I read that article on Zing, I have found the clear answer for solving livestreams, especially shooting livestreams.



If you can find a rescuing way for solving Fake news, you can do that to Livestreams (especially shooting livestreams)!


(Khuong Dat Long)



My rescuing way is not only for shooting livestreams but also for other toxic livestreams (such as livestreams of hate speech, discrimination, killing, etc...).


Science and Tech, with recent problems, clearly show that: People need a different level, a new 'environment' and a new Science, Tech in order to overcome evil things and save human lives.


Shooting livestreams strongly 'amplify' evil purposes and cause panic and terror. The powerlessness of social platforms, Tech companies will make the problems worse and make the number of casualties increase.


The same point between Fake News and Shooting Livestreams: Discrimination, Hate Speech and Hatred.


This is the first action to stop evil crimes caused by Fake News and Shooting Livestreams. You have two choices:

1. 'Destroy' Livestream. Remove functions of livestream on mobile devices and social platforms

(Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and all of other platforms on internet)


If you do so, obviously, people will not have things (crimes in livestreams) that they didn't have before.


However, the 'evil snake' (shooting livestreams) will achieve one of its goal: Great benefits people have from livestreams will lose forever.


Livestream is "a video live streaming platform that allows customers to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet, and viewers to play the content via the web, iOS, Android, Roku, and the Apple TV" (wiki)

Without it, people will not have Live Broadcasts (on platforms) that benefit their lives. Governments will not be able to record live streams about their important notifications or press conferences. Businessmen and companies can't communicate with their customers and sell their products and services directly, effectively and interestingly. The same for Artists. People and especially Journalists can't record facts that are taking place in time...


Above all, destroying livestreams is 'run and hide', in this case, it's cowardice.


In fact, before livestream, Live Television used to be the most popular way to give true images to people. However, livestream is better because people over the world can use it with a lot of different purposes easily.

2. Use My Rescuing Way to Save Livestreams, Solve Fake News, Stop Evil Crimes, Protect Billions

of Users and Make Social Platforms Become One of The Greatest Tools for Humans!


With my way, you will know:

  1. How to recognize livestreams of bad users and even potential killers
  2. When killers/shooters begin their crimes, how to deal with their evil livestreams immediately (that AI cannot do) and make people feel safe when watching livestreams
  3. How to prevent killers from using livestream
  4. How censorship/content moderators of Tech companies will deal with shooting livestreams if they are one step later than those killing videos
  5. How Tech companies can stop people from re-uploading shooting videos and sharing them on their platforms from the very first start
  6. How to deal with the problems (fake news and livestream) by reducing number of staffs (censorship), NOT by increasing it !
  7. How to distinguish between real news and fake ones
  8. How to avoid false/fake news and people will have the best trusted news sources for users to read daily. Not only will News sources be reliable, but they also will have high quality.
  9. Avoiding consequences caused by fake news, misinformation and toxic livestreams: How to do that
  10. How to stop false and hoax news stories from spreading freely across online platforms. our society can avoid damages and consequences caused by misinformation and fake news
  11. Some of the largest Tech companies have had a tendency to change their cores of platforms which have helped and made their platforms become successful and impressed their users globally. Unfortunately, because of the serious problems (fake news, livestreams, discrimination, hate speech and user protection) they are being faced and no effective solution they have, their 'children' whose 'blood' can be changed. How they can solve those problems while still keeping their cores of platforms or changing them in the best way
  12. How to save livestream and make it bring people huge benefits
  13. What to win 'the evil snakes' forever!
  14. more


Solving Fake News and especially Shooting Livestreams requires the special participation of Governments and Tech companies


I will help you and your company have 'exits' and you will have better things/results because I will not only make your platforms deal with the problems successfully, protect company's brand from hurting by these serious problems, but I will make them (platforms) become the greatest tools for Humans.

With the current Science and Tech, you and your company will not be able to do that.


Therefore, if you want to deal with these evil problems, take the first action:

Prepare things for me to meet your company's President or CEO and your Government (especially those who are responsible for internet environment).

    • *Or you and involved people will visit me in Vietnam
    • *Or prepare things (flights, accommodation) for me to fly to visit your company.


When I show my rescuing way:

    • #1. If my solutions (for Fake news and Livestreams) are proved correct and true and by Reality and the bad cannot spread fake news and use Livestreams to amplify bad things, you and your company will have to pay me 25% of your company value and extra fees (flight, accommodation, etc...)
    • #2. Conversely, I will pay you 1 Billion dollars and extra fees (flight, accommodation, etc...)



Just think of this: Your company cannot lose anything with this suggestion of mine.

You can test (before applying), verify, use my rescuing way and see its clear answer. The best, apply my solutions and see The Reality and the bad give you and people TRUE RESPONSES

Special: The Best Suggestion!


To solve Fake News on social platforms, I challenged and suggested that Tech companies "pay me 1/5 (20%)".


Now, to deal with both of Fake news and Shooting Livestreams, instead of 25% of company value, I just keep the same price and suggest that Tech companies "pay me 1/5".


Besides, to tackle and stop bad things which are trying to 'amplify' evil purposes and are harming people (billions of users) in the soonest time, I will give these companies 1% off.


That means: to solve Fake News and Toxic Livestreams successfully, Instead of paying 25% of the company's value, Tech companies will just pay 19% if three tech companies (Facebook, Youtube-Google and Twitter) use my rescuing way.


Zing.vn reported that:

"Lên kế hoạch trên Twitter, livestream trên Facebook, kêu gọi đăng ký kênh YouTube, kẻ giết người trong vụ khủng bố tại New Zealand tận dụng triệt để mạng xã hội để lan truyền tội ác của mình."

(Planning on Twitter, livestreaming on Facebook, calling for YouTube channel registration, the killer in New Zealand mosque shootings utilised social networks radically to spread his crime."



Fake news and livestreams are being exploited on the three largest platforms (and other platforms).

If all the three Tech companies tackle the problems together with my rescuing way, they will definitely win in fighting Fake news and shooting livestreams.



Therefore, take this chance and stop evil things as soon as possible because when another shooting occurs, this special suggestion will be over and the prices will be 'higher' (both literally and figuratively)

Each time Human History and The World Automatically Prove My Words and Affirmations True, You Lose More of Yourself


My words have costed people a lot.


Since my affirmations were made in my vital ebook "God's 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty - Ride The Tsunami!", hundreds of billions of dollars and a lot of lives have been taken by fake news, tech platforms' misuse and hate speeches (discrimination). If you and others had followed my words long time ago, the reality would have been different.


Misuse of platforms, hate speeches, discrimination (especially White Supremacy): The world is happening exactly as what I affirmed!


The livestream problem is making An Unbearable Aftermath become truer!


Do you know or remember what I did affirm and now the whole world is seeing it clearly?


Killers can utilise social networks radically to spread their crimes. More than prayers, you and others have to take real actions.

What To Do Now?


Victims who died of misuse (especially fake news, livestreams), hate speeches and discrimination did lose everything: they lost their lives!


Science and especially Tech, with recent problems, show WRONG directions (ways to deal with the problems) and Powerlessness in tackling fake news and toxic livestreams. That costed many human lives.


If you and your company/government don't have courage to solve fake news and shooting livestreams, "If you/your company canNOT contribute to society and your business/action is helping fake news, hate speeches hurt people (especially innocent ones) and kill their livesthe best way is GIVE UP YOURSELF" and "Because if you don't do it (Giving up yourself), more lives will be taken (especially innocent people who will be killed" because of fake news)" (see my 9th letter)


On the contrary, let me "Save Livestreams, Solve Fake News, Stop Evil Crimes, Protect Billions of Users and Make Social Platforms Become One of The Greatest Tools for Humans!" as I affirmed!


Khuong Dat Long knows Paddock's motive beauty people no makeup

My name is Khuong Dat Long, A Little Child of God.

With PROVEN Solutions "God’s 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty, Talent and Escape Plagues Successfully!, I Will Make You Overcome The COVID-19 Pandemic, Avoid MegaTsunami, Disasters and Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Talent.

To Your Success and Happiness,

Khuong Dat Long


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