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Date: 28 July 2018

Sweet black bean soup - Image: congthucmonngon.com

A Pot of Sweet Black Bean Soup Worth At 5 Billion Dollars


Suppose you sell sweet black bean soup.


You invested your big fortune (5 Billion Dollars) in making and selling this sweet soup.


So, you have only one special Pot of Sweet Black Bean Soup.

Huge Danger From Flies


Your pot doesn't have a lid.


What will happen if filthy flies fall into the pot? Do customers still want to enjoy your sweet soup?


So, flies are your archenemies.


You have been trying many ways to protect your pot (your business), but those ways are useless or inefficient and flies are still trying to 'attack' the pot.


What will happen?


The More Time Passes, The Nearer An Unbearable Aftermath Comes


The sweet black bean soup will get rancid. Flies trouble you and you cannot sell sweet soup.


Or at last, flies will fall into the pot.


Your will dissipate your entire fortune.


So, don't despise these flies. Your business are possible to face painful bankruptcy just because of this destructive insect.

A Life-Saving Lid


A lid is the best solution and it is the life-saving lid in order for you to save your vital business


A person owns this lid.


This lid helps not only stop flies but also make the sweet black bean soup become more delicious! (Why more delicious? How can the sweet soup be delicious and how can people dare to enjoy it if there're a lot of flies around the pot?)


To have this lid and save the special pot of sweet soup, you will have to pay the owner of the lid one fifth the value of the pot.

How To Save The Pot While:


  • You have been trying many ways, but it's useless to stop flies
  • The More Time Passes, the more dangerous the business becomes (Flies are making you lose many customers and damage your brand seriously)
  • The lid is the only one


A Wise Business Person Does Not Consider "1/5" A Loss or A Fee.


That Person Considers It An Investment.



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