Beyond Misinformation: Part 1 - Burning Hatred

Disinformation and misinformation definition


To make it easy to distinguish between two of these terms, you just need to remember:


  1. Disinformation: false/inaccurate information given intentionally
  2. Misinformation: false/inaccurate information given unintentionally/carelessly


Disinformation vs misinformation: the difference between them is the intention


U.K. government is avoiding the "misleading" term "fake news"

"According to The Telegraph, the government has banned use of the term in all official documents and policy papers."


Facebook and its people also have avoided using 'fake news' and they often use the term 'misinformation' when mentioning this problem.


Why to avoid it 'Fake News'?

Fear? Powerlessness? or Don't dare to face it?


Find out more about Fake News That People Want To Escape When Thinking of It

A Burning Hatred caused by the matters of fake news, misinformation on the internet


Because of the matters of Fake News and misinformation taking place since the US Presidential Election 2016, there's a burning hatred between US Government and Media, particularly between the president Trump and CNN, that is 'growing' well.

The Growth of Hatred


Obviously, the more the matter of fake news and misinformation cannot be solved successfully, the more dangerous the hatred is getting.


America (and other countries) are not still able to solve this problem and they are letting Fake News (the problem) 'feed' the hatred.


Is there anybody who can see the worst consequences taking place in the near future?

The Reality: No one in Science and Technology Industry Understands Fake News, Misinformation and Overpowers It!



Google, Facebook, Twitter and Governments have been trying to solve this problem since 2016, but "No winners, so far" as affirmed by The Washington Post.


What makes them become powerless when facing this dangerous issue?


Obviously, the reality is the most advanced Tech and Science cannot overpower and win the fake, evil, toxic information spread over the internet.


The more powerless they are, the more dangerous hatred is and the worse consequences are.


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