It’s so amazing when I come here.


I mean, under my God’s special instructions, I found THE ONLY WAY to overcome tsunami (waves of death) which is always one of the hugest fears of humans.


My God (The Trinity-Jesus) has been guiding and showing me ‘lights’ that helped me find answers to solve unsolvable problems. Not only my God but other Supreme Beings also helped me. That is really amazing!


You, male or female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist, are reading and taking the best benefit from this my unique e-book. The best benefit comes from the most beautiful and important ‘person’ in life: God.


This solution e-book is not only for people but also countries that are suffering hurts, traumas from serious problems. This document contains solutions which help every person (male or female, a religiously affiliated person or an atheist) solve most serious problems in the simplest and best way.


The most special thing: solutions in this ebook were automatically proved true by Real Life, World Events.

There are 7 problems that are seven of the most serious ones in the world:


  1. Beauty and Cosmetics/Plastic Surgery
  2. Talent and Fake Technology.
  3. Cyberbullying and Suicide.
  1. Discrimination, Hate Speech (especially racial, institutional discrimination)
  2. An unknown motive of Stephen Paddock who did kill 58 people and injure 851 ones in the event of 2017 Las Vegas Shooting which is considered the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
  3. Fake news and misinformation
  4. Waves of death in Tsunami, Hurricane And Flood

This new release will provide you with full solutions for the beauty, talent and discrimination problems.


To the 5th and 6th problems (Paddock’s motive and Solving Fake News) , I will give special suggestions to related people and organizations to provide them (especially Tech companies and Goverments) with my special solutions.


To survive and stand on an accidental tsunami, I will show you pictures and a proven rescuing way that people all over the world don’t realize. If they (victims) had realised that way, they could have overcome and survived.


The solutions I gave in this ebook were proved correct and true by The Real World Events at least 7 times (7 vital proofs). Read this documents carefully and you will see Truths.


My solution for surviving in a tsunami relies on the reality (vital proofs). You will see my solution for standing up on a tsunami that is true in life.


My solutions are always from amazing instructions of my God, The Trinity-Jesus, and other Supreme Beings.


As a result of all those vital proofs (7 clearest ones), these solutions are not only for people of Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc..but also for atheists. Simply, my solutions are first for human beings.


You will discover an important relation between Religion and Science-Tech.

So, what best benefits and new things can you get from my solutions in the 3rd release? You will:


  • Know Greatest Truths of God and the simplest, best way in order to:
    • become healthier and extremely beautiful!
    • reach the level of a Genius
    • overcome cyberbullying, harsh comments (which humiliate you) and take huge benefits from bad incidents.
    • deal with discrimination based on beauty/talent/skin color/gender/race/etc…and have ultimate power to win and dominate the bad.
    • solve most serious, hardest Beauty and Discrimination problems
  • Know and Understand 7 Beauty Commandments of God well
  • Watch 7 vital proofs and a truth behind them.
  • Know what The Highest Peak of Human Beauty and Talent is and the only way to reach that high-spirited peak.
  • Know exactly how to become The Most Beautiful Person In The World. If you can reach The Highest Peak of Beauty and help people become beautiful in and outside, you are worth to be called "The Most Beautiful Person In The World!" with huge respects.
  • Know exactly how to become The Most Talented Person In The World (A Real Genius in your field). If you can reach the level of a Genius and help people become talented in- and outside, you are worth to be called "The Most Talented Person In The World!" with huge respects.
  • Live a meaningful and happy life. With the powers (solutions) I will provide you, live a peaceful, healthy, rich, beautiful, talented and happy life with your own beauty, strength and ability.
  • These solutions in this ebooks will help stop or reduce aftermaths (of the problems) that can get bigger and more dangerous if people (especially who are involved in or responsible for solving the problems) are ready to take actions immediately.
  • Discover my suggestion for exposing Stephen paddock’s motive
  • Discover my suggestion for solving Fake news and Hate speech.
  • Find out how Americans automatically proved my tsunami solution true
  • Learn how to stand up on a tsunami through rare pictures, videos and learn how to survive unexpected waves of death.
  • And more...

Finish this e-book, then you’ll know vital solutions and how to get those huge benefits.


Knowledge is just Power…in book/mind, but Applying Knowledge (Action) is Power in Reality.


One of the best ways to help people, help your family and friends, help yourself survive and stand up on waves of death, is sharing this ebook with them. In this ebook, the solution for escaping from deadly waves (as well as hurricane, flood and house fire) has never been discovered and told for millions of years.


In a terrible disaster like tsunami, hurricane or massive flood, helping others is helping yourself. You will see and understand why I affirm that in the next important parts of this document.


I hope you’ll get many benefits from my solutions by following and applying them as well as strongly share these benefits with people around you!


All The Best,

Khuong Dat Long

(God’s 7 Beauty Commandments: Reach The Highest Peak

of Human Beauty, Talent and Ride The Tsunami Successfully!)

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