Letter About 'Anxiom', 20/Jan/2017


Dear friend,

Thank you for downloading, reading and sharing my top-secret ebook with others. I write this letter to specially thank a man for badly criticizing on one mistake I made in the 3rd update. He said to me I had written a wrong word "anxiom" (instead of 'axiom') in my following affirmation:

"If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’, the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’. (Khuong Dat Long)"

Although he said he could understand what I had said, his intense criticism was awful. If someone has a reaction like his, please read the following explanation that I said to him:




The word "anxiom", of course, doesn't appear in any English dictionary. It is exactly "axiom". Yes, I had a misspelling.

Firstly, thank you so much for being interested in my ebook and criticizing on that word in spite of your heavy criticism.

Secondly, English is not my native language/mother tongue. I have questions for you, a native English speaker:

  1. During your life, can you write/speak everything with spellings and grammars 100% correct?
  2. If you could do this, please try to accept my challenge in my book!

If all people all over the world and even you who use English as a native language/mother tongue could write/speak every words WITHOUT a misspelling, even a grammar error during life, criticize on me in the awful way. Criticism is just good if it comes from goodwill and contribution. My English vocabularies that I used in the ebook are very simple words in order for everyone in the world can understand the solutions easily. My ebook with solutions needs the simplest words to solve the hardest problems. That is one of the reasons I deeply believe why I was born and grown up in a country whose native language is not English!

Thirdly, I sometimes use English with misspellings, even grammar errors to describe my words, affirmations and solutions, but I challenge Geniuses in the world, especially a 'genius' of (English) language can provide solutions absolutely different from mine and solve most annoying beauty and discrimination problems even when they can write everything with spellings and grammars 100% correct during their life. So, what is much more important: mispelling, grammar error or solutions for human life? However, the most important thing is: My words and affirmations in the ebook were proved CORRECT by Human History after I had revealed/provided those solutions. They, automatically, don't need proving by anyone, even me. The world now is beholding racism raising up in a country with most advanced sciences and technologies, but the country failed in abolishing discrimination. This can happen to your country, sir. Therefore, at this time, we, for US, need solutions that can deeply solve the worst problems. We now should focus on applying CORRECT SOLUTIONS instead of correct spellings, right?

Finally, because of bad things (beauty and especially discrimination problems) happening in the world, I still will keep the word 'anxiom' in my top-secret ebook because of A Special Reason! This word is only used in my following affirmation:

"If you discriminate against others (because of prejudices), treat them based on discrimination and you consider that as an ‘anxiom’, the world (people and God) will automatically discriminate against you by your own ‘anxiom’* "

(Khuong Dat Long)



Hope you (members and visitors) have something good through this story.

Khuong Dat Long.
{Author of Solutions: How To Reach The Highest Peak Of Human Beauty?}

P.S. Dear everyone, since my 4th Update of the ebook (released in 20/1/2017), I will continue keeping the word "anxiom" instead of "axiom" in my affirmation only. However, I will write the affirmation text with a footnote and in red, just like this (download the latest Update and look at it on page 23)

PPS. While I was writing this letter, I got an interesting idea: "Why don't I make the day 20/1 become more meaningful, more humane and greater?". Therefore, I decided: God Anxiom's Day (or called God Root Truth's Day) is celebrated every year on 20 January! It's the day when we show our Respects to People, supports for Human Equality, Anti-Discrimination and show Love for God! Besides, we'll also have 11 God Anxiom's Preparation Days celebrated on the 20th day of each month to prepare for the God Anxiom's Day 20/1. Please learn more here. People all over the world can join these events by clicking the following button "Enjoy God Anxiom's Day" (on 20/1 each year) and the buttons "Enjoy God Anxiom's Preparation Day" (on 20/each month)

Happy God Anxiom's Prep Day





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