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How To Make Healthy, Delicious God Anxiom Soup and Wonderful Sweet Gruel?

Dear members and visitors of KhuongDatLong.com,

Today, April 20 2017, we'll celebrate the 3rd God Anxiom's Preparation Day. If you are a new member or visitor, please read more about this event.

As I mentioned it before, we'll celebrate the 20th day each month to show our Respects to People, our supports for Human Equality, Anti-Discrimination and show Love for God (if you're a child/person of God)!

Specially, on this day, we'll enjoy delicious and healthy meals with family, friends, colleagues and with anyone you like (even a stranger). Just remember, God Anxiom Soup andWonderful Sweet Gruel (or also called God Axiom Sweet Gruel) are main foods in meals in our main event (20/1; God Anxiom's Day), but they are options on Preparation Days. That means, today April 20 2017, You and I and our family, friends, etc...can have any foods in meals. If you are curious about two above dishes, this page will help you how to make and enjoy them!

First, we'll have the first recipe: God Axiom Sweet Gruel




* 150g White bean

* 150g Black bean

* 150g Yellow bean

– 9 pandan leaves (pandan leaf is like Asian vanilla)

– 400-500g white sugar

– 1/2 tsp. salt

– Coconut milk

– Peanut

– Shredded coconut

Notice: 3 above beans (White & Black & Yellow ones) are a Must! In addition, if you like, you can add red bean (azukia bean) or mung bean (skin off) or a different one you like into this recipe. I recommend mung bean because it's really soft and delicious when mixing with three above beans. It’s really up to you. You should keep the same weight of beans in grams (150g/each bean). When you make this dish in your kitchen, I believe you'll understand a good reason. 😀



– Put different beans in different containers. Soak them in water over night.

– After about 8 hours, drain them.

– Use separate pans to cook the beans. Use 3 leaves for different beans to cook together. I used tea filter bags to put the leaves in so the beans do not stick on the leaves.

– In three different sauce pans, cook white bean, black bean and yellow bean with pandan leaves under medium to low heat. The cooking time would take at least 1.30 hours till the beans are soft, but not too soft so they don’t lose their shape. Since I have a slow cooker, I put the beans together in the slow cooker with water double the bean. Put pandan leaves into the slow cookers as well. Stir in 1/2 tbsp of salt in the beginning. The slow cookers should tell you when it’s done.

– If you use a slow cooker, take the bean out to a normal pan. You should leave the water about 1/2 the amount of beans. Sweeten with sugar and cooked for about half an hour more. The water will become syrup like because of the taste of the beans and sugar. Adjust the amount of sugar to your taste.

– Roast peanut in a pan till the skin start to part away from the peanuts. Wait till they are not hot and use your fingers to remove the skin off (or alternatively, you can put them all into a tea towel and rub them to remove the skin). Crush the peanuts into small pieces (or half) using a blender or a food processor.

{If you use mung bean: it needs to be in a separate pan. Mung bean as you can see is mashed. Use 2 more pandan leaves for mung bean. Cook mung bean till they are soft and lose all of the shape under medium to low heat, with pandan leaves. When they are almost mashed, remove pandan leaves. The mung bean should be mashed like mashed potato. Add more sugar to sweeten it.}


– Add a layer of white bean, a layer of red bean. Top with a layer of mung bean (mung bean should be less than other beans). Pour with 1-2 tbsp of coconut milk. Top with  peanut and shredded coconut. Serve cold.

A layer of crushed ice is laid down first before the beans. But if it’s cold in your country, keeping the bean in the fridge is cold enough. You can also store the beans in the freezer.

Note: try different coconut milk because it also affects how good the dessert is.

(Edited from source: qakitchen.wordpress.com)


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(Don't worry if you can't enjoy this dish on this April 20! We have 8 more Preparation Days. And this recipe will be perfected for you)




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