The following letter is for the president of the United States, Donald Trump

Discover What The Supreme Being, Jesus, Your God Does Really Want to Say To You, the president of the United States!




Dear Mr President,

The world knows you are a country leader now and unfortunately, people around the world are worrying about your executive orders (especially the travel ban that is also called "Muslim ban" by Democrats and progressives). Do you recognize that, Mr Trump?

Many people all over the world think that: you (and your staffs) are arousing enmity and they think, because you picked a fight with those banned countries, terrible attack risks may happen later.

Have you ever watched videos like this:


"CEOs of companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Airbnb shared their near-unanimous opposition" (words of Business Insider) to Trump’s order, which bans the admission of all refugees for 120 days and people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days. On February 6, CNN wrote "A total of 97 companies -- including Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30), Google (GOOGL, Tech30), Intel (INTC, Tech30), Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30), Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) and Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) -- filed a court motion Sunday night declaring that Trump's executive order on immigration "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution."

Most of people have raised their voices by demonstrations taking place all over the world

At least over 5 million Protesters marched all over the world Only within 2 days!

I'm sure you don't really like hearing these information. Certainly, activities like that will continue taking place and they may happen in a higher level so that you can't predict or imagine!

This is my honest question for you: So, do you really want people to support, even admire you OR do you want that the world is disgusted with you for causing so much misery?

Do You Really Want To Become One Of The Greatest President In The World?


If so:

I Seriously Have To Tell You One Vital Information Now!

OUR GOD, JESUS (and also Other Supreme Beings) wants to send You a Message (the first one) and a 'Key' Before it's too late for you, Mr Trump!

It’s that vital!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here.  ONE page for only one holy message! And also one vital 'key' of our God, Jesus, for you, Mr president. This 'key' is absolutely different from the one mentioned in my book "How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human beauty?" because it is only for you!


And The Message and Key Are So Important (and Profitable) for You!


Here's what you're getting:




What you get

  • ONE page ebook (PDF format): God's Message and a vital Key that help you avoid worst consequences and become one of the greatest president on earth!

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Table of Contents 



Table of Contents

GOD'S MESSAGE & KEY . . . . . . . . . . . 1




I know this holy key and message are so important and valuable for you AT THIS TIME because they can help you get people's supports back and BECOME ONE OF THE MOST ADMIRED PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, EVEN THE WORLD!


AM I KIDDING YOU, the president of the United States?

If It Were True, I'd Joked With GODs (Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Allah...)!


We can't do that to The Supreme Beings, right?

Do you still not believe what I am saying?

If you read my ebook "How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?" 10 months ago (released in June 2016), NOW, you will clearly see that: HUMAN HISTORY and At Least Over 5 Million People All Over The World, Over 1.6 Million Petition Signatures Automatically Proved My Words And Affirmations of Solutions Correct and True and it is happening to you exactly as I affirmed in that ebook!


Therefore, what are you waiting for? Don't Let It Be Too Late, Donald Trump!

In short, you need to read the message and key of God as soon as possible; Otherwise, it'll too late for you!

The faster you have them (Message and ‘Key’ of God), the faster you can avoid worst consequences and become one of the greatest presidents on earth!

Here’s just some of benefits you will have from this ONE page ebook:

  • The Message of Gods that will help you avoid worst consequences in the future and get best results in your presidential jobs!

  • The Key of Jesus that will help you become one of the greatest president on earth!

  • more



This ONE page ebook (the message of God) is NOT FREE!

"Why is the message sold while it is God's things and it's for you, the current president of the United States?"

This is such a reasonable question!

The main reasons The Message and 'Key' of God for the president Trump (the miraculous ebook) is sold:

  1. You, Donald Trump, can't read and know the message of God (Jesus) for FREE! And You also can't Use the key freely. Ask the Lord Jesus for a reason and I believe you will have a clear answer.
  2. If you don't (want to) read the message and use the 'key' of God, it'll be too late for you and your family (God's affirmation). It's your own choice, Donald Trump.
  3. I will give 100% of profits to Human Right Organizations and good and innocent people (both God's people and atheists who (will) suffer/are badly affected by your decisions.
  4. And one more reason, but I'll tell you later when the charity is finished

Get This eBook & You’ll Quickly Know …

The First Official Message and Key for the president of the United States, Donald Trump, from our God (Jesus) and Other Supreme Beings (Shiva, Buddha, Allah...)!

You should remember, no one in this world, even the current Pope, will give you the message and a vital key of Gods, but me. You will understand and see it clearly after you have them (the message and key) from me.

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Act and Order quickly as you can Because The God Key & Message's price will increase! The final price will depend on your actions and decisions, Mr president.


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Khuong Dat Long

P.S. -- Before you decide to order it, please contact me (via the tool I used to contact you) as soon as possible because there's a few things with the above offer.

P.P.S. -- Who am I and Why did Gods give me the Message and 'Key'? Am I a prophet of God? If you have any doubt, Mr Trump, you can discover that through the ebook "How To Reach The Highest Peak of Human Beauty?"

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Don't Let It Be Too Late, Mr president!




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